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This book may be appropriate for a high school class room, but it is inappropriate for a college level class. It is overly simplistic, makes huge generalizations, and completely ignores huge parts of America's foreign policy. While I realize that it is supposed to be "concise," it is concise to the point of being misleading. It barely touches on the role of economics and the power the U.S. exerts through the IMF, the World Bank, and foreign aid. It looks at only the biggest events that everybody already knows about-Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, etc. If you want to learn something new or interesting, buy another book. Plan Colombia? Not mentioned even once. Propping up dictators in countries around the world? Not here. If you want to educate a 9th grader on foreign policy, this is a good book, but if you want to educate a college student, buy something more critical, with more depth.  

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