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Elected 1893 Westmeath, Right Hon. the Earl of, J.P., D.L. Pallas, Tynagh, Loughrea. 1895 Westropp, Miss. Park House, Clonlara. 1889 Westropp, Lieut.-Colonel William Keily, M.R.I.A., J.P. 6, Shorucliffe

road, Folkestone. 1895 Wheeler, Francis C. P. 1, Lisgar-terrace, West Kensington, London. 1891 Whelan, Rev. Percy Scott, M.A., Warden, St. Columba's College, Rath

farnham. 1892 White, Very Rev. George Purcell, M.A., B.D., Dean of Cashel. Cashel. 1887 White, Rev. Hill Wilson, D.D., LL.D., M.R.I.A. Wilson's Hospital,

Multifarnham, Co. Westmeath. 1889 White, James, L.R.C.P.S.E., J.P. Kilkenny. 1883 White, Colonel J. Grove, J.P. Kilbyrne, Doneraile, Co. Cork. 1899 White, John. Derry bawn, Bushey Park-road, Rathgar. 1880 White, John Newsom, M.R.I.A., J.P. Rocklands, Waterford. 1894 White, Very Rev. P., P.P., V.G., Dean of Killaloe. Nenagh. 1896 WHITE, Rev. Patrick W., B.A. Stonebridge Manse, Clones. 1896 WHITE, Richard Blair. Ashton Park, Monkstown. 1889 White, Robert. Scotch Rath, Dalkey, Co. Dublin. 1889 White, W. Grove, LL.B., Crown Solicitor for Co. Kildare. 18, Elgin-road,

Dublin. 1901 Whitfield, George. Modreeny, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. 1889 Wilkinson, Arthur B. Berkeley, B.E. Drombroe, Bantry, Co. Cork. 1902 Wilkinson, George, B.A. Ringlestown, Kılmessan, Co. Meath. 1900 Wilkinson, W. J. Newtown Park, Trim. 1888 Willcocks, Rev. Wm. Smyth, M.A., Canon. Dunleckney Glebe, Bagenals

town. 1868 Williams, Edward Wilmot, J.P., D.L. Herringston, Dorchester. 1894 Williams, Rev. Sterling de Courcy, M.A. Durrow Rectory, Tullamore. 1874 Williams, Mrs. W. Parkside, Wimbledon Common, London, S.W. 1899 Williamson, Rev. Charles Arthur, M.A. 14, Upper Mount-street, Dublin. 1896 Willis, Rev. J. R., B.A. Moyne Rectory, Rathdrum. 1889 Willoughby, John, High-street, Kilkenny. 1904 Wilson, Charles J., Barrister-at-Law. 6, St. James'-terrace, Clonskeagh,

Co. Dublin. 1893 Wilmot, Henry, C.E. 22, Waltham-terrace, Blackrock. 1903 Wilson, George James. 8, Cope-street, and Tavistock, Ranelagh-rd., Dublin. 1887 Wilson, James Mackay, M.A., J.P. Currygrane, Edgeworthstown. 1895 Wilson, R. H. The Old Croft, Holmewood, Surrey, 1872 Windisch, Professor Dr. Ernst, Hon. M.R.I.A. Universitats Strasse, 15,

Leipzig 1900 Wood, Herbert. 6, Clarinda-park, E., Kingstown, Co. Dublin. 1890 Woodward, Rev. Alfred Sadleir, M.A. St. Mark's Vicarage, Ballysillan.

Belfast. 1890 Woodward, Rev. George Otway, B.A. St. John's Vicarage, Hillsborough, 1887 Wright, Rev. Wm. Ball, M.A. Osbaldwick Vi-arage, York. 1888 Wybrants, W. Geale, M.A., J.P. 55, Pembroke-road, Dublin. 1901 ***W Vynne, Captain Graham. Clogherweigh, Sligo. 1904 Yeates, Miss Ada. 39, Ormond-road, Rathmines. 1890 YOUNGE, Miss Katharine E. Upper Oldtown, Rathdowney. 1901 Zimmer, Heinrich, D. Phil., Professor of Celtic Philology in the Univers

of Berlin. Halensee, Berlin, Auguste Viktoriastrasse, 3.

[blocks in formation]

N.B.—The Fellows and Members of the Society are requested to communicate to the Honorary Secretary, 6, St. Stephen's-green, Dublin, changes of address, or other corrections in the foregoing lists which may be needed.




Royal Society of Antiquaries of Irelaud

FOR 1904.

American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass., U. S. A.
Antiquary (Editor of), 62, Paternoster-row, London, E.C.
Architect, The (Editor of), Imperial Buildings, Ludgate Hill, London, W.C.
Architects of Ireland: The Secretary, Royal Institute of, 20, Lincoln-place, Dublin.
Belfast Naturalists' Field Club: The Museum, Belfast.
Bristol and Gloucester Archæological Society: Rev. William Bazeley, M.A.,

Librarian, The Society's Library, Eastgate, Gloucester.
British Archæological Association : Hon. Secretary, 32, Sackville-street, Piccadilly,

London, W. Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Archeological Society: Rev. C. H. Evelyn

White, F.S.A., Hon. Secretary, Rampton Rectory, Cambridge. Cambridge Antiquarian Society: J. E. Foster, Secretary, 10, Trinity-street,

Cambridge. Cambrian Archeological Association : c/o the Rev.Canon Trevor Owen, M.A., F.S.A.,

Bodelwyddan Vicarage, Rhuddlan, R.S.O., N. Wales. Chester and North Wales Archäological and Historic Society: John Hewitt, Hon.

Librarian, Grosvenor Museum, Chester. Cork Historical and Archæological Society : Hon. Secretary, care of Messi's.

Guy & Co., 70, Patrick-street, Cork. Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club: Captain Elwes, Bossington,

Bournemouth. Folk Lore (Editor of), 270, Strand, London, W.C. Galway Archæological and Historical Society : The Secretaries, Queen's College,

Galway. Glasgow Archæological Society : W. G. Black, Secretary, 88, West Regent-street,

Glasgow. Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire: The Secretary, Royal Institution,

Colquitt-street, Liverpool. His Majesty's Private Library: The Librarian, Buckingham Palace, London. Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland: Hon. Secretary, 35, Dawson-street,

Irish Builder, Editor of: R. M. Butler, Esq., Dawson Chambers, Dawson-street,

Kent Archäological Society : The Hon. Secretary, Maidstone, Kent.

Kildare (County) Archæological Society : c/o Sir Arthur Vicars, Ulster's Office,

The Castle, Dublin. Louth (County) Archæological Society. National Library of Ireland, Kildare-street, Dublin. Numismatic Society: The Secretaries, 22, Albemarle-street, London, W. Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia : Hall of the Society, Phila

delphia, Pennsylvania, U. S. A. Palestine Exploration Fund (Secretary of), 38, Conduit-street, London, W. Paris, Museum of St. Germain. Revue de Faculté de Midi, Bordeaux. Royal Institute of British Architects: The Librarian, 9, Conduit-street, Hanover

square, London, W. Royal Institution of Cornwall: The Hon. Secretary, Museum, Truro, Cornwall. Royal Irish Academy : 19, Dawson-street, Dublin. Royal Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland : A. H. Lyell, Esq.,

F.S.A., Hon. Secretary, 20, Hanover-square, London, W. Société d'Archéologie de Bruxelles : 11, Rue Ravenstein, Bruxelles. Société des Bollandistes, 14, Rue des Ursulines, Bruxelles. Société Royale des Antiquaires du Nord : Messrs. Williams and Norgate, 14,

Henrietta-street, Covent Garden, London, Society of Antiquaries of London : W. H. St. John Hope, M.A., Assistant Secretary,

Burlington House, London, W. Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland : Joseph Anderson, Esq., LL.D., National

Museum of Antiquities, Queen-street, Edinburgh. Society of Architects, Staple Inn Buildings, South Holborn, London, W. Society of Biblical Archæology : W. C. L. Nash, Secretary, 37, Great Russell

street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C. Smithsonian Institution: Washington, D.C., U.S.A., c/o Wm. Wesley, 28, Essex

street, Strand, London. Somersetshire Archæological and Natural History Society: William Bidgood, Taunton

Castle, Taunton. Stockholm, Academy of Antiquities. Suffolk Institute of Archæology. The Librarian, Athenæum, Bury St. Edmunds. Surrey Archæological Society: Hon. Secretaries, Castle Arch, Guildford. Sussex Archæological Society : Care of Hon. Librarian, The Castle, Lewes, Sussex. The Copyright Office, British Museum, London. The Thoresby Society, 10, Park-streat, Leeds. The Library, Trinity College, Dublin (5 & 6 Vict. c. 45). The University Library, Cambridge (5 & 6 Vict. c. 45). The Bodleian Library, Oxford (5 & 6 Vict. c. 45). Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archäological Society : Honorary Secretary,

Waterford. Wiltshire Archæological and Natural History Society: The Secretary, Devizės. Yorkshire Archæological Society: E. K. Clark, Esq., Hon. Librarian, 10, Park

street, Leeds.



Royal Society of Antiquaries of Greland.

(As Revised at the Annual Meeting, 1898.)


1. The Society is instituted to preserve, examine, and illustrate all Ancient Monuments and Memorials of the Arts, Manners, and Customs of the past, as connected with the Antiquities, Language, and Literature of Ireland.

CONSTITUTION. 2. The Society shall consist of Fellows, MEMBERS, ASSOCIATES, and HONORARY Fellows.

3. Fellows shall be elected at a General Meeting of the Society, each name having been previously submitted to and approved of by the Council, with the name of a Fellow or Member as proposer. Each Fellow shall pay an Entrance Fee of £2, and an Annual Subscription of $1, or a Life Composition of £14, which includes the Entrance Fee of £2.

4. MEMBERS shall be similarly elected, on being proposed by a Fellow or Member, and shall pay an Entrance Fee of 108. and an Annual Subscription of 108., or a Life Composition of £7, which shall include the Entrance Fee of 108.

5. Associates may be elected by the Council, on being proposed by a Fellow or Member, for any single Meeting or Excursion of the Society at a Subscription to be fixed by the Council; but they shall not vote, or be entitled to any privileges of the Society except admission to such Meeting or Excursion.

6. All Fees due on joining the Society must be paid either before or within two months from the date of Election. Fellows and Members failing to pay shall be reported at the next General Meeting after the expiration of this period.

7. Any Fellow who has paid his full Annual Subscription of £1 for ten consecutive years may become a Life Fellow on payment of a sum of £8.

8. Any Member who has paid his full Annual Subscription of 108. for ten consecutive years may become a LIFE MEMBER on payment of $5.

9. Any Member who has paid his Life Composition, on being advanced to the rank of Fellow, may compound by paying a sum of £7, which sum includes the Entrance Fee for Fellowship.

10. A Member paying an Annual Subscription of 108., on being elected to Fellow. ship, shall pay an admission Fee of 308., instead of the Entrance Fee of £2 provided for in Rule 3.

11. All Subscriptions shall be payable in advance on 1st day of January in each year, or on election. The Subscriptions of Fellows and Members elected at the last Meeting of any year may be placed to their credit for the following year. A List of all Fellows and Members whose Subscriptions are two years in arrear shall be read out at the Annual General Meeting, and published in the Quarterly Journal of the Society.

12. Fellows shall be entitled to receive the Journal, and all extra publications of the Society. Members shall be entitled to receive the Journal, and may obtain the extra publications on payment of the price fixed by the Council.

13. Fellows and Members whose Subscriptions for the year have not been paid are not entitled to the Journal; and any Fellow or Member whose Subscription for the current year remains unpaid, and who receives and retains the Journal, shall be held liable for the payment of the full published price of 38. for each quarterly part.

14. Fellows and Members whose Subscriptions for the current year have been paid shall alone have the right of voting at all General Meetings of the Society. Any such Fellow present at a General Meeting can call for a vote by orders, and, in that case, no resolution can be passed unless by a majority of both the Fellows and of the Members present and voting. Honorary Fellows have not the right of voting, and are not eligible for any of the Offices mentioned in Rules 15 and 16, nor can they be elected Members of Council. In cases where a ballot is called for, no Candidate for Fellowship or Membership can be admitted unless by the votes of two-thirds of the Fellows and Members present, and voting.


15. The Officers of the Society, who must be Fellows, shall consist of a Patron-in-Chief, Patrons, President, four Vice-Presidents for each Province, a General Secretary, and a Treasurer. All Lieutenants of Counties to be ex-officio Patrons on election as Fellows.

16. The President and Vice-Presidents shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in each year. The nominations for these offices must be received at the Rooms of the Society on or before the first day of December preceding the Annual General Meeting, addressed to the General Secretary, and endorsed “Nomination of Officers.” Each Nomination Paper must be signed by seven or more Fellows or Members as proposers; and in the case of a Candidate who has not held such office before, his Nomination Paper must be accompanied by an intimation under his hand that he will serve in that office if elected. In case the number of persons so nominated shall exceed the number of vacancies, a printed Balloting Paper, containing the names of all such Candidates arranged in alphabetical order, distinguishing those recommended by the Council, shall be sent by post to every Fellow and Member whose name is on the Roll of the Society, directed to the address entered on the Roll, at least one week before the day of election. Each person voting shall mark with an asterisk the name of each Candidate for whom he, or she, votes. The Voter shall then return the Balloting Paper to the General Secretary, on or before the day preceding the Election, in an addressed envelope, which will be supplied ; sealed, and marked Balloting Paper, and signed outside with the name of the Voter: the Balloting Paper itself must not be signed. In case a Voter signs the Balloting Paper, or votes for more Candidates than

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