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A General Meeting of the Society was held in the Society's Rooms, 6, St. Stephen's-green, Dublin, on Tuesday, the 19th of April, 1904, at 8.15 o'clock, p.m.:

John Kibton Garstin, D.l., M.a., H.r.i.a., F.s.a., President,
in the Chair.

Also present at the Meeting :—

Vice-Presidents. — Richard O'Shaughnessy, C.h., M.v.o.; William C. Stubbs, M.a.; Thomas J. Westropp, M.a.

Hon. General Secretary.—Robert Cochrane, i.s.o., F.s.a.

Hon. Treasurer.—Henry J. Stokes.

Fellows.—Sir Henry Bellingham, Bart., M.a., J.p., D.l.; George Coffey; John Cooke, M.a.; Lord Walter Fitz Gerald; S. A. 0. Fitz Patrick; Rev. Canon ff rench; Andrew Gibson; George A. P. Kelly, M.a.; Hubert T. Knox; Thomas J. Mellon; John R. O'Connell, M.a., Ll.d.; P. J. O'Reilly; Andrew Eobinson, C.e.

Members.—Mrs. Allen; Mrs. Bennet; Robert Bestick; Joseph Bewley; Mrs. S. Bewley; James Brenan, K.h.a.; Rev. T. R. Brunskill, M.a.; Mrs. W. L. Byrne; George 0. Carolin; Henry A. Cosgrave, M.a.; George Duncan; Miss Fottrell; Frederick Franklin; Mrs. Gough; P. J. Griffith; Henry Hitchins; Edmund W. Kelly; Richard J. Kelly; Miss Annie Lloyd; Mrs. Long; T.J. Maclnerney; Francis M'Bride: Rev. R. S. Maffett, B.a.; Joseph H. Moore, M.a.; John Morton; Patrick O'Leary; George Peyton; Mrs. J. F. Shackleton; John F. Small; E. W. Smyth; Mrs. E. W. Smyth; William Swanston; Henry Vereker; Richard D. Walshe; John Mackey Wilson, M.a.; Rev. George Otway Woodward, B.a.

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and confirmed.

The following Fellow and Members were elected:—


Strangways, Leonard Richard, M.a., M.h.i.a., Mertoii, Cullenswcod, Co. Dublin: proposed by W. C. Stubbs, M.a., Vice-President.


Beary, Michael, Borough Surveyor, Dungarvan, Co. Waterfoid: pioposedby Spencer Harty, M. Inst. C.e.i.

Caldwell, Charles Henry Bulwer, J.p., Antylstown, Navan; and The Cedars, Wyndlesham: proposed by Thomas C. Townshend.

Crawford, Henry Saxton, C.e., 113, Donore-terrace, South Circular-road, Dublin:

proposed by Thomas H. Longfield, F.h.a., M.k.i.a. Farrington, Thomas Edward (retired Collector of Inland Revenue), Baythorpe,

Holywood, Co. Down: proposed by S. K. Eirker, Fellow. Fottrell, Miss Mary Josephine, 1, The Appian Way, Leeson Park, Dublin: proposed

by Mrs. W. J. Byrne. Galway, William Berkeley, M.a., Solicitor, Scottish Provincial Buildings, Donegall

square, W., Belfast: proposed by E. W. Pim. Irvine, Rev. David D., Church-hill, Clones, Co. Monaghan: proposed by Dr. S. A.


Little, E. A., M.a., Ll.d., 35, Lower Baggot-street, Dublin: proposed by John

Wardell, B.a., M.k.i.a. Maguire, Connor J. O'K., M.d., Claremorris, Co. Mayo: proposed by Joseph

U. M'Bridc, J.p.

Stacpoole, Miss Gwendoline Clare, Edenvale, Ennis, Co. Clare: proposed by Thomas

J. Westropp, M.a., Vice-Pretidettt. Stacpoole, Guildford William Jack, c/o Messrs. Milward Jones & Cameron,

Solicitors, 6, Dawson-street, Dublin: proposed by Thomas J. Westropp, K.a. Ussher, Beverley Grant, H. M. Inspector of Schools, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury:

proposed by Thomas J. Westropp, M.a. Walker, Richard Crampton, Solicitor, Fonthill Abbey, Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin:

proposed by Trevor T. L. Overend, Ll.b.

The Report of the Auditors of Hon. Treasurer's Accounts for the year 1903 was received and adopted. (See p. 197.)

The following Papers were read, and referred to the Council for publication :—

"Clonliffe," by Brother Dillon Cosgrave, o.c.c.

"The Macrath Tomb in Lismore Cathedral" (Illustrated by Lantern Slides), by Jnhn Ribton Garstin, D.l., President.

A Bronze Mould, a Copper Celt, and Seal of the Abbey of Newtown, Trim, were exhibited.

An Evening Meeting of the Society was held at Kilkenny on Monday, the 30th of May, 1904, at 8 o'clock, the Rev. Canon Ffrench., .m.k.i.a.. in the Chair.

The following Papers were read, and referred to the Council for publication :—

"The Manor of Erlestown, County Kilkenny," by G. D. Burtchaell, M.a., Fellow. "Clonegal," by the Rev. Canon ffrench,, Fclloic.

On Monday, May 30th, 1904, the Hon. Local Secretary arranged and carried out the following Excursions :—

At 2 p.m. the members visited Kilkenny Castle and Picture Gallery, by kind permission of the Marquis of Ormonde, and afterwards


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St. Mary's Church, St. John's Church, Black Abbey, the Museum in Rothe's House, and other places of interest.

At 4 p.m. the party visited St. Canice's Cathedral, where the Church Plate, Records, &c, were shown by the Right Rev. Bishop Crozier and Dean Lyons, and subsequently the members were entertained to tea by Dr. and Mrs. Crozier at the Palace. The Abbey of St. Francis was afterwards visited.

On Tuesday, May 31st, 1904, the party drove in brakes to Gowran Church, where they were received by the Rev. Canon Hewson, who pointed out and described the features of interest in the ruined church.

At Ullard Church and Cross, Mr. O'Leary read a Paper descriptive of these Antiquities.

At 1 p.m. Graiguenamanagh was reached, and the members and friends were entertained at lunch at the Rectory by the Rev. Richard Burnett, M.a.; afterwards the Cistercian Abbey, Graiguenamanagh, was visited, and Mr. O'Leary read a Paper, and described the Abbey.

At 3 p.m. the party left in a barge on the canal for St. Mullin's, and, after exploring the remains there, returned to the Rectory for afternoon tea, and at 7 p.m. left for the return journey to Kilkenny. A cordial vote of thanks was passed by acclamation to the Rev. Mr. Burnett for the kindness and hospitality shown to the members and friends.


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By Ponsonby & Gibbs' Account for Printing and Binding Four
Quarterly Parts of Journal, ....
Postage ol Journal, .

,, Ponsonby & Gibbs' Account for Printing Illustrated Guide
and Programme, Youghal Meeting, and Miscellaneous
Printing Accounts, .....
Ponsonby & Gibbs for Printing Parts II. and III. of Index
(Extra Volume).

,, Illustrations for Quarterly Journal,

,, Purchase of Books, Subscriptions, and Bookbinding,

„ Photographic Account,

Stationery Account, ....

,, Postage and Incidental Expenses,

,, Salary of Clerk (three quarters),

,, Furniture and Fittings,

,, Tea at Evening Meetings,

,, Lantern Slides at Evening Meetings,

,, Caretaker's Wages, ....

,, Rent of 6, St. Stephen's-grcen,

„ Lighting Account (Gas and Electric Light),

,, John Love, for Prints, &c, -. .

,, Address to His Majesty, .

,, Miscellaneous, ....

,, Investments in Consols,

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(Signed) H. J. STOKES, Hon. Treasurkr.

We have examined this Account with the Vouchers and Books, and find it correct, there being in the Provincial Bank the sum of £63 10s. it/., and in hands of
Hon. Treasurer, £j— in all, £bG 10s. id., less outstanding Drafts, £34 8j. —net Balance on 31st December, 1903, £32 u. o*z*. The sum of £100 has been invested in
Consols in the names of the Trustees, the Capital Account now being £1,107 I or. 6tf.

._. ned. JOHN COOKE, .


April 15M, 1904.

Accounts Passed at General Meeting of Society of this date—JOHN R. GARSTIN, Pmsidsxt, April 19/A, 1904.

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