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"Notes on Abbey Knockmoy and the 'Frescoes' in the Chancel," by Eobert Cochrane, Fellow.

"The Carew, Bag-in-bun, and Fethard Castle Inscriptions," by Goddard II. Orpen, Esq., B.L.

The following were exhibited:—

The Mace and Seal of Athenry, kindly lent by J. T. Blakeney, Esq., Abben.
Two Celts (Bronze and Copper), by the Rev. J. Kelly, ac, Milltown.
A Sepulchral Urn and other objects of Bronze and Stone found in the locality, by
T. B. Costello, Esq., M.d.

The following Excursions were carried out by the Hon. Local Sec, Mr. Joseph A. Glynn, B.a., assisted by the Local Committee :—

TUESDAY, AUGUST 9th, 1904.

Members met on Tuesday morning at the Town Hall at 11.30 a.m., and visited the cross in the Market Square, and proceeded to the ruins of Tempuil Jarlath (recently preserved by the County Council of Galway), after inspecting which they visited the two Cathedrals. The Very Eev. Dean Geddes described the Cathedral Church of St. Mary; and Dr. Costello conducted the party during the day.

After lunch, cars were taken to Gurranes to see the souterrains, and thence to Ballytrasna to see the Lally monument, Kilcreevanty, find Kilbennan Round Tower, returning by Gardenfield, where the members were most hospitably entertained to tea by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kirwan. The souterrains at Gardenfield were examined, and the party arrived at Tuam about 6 p.m.

"At 8 p.m. the General Meeting of the Society was held in the Town Hall, for the transaction of the business already noted. The meeting was attended by a large number of the townspeople, who took a great interest in the proceedings.

The Chair was occupied by His Grace the Archbishop of Tuam, VicePresident, who was received with applause. He said that he could safely say, both on his own part and that of the local Committee, that they were very glad to have them that evening in the ancient ecclesiastical capital of the West of Ireland. The City of Tuam, as he might call it, had a glorious history. It was the seat of expiring royalty in the "West, Roderick O'Connor, the last king of Ireland, possessing a seat here. He trusted that they were pleased with the objects of antiquity shown them that day in Tuam and neighbourhood, and he had no doubt but that they would be more so with what they would see to-morrow. They in Tuam that night were glad to see them present, and taking such a deep interest in the monuments and antiquities of the district. The platform of the Society was one on which they could all meet; they were all brothers and sisters in the Society; their work had a tendency to draw their hearts together. Their work had many educative and refining elements, .and tended inevitably to unite all in unison.

His Grace then said the next business was election of members, and read a long list of candidates recommended by the Council, all of whom were elected unopposed. He remarked that they had members now almost in every land, even in far distant America.

His Grace then said he observed that the next item was a Paper on "Inishmain Abbey, the Hag's Castle, Lough Mask, and Cong," by himself. He had forgotten to bring his notes with him, but would do his best. His lecture was greeted with loud applause, during its delivery and at its finish.

Dr. T. B. Costello read a Paper on "The Antiquities of the Tuam District"; and Mr. R. J. Kelly, B.l., J.p., read a Paper on a similar subject, both of which were referred to the Council for publication, and appear above.

Tee Exhibits.

The Mace and Seal of Athenry, kindly lent by John J. Blakeney, Esq., Abbert; two Celts, bronze and copper, by the Eev. J. Kelly, cc.t Milltown; Dr. Costello exhibited a Sepulchral Urn, a Spear-head, and other objects of bronze and stone found in the locality; Mr. R. J. Kelly, B.l., j.p., exhibited a copy of the Tuam Herald for September 13th, 1843, containing an account of the Clifdcn monster meeting, and verbatim speeches of Daniel O'Connell, the Archbishop of Tuam (Dr. McHale), the Hon. Martin French, M.p., and Very Rev. Dr. Kirwan, P.p.; the Tuam Herald of October 6th, 1855, containing a report of the meeting of the citizens of Tuam, adopting the Towns' Improvement Act, under which the town is since governed; the Tuam Gazette or Connaught Advertieer, 1806; a Bank Post Bill of the Tuam or French's Bank of June 25th, 1813, for £3 18*. 3d.

Rev. W. D. Macray, who was received with applause, said he wus the oldest member of the Society; he had joined two years after its foundation. Coming from Oxford to Dublin years ago, he was at first interested in Irish Antiquities by a well-known bookseller named John O'Daly, who, though he may have been unwashed outside, was internally saturated with Gaelic learning. He had been a member of the Ossianic Society from its start, and had always taken a deep interest in Irish Antiquities. On behalf of the Society he wished to propose a vote of thanks to the people of Tuam for their welcome, coupling with it the names of Mr. Kelly, Mr. Glynn, Dr. Costello, and that of Mr. James McDonnell for his kindness in granting the use of the Town Hall.

Mr. W. Grove White seconded the vote.

The gentlemen mentioned having briefly replied, the proceedings terminated.


The party left by special train at 8.30 a.m. for Ballinrobe.

Lunch was provided at Ballinrobe for the party as the guests of The Most Rev. Dr. Healy and the Local Committee.

Vehicles were then taken to Cong, passing the battlefield of Southern Moytura. After examining the abbey at Cong, under the guidance of His Grace the Archbishop, the party returned to Tuam by special train, arriving about 6.45 p.m.

The members accepted an invitation to an "At Home" by Dr. and Mrs. Costello, Bishop-street, from 8.30 p.m. to 11.30 p.m., and greatly enjoyed the hospitality shown to them. A great number of objects of antiquity were exhibited and described by Dr. Costello.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 11th, 1904.

The party left Tuam by the 9.25 a.m. train for Gort Station, arriving there at 11 a.m., where vehicles were in readiness to take them to Lough Cutra Castle, and through the demesne (by permission of Lord Viscount Gough) to Ardameelavane Castle and Fiddane Castle (a.d. 1603), and thence to the group of ruins at Kilmacduagh, the Round Tower, and Cathedral, the antiquities of which were described and pointed out by the Very llev. Dr. Fahey, P.p., V.f.

After lunch at Kilmacduagh, the forts of Kilmoran and Caherglissane were seen—also cloghauns and cromlechs—on the way. The return journey was made by Crannagh Castle and Tillyra Castle to Ardrahan for the 7.40 p.m. train for Tuam.

Mr. Edward Martyn kindly entertained the members of the party to afternoon tea at Tillyra Castle.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 12th, 190k.

The drive to-day was to Knockma, starting at 9 a.m., to see the castle, cairns, and cahers; thence to the ruins of Ross Abbey, which were described and explained by Mr. Cochrane; and afterwards the remains of Killursagh Church. Lunch was provided at Ross Abbey.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 13th, 1904.

The party started at 9 a.m., and drove to Creevaghbawn old church, holy well, and cell; through Moyne to Abbey Knockmoy, which was described in detail to the members by Mr. Cochrane, and to Barnaderg Castle; and returned by Ballinderry Castle and Cloonascragh Fort to Tuam.

The party were most hospitably entertained at Ballinderry Castle as the guests of Colonel John P. Nolan, M.p., for lunch.

The -whole party left Tuam well pleased with their visit, and with the hospitable and genial manner in which they were entertained; they carry back most pleasant recollections of their visit to Tuam in 1904. Mr. Joseph A. Glynn and Dr. Costello were untiring in their work, and nothing could exceed their efforts to attend to the wants and convenience of the visitors. Mr. M'Donnell, Chairman of the Tuam Commissioners, and the other members of the Reception Committee, did their part; but all agree in giving Mr. Glynn and Dr. Costello the palm for the perfection of the arrangements—working from start to finish without jar or friction.

Local Committee.

[Confined to Members of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, and the Gahcay Historical and Archceological Society, residing in and near Tuam.']

His Grace The Archbishop of Tuam, Vice-President (E.S.A.I.) for Connaught, Chairman; J. B. Concanon, Esq.; H. Concanon, Esq., Solicitor; T. B. Costello, Esq., M.b.; the Rev. J. Kelly, c.c.; R. J. Kelly, Esq., B.l., J.p., Hon. Local Secretary for Galway; R. J. Kirwan, Esq., B.e.; James M'Donnell, Esq., Chairman, Town Commissioners; the Bev. Thomas Macken, Professor of St. Jarlath's College; the Rev. John Morgan, B.D., St. Jarlath's College; Patrick Murphy, Esq., T.c; Colonel J. P. Nolan, M.r.; E. P. O'Flanagan, Esq., Solicitor; J. A. Glynn, Esq., B.a., Solicitor, Chairman, County Council, Hon. Secretary of Committee.

The following Fellows, Members, and Associates (*) attended the Meeting and Excursions:—

His Grace The Archbishop of Tuam.
Edward Marlyn, Esq., Tillyra Castle, Ardraban.
•Mrs. Glynn, lieach House, Tuam.
J. E. Palmer, Esq., Rose Lawn, Ballybraek, Co. Dublin.
Kev. Dr. Hunan, The Rectory, Tipperary.
R. Cocln aue, Esq., 17, Highfield-road, Rathgar, Co. Dublin.
I'. J. Griffith, Esq., 44, South Circular-road, Portobello, Dublin.
Valentine J. Kyle, Esq., Gortin, Co. Tyrone.

T. J. Mac Inerney, Esq., 8, Shamrock-villas, Drumcondra, Dublin.
Thomas E. Farrington, Esq., Baythorpe, Holywood, Co. Down.
R. A. Duke, Esq., D.l., New Park, Ballymote.
Rev. William O'X. Lindesay, Seulawn, Baldoyle, Co. Dublin.
William R. L. Lowe, Esq., Ramsgute, Gorey, Co. Wexford.

Rev. D. Monahan, P.p., V.f., Tubber, Moate.
Robert C. Laughlin, Esq., Gortin, Co. Tyrone.
W. Grove White, Esq., 13, Upper Ormond-quay, Dublin.
Rev. Danby Jeffares, The Vicarage, Lusk, Co. Dublin.
George T. B. Vanston, Esq., Hildon Park, Terenure-road, Dublin.
•Mrs. Vanston, Hildon Park, Terenure-road, Dublin.
George 0. Carolin, Esq., Iveragh, Shelbourne-road, Dublin.
John Morton, Esq., 45, Wellington-road, Dublin.
Thomas Mayne, Esq., 19, Lord Edward-street, Dublin.
Thomas Plunkett, Esq., Enniskillen.

Mrs. Gould, Newtown Park House, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
Miss Powell, Bello Squardo, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
Miss Davys, Mount Davys, Lanesboro', Co. Longford.
Miss Parkinson, Westbourne, Ennis.

Edwin Fayle, Esq., Eylemore, Orwell-park, Rathgar, Co. Dublin.

Matthew Dorey, Esq., 28, Sandymount-road, Dublin.

Arthur Fitzmaurice, Esq., Johnstown House, Carlow.

Samuel A. Quan-Smith, Esq., Bullock Castle, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.
*W. T. MacKenzie, Esq., Bullock Castle, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.

Mrs. Simpson, Castlerock, Co. Derry.
*Miss Simpson, Castlerock, Co. Derry.

Rev. Edward O'Leary, P.p., Portarlington.
*Rev. Father Eavanagh, P.p., V.o., Monasterevan.

James Milling, Esq., Edenville, Bangor, Co. Down.
•Mrs. J. Milling, Edenville, Bangor, Co. Down.
*Edwin Lloyd, Esq., B.a., 97, Donore-terrace, S. C.-road, Dublin.
*J. E. Vickery, Esq., Newgarden, Tuam.

Rev. W. Dunn Macray, D.litt. (Oxon.), Ducklington Rectory, Witney,.

*Mrs. W. Edwd. Macray, Ducklington Rectory, Witney, Oxon.
*Miss C. Reilly, French School, Bray.
*Miss Williams, French School, Bray.
*Miss H. Williams, French School, Bray.

The Rev. J. Kelly, c.c, Milltown.
*The Rev. F. Kernaghan, p.p.

The Rev. Ed. A. Gillespie, Ballinrobe.

The Very Rev. Dr. Fahey, P.p., V.o., St. Colman's, Gort.

The Very Rev. A. Mac Mullen, p.p., v.o., Ballymena.

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