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touches more or less on the history of Ireland from its dawn—for the fact that a Latin writer of the third century mentions the books and philosophers of the Irish is noted—to the middle of the eighteenth eentury.

Family and Personal History is not unrepresented, for, among the Papers noted above, the families of M°Grath, the Earls of Desmond, O'Heynes, Stephensons, Berkeleys, Taylors, and Bourchiers get much notice. Various Irish Statesmen and Judges are brought vividly before us in the Papers by Mr. Ball, Mr. Kelly, and Mr. Wood; and in the interesting note, by Brother Dillon Cosgrave, o.c.c, on Clonliffe. The Index, as for some years past, has been compiled by Mr. Westropp.

St. Stephen's Green, Dublin,

31st December, 1904.

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