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Let no one make unworthiness, or discours agement, or want of liberty in prayer, an excuse or reason for neglecting this bounden duty. In general, prayer for others is the best preparation for pouring out our own complaints before God with confidence and comfort; and did we more generally begin as oiir Lord hath taught us, “ Hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven;" we should more generally conclude with animated alacrity,'" For thine,” O Lord, “ is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, for ever and ever : Amen."

Rev. T. Scott.

“ The communion of saints is the great privilege of all the children of God; they may be separate from each other in body, and yet may daily meet at the throne of grace. This is one branch of the communion of saints, to be present in spirit to each other; sharing in common of the influences of the Spirit, they feel the same desires, aim at the same objects and, so far as they are personally acquainted, are led to bear each other upon their hearts in prayer. It has often been an encouragement to me in a dark and dull hour, when rather the constraint of duty, than the consideration of privilege, has brought me upon my knees, to reflect how many hearts, and eyes, and hands, have been probably lifted up in the same moment with mine; this thought has given me new courage.

O what a great family has our Father! and what David says of the natural is true of the spiritual life.

“ These wait all upon thee; " that thou mayest give them their meat “ due season. That thou givest them, they gather : thou openest thine hand, and they

are filled with good.” Then I particularly think of those who have been helpful to me in time past ; the seasons of sweet communion we have enjoyed together, the subjects of our mutual complaints, &c. Where are they, or how engaged now? Perhaps this moment praying or thinking about me.

Then I am roused to make their cases my own, and by attempting to plead for them, I get strength to pray for myself,”


“ Have you a friend? Go to the throne of grace and there exalt and refine your friendship; there enumerate all his wants; think over all the real blessings which your indulgent love would wish him to enjoy ; give full scope to the ardour of your feelings; consider all the snares to which he is exposed, all the failings which your anxious regard for him would wish to be corrected ; spread before. God these wishes of your soul ; pray that he may be enriched by the God of all grace with all spiritual blessings; draw out your heart with love towards him; let this be at once the proof and the solace of your friendship. In your different addresses to God, let not one in the whole circle of your friends be forgotten; and surely this will expand the soul, and give the richest and the most delightful, because the most noble, enjoyment of true love and affection.

Have you a Pastor who watches over your souls ? ( return for him those prayers which he offers for you! How animating would it be for your Minister to consider his flock as remembering him before God! With what hope, what comfort, what joy, would he minister before you, could he believe that your prayers had already ascended for him to the throne of grace! What a sacred union would it produce! How just an image would it exhibit of that intimate and endearing connection which subsists between the different members of the Church of Christ! See in these instances the communion of saints. Thus have they fellowship with each other, and with their common Head. Thus is christian love produced and cherished in them. They learn to drop their animosities, and forgive as they hope to be forgiven. Their love is excited, preserved, and purified, They descend from the mount with their countenances glowing with the warmth of tenderness for those on whose behalf they have been interceding there. This is their

bond of union; the secret but powerful spring of affection unknown to the world, and producing an unfailing supply of encreasing benevolence."

Rev. J. Venn.

“ The Rev. MR. ROMAINE was in the habit of devoting two hours every Friday to particular intercession with God for his friends. He had their names written down on paper, and used to walk about his room, mentioning them one by one, and specifying their wants, as far as he knew them, with earnest supplication."

The following extracts from the Diary of the

Rev. David BRAINERD, will shew the high importance nhich he attached to the duty of Intercession.

“ In prayer my soul was enlarged, and my faith drawn into sensible exercise; I was enabled to cry to God for my poor Indians; and though the work of their conversion ap

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