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blessed influence of his Gospel, we shall view the happiness of others as intimately connected with our own ; we shall rejoice with them that do rejoice: and weep with them that weep; and our bitterest enemies reill not be excluded from our Intercessions at the throne of grace. May the love of our adorable Redeemer animate the hearts of all his followers; and may we be constantly guided by that heavenly wisdom. which is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy


Testimonies of various Authors, in reference to

Intercessory Prayer.

“ THE Prayers of the meanest saints may be useful to the greatest apostles, both with respect to their persons and the discharge of their office. Hence it was usual with the apostle St. Paul to desire the prayers of the churches to whom he wrote. For in mutual prayer for each other, consists one principal part of the communion of saints, wherein they are helpful to one another in all times, places, and conditions. It is the special duty of the churches to pray for them who are eminently useful in the work of the ministry.”

Dr. Owen.


“ Many may be unfit for serving their country in the field, who may yet promote its advantage in their closets, and by their influence at the throne of grace, may be the strongest bulwark of the land. Had we more persons among us, endued with the pious fervour of Moses, to hold up their hands to God on behalf of the nation, we should have less reason to fear the most formidable adversaries."


« Let me alone,” said the Lord to Moses, when he pleaded with him in behalf of rebellious Israel, “ let me alone that I may destroy them in a moment:" he could not, so to speak, proceed to take vengeance, unless his servant would cease to plead for them. Abraham desisted from asking before the Lord delayed to grant his supplications for guilty Sodom.

Sennacherib's numerous host was too feeble to withstand the united prayers of Hezekiah and Isaiah : nor could Herod's prison and guards detain or destroy

Peter, when time was given to the church to pour out their prayers for him. Do we then hear of good designs which seem likely to be frustrated through the artifices of the enemy, and their interference with mens' secular interest ? Let us remember that our prayers are the appointed and effectual means of removing these impediments : and perhaps the Lord delays the success of such designs, till he be importuned by the whole multitude of his people; that, as he alone can send prosperity, or give the blessing, so the whole glory may thus be given to him, whatever instruments he may honour, by employing them in such beneficial services. It is, how. ever, our bounden duty thus to assist all who labour to do good. We should pray without ceasing that the ministers of Christ may be faithful, bold, zealous, prudent, and successful; that the Lord would send forth labourers into his vineyard ; that pure christianity may be diffused on every side ; that the church may become as

a city that is at unity within itself;" that at this time, “ when the enemy

comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord may lift up a standard against him ;" that impiety and false religion may be suppressed; that Jews, Pagans, Infidels, and Mohammedans may be converted; that such as are gone amidst manifold dangers and hardships, to preach the gospel in remote regions, may be protected, supported, comforted, and prospered ; and that the earth may speedily be “ filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."

“ There is in general too small a proportion by far of supplication or intercession, in the devotions of christians of the present day. Selfishness seems even to infect our religion : we seek comfort, and perhaps sanctification, for ourselves, the company, and our particular circle ; but, except on special occasions, we are not apt to enlarge, to multiply our petitions, and fill our mouths with arguments, in pleading for our fellow christians, and fel. low sinners throughout the world; or even for our own country, and the church of God that is amongst us.

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