The life of king Arthur [ed. by J. Frank.].


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Página 132 - Boileau: Thus one fool lolls his tongue out at another, And shakes his empty noddle at his brother.
Página 23 - The barbarians drive us to the sea ; the sea drives us back to the barbarians : between them we are exposed to two sorts of death ; we are either slain or drowned.
Página 20 - Jove fix'd it certain, that whatever day Makes man a slave takes half his worth away.
Página 81 - ... Tor in the Parish of North-hill, which is in the same hundred as Callington, and within a short distance of it. Norden gives the following description of the spot. " It is a square Plott, about 60 foote long and about 35 foote broade situate in a playne Mountayne, wrowghte some 3 foote in the grounde and by reason of the depression of the place there standeth a otarige or poole of water, the place (being) sett round about with flat stones.
Página xi - ... unknown."* These prophecies, therefore, are inserted about the middle of the book, in which the history is afterward prosecuted. The last chapter is couched in these words : " The kings, however, of those who, from that time, succeeded in Wales, I permit, in matter of writing, to Caradoc of Llancarvan, my contemporary : the kings, truly, of the Saxons to William of Malmesbury and Henry of Huntingdon : whom I enjoin to hold their peace concerning the kings of the Britons, inasmuch as they have...
Página iii - Brutus ! there lies beyond the Gallic bounds An island which the western sea surrounds, By giants once possessed; now few remain To bar thy entrance, or obstruct thy reign. To reach that happy shore thy sails employ; There fate decrees to raise a second Troy, And found an empire in thy royal line, Which time shall ne'er destroy, nor bounds confine.
Página 56 - Grist, The infancy of Jesus Christ :" apparently, a childish book or book for children, like "Mother Goose's tales.
Página 55 - The Cambrian biography or historical notices of celebrated men among the ancient Britons [and modern Welsh] :" London, 1803, the author says, under the name of • S.
Página 153 - Be it known and without doubt unto you, that we all are, and every one of us, obedient and subjects to the church of God, and to the pope of Rome, and to every godly Christian, to love every one in his degree in perfect charity, and to help every one of them by word and deed to be the children of God ; and other obedience than this I do not know due to him whom you name to be pope, nor to be the father of fathers, to be claimed and to be demanded.
Página xxxi - ... England, in which are recorded the famous deeds of King Arthur, whom we in our popular Castilian invariably call King Artus, with regard to whom it is an ancient tradition, and commonly received all over that kingdom of Great Britain, that this king did not die, but was changed by magic art into a raven, and that in process of time he is to return to reign and recover his kingdom and sceptre; for which reason it cannot be proved that from that time to this any Englishman ever killed a raven?...

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