The hand-book of English history


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Página 79 - CROMWELL, our chief of men, who, through a cloud Not of war only, but detractions rude, Guided by faith and matchless fortitude, To peace and truth thy glorious way hast plough'd...
Página 61 - That a translation be made of the whole Bible, as consonant as can be to the original Hebrew and Greek, and this to be set out and printed without any marginal notes, and only to be used in all churches of England in time of divine service.
Página 135 - ... felons ; and the common doom of Man commuted for the violence of the sword and the bayonet, the sucking boat and the guillotine. To contemplative men it seemed for a season, as if the Knell of the whole nation was tolled, and the World summoned to its execution, and its funeral. Within the short time of ten years, not less than three millions of human beings are supposed to have perished, in that single country, by the influence of Atheism.
Página 26 - Peace to his soul, if God's good pleasure be ! — Lord cardinal, if thou think'st on heaven's bliss, Hold up thy hand, make signal of thy hope. — He dies, and makes no sign : O God, forgive him ! War.
Página 147 - Twill trickle to his rival's bier ; O'er PITT'S the mournful requiem sound, And Fox's shall the notes rebound. The solemn echo seems to cry, ' Here let their discord with them die. Speak not for those a separate doom, Whom Fate made Brothers in the tomb ; But search the land of living men, Where wilt thou find their like agen...
Página 114 - Fabrice's arms, he never recovered. but expired about eleven o'clock the next morning, in the sixty-eighth year of his age, and the thirteenth of his reign Questions for Examination, \ What was the conduct of the South Sea scheme ? 2 Explain the nature of it, 3.
Página 134 - ... virtually to revive those exploded ideas of the divine and indefeasible authority of princes, which had so justly sunk into contempt, and almost into oblivion. Kings and Princes derive their power from the people; and to the people alone, through the organ of their representatives, did it appertain to decide in cases for which the constitution had made no specific or positive provision.
Página 136 - The National Convention declares, in the name of the French nation, that it will grant fraternity and assistance to all peoples who...
Página 118 - But, my Lords, I have involved '' an affectionate wife with an unborn infant as parties of my " guilt to share its penalties. I have involved my eldest son, " whose youth and regard for his...
Página 148 - ... the firing was suspended, and in close compact order and awful silence, they advanced towards each other, until their bayonets began to cross. At this momentous crisis the enemy became appalled. They broke, and endeavoured to fly, but it was too late; they were overtaken with the most dreadful slaughter.

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