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No. 62. DIFFERENCE between True and False Wit Mixt Wit

Addison. 63. Allegory of several Schemes of Wit . 64. On Public Mournings

Steele. 65. Characters of Sir Fopling Flutter, Dorimant, and Harriet

Steele. 66. Letter on Fashionable Education Hughes. Errors in the Common Modes

Steele. 67. Dancing—the Dangers of it-Country Dances -Exhibition of Pictures

Budgell. 68. On Friendship

Addison. 69. Visit to the Royal Exchange-Benefit of Extensive Commerce

Addison. 70. Critique on the Ballad of Chevy-chase

71. Love-Love-letter of James to Betty Steele. 72. Account of the Everlasting Club Addison. 73. Passion for Fame and Praise-Character of the Idols

Addison. 74. Continuation of the Critique on Chevy-Chase

Addison. 75. Idea of a Fine Gentleman-Characters of Vocifer and Ignotus

Steele. 76. Memoirs of the private Life of Pharamond 77. Absence of Mind-Bruyere's Character of an Absent Man

Budgell. 78. Claim of Cambridge to the Origin of the Ugly

Club-Petition of Who and Which Steele. 79. Letter from a Coquette--from B. D. on formal Devotion

Steele. 80. History of Phillis and Brunetta—The Remonstrance of That


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81. Female Party-Spirit discovered by Patches

Addison. 82.) The Misery of being in Debt

Steele. 83. Dream of a Picture Gallery

Addison. 84. Private Life of Pharamond-Story of Spinamont

Steele. 85. Fate of Writings-Ballad of the Children in the Wood

Addison. 86. On Physiognomy 87. On Beauties--Letter from a Beauty Steele. Letter on Idols

Eusden, 88. Manners of Servants-Mischief of Board-Wages

Steele. 89. Lovers—Demurrage Folly of Demurrage

Addison. 90. Punishment of a voluptuous Man after DeathAdventure of M. Pontignan

Addison. 91. Loves of Honoria and Flavia. Hughes. 92. Books for a Lady's Library

Addison. 93. Proper Methods of employing Time 94. Subject continued-Pursuit of Knowledge

Addison. 95. Letter on Demonstrations of Grief-Female Reading :

Steele. 96. Adventures of a Servant 97. Pharamond and Eucrate on Duels 98. Ladies' Head-Dresses

Addison. 99. The Chief Point of Honour in Men and Women -Duelling

Addison. 100. Complaints of Sickness—Characters of Harry Tersett and Varilas

Steele. 101. Uncertainty of Fame-Specimen of a History of the Reign of Anne I.

Addison. 102. Exercise of the Fan 103. Compliments—Extracts on Sincerity



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104. Decency of Behaviour

Letter on a Female Equestrian

Hughes. 105. Will Honeycomb's Knowledge of the Worldvarious kinds of Pedants

Addison. 106. Spectator's visit to Sir R. de Coverley's Country Seat-the Knight's Domestic Establishment

Addison. 107. His Conduct to his Servants

Steele. 108. Character of Will Wimble

Addison. 109. Sir Roger's Ancestors

Steele. 110. On Ghosts and Apparitions

Addison. 111. Immateriality of the Soul 112, A Sunday in the Country—Sir Roger's Behaviour at Church

Addison. 113. His Account of his Disappointment in Love

Steele. 114. On the Shame and Fear of Poverty_Characters of Laertes and Irus

Steele. 115. Labour and Exercise

Addison. 116. A Hunting Scene with Sir Roger Budgell. 117. On Witchcraft—Story of Moll White Addison. 118. Sir Roger's Reflections on the Widow-Love Scene

Steele. 119. Rural Manners--Politeness

Addison. 120. Instinct in Animals 121. The Subject continued-Wisdom of Providence

Addison. 122. A Visit with Sir Roger to the Country Assizes

Addison. 123. Education of Country Squires-Story of Eudoxus and Leontine

Addison. 124. Use and Difficulties of Periodical Papers 125. Mischiefs of Party Spirit 126. The Subject continued-Sir Roger's Principles


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No. 127. Letter on the Hoop-petticoat

Addison. 128. Difference of Temper in the Sexes-Female Levity

Addison. 129. Fashionsin Dress-how imitated in the Country

Addison. 130. Interview of the Spectator and Sir Roger with a Gang of Gipsies

Addison. 131. Opinions entertained of the Spectator in the

Country-Letter from Will Honeycomb Addison.

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No. 62-131.

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