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peint John McMahon, efq. to be his vice-treafurer and commiflioner of accounts; and Robert Gray, efq. to be deputy-commiffioner of ac

of Wales has been pleafed to ap- John Sangfter, to the church and parifh of Garvald, in the prefbytery of Haddington, vice Nebit, decealed.

15th. War-office. His majefty has been pleafed to appoint the undermentioned officers of the EaftIndia company's forces to take rank by brevet in his majefty's army in the Eaft-Indies only: Majors Thomas Holland, John Barton, Nicolas Carnegie, James Gordon, John Horfeford, Richard Humphries, Patrick Alexander Agnew, Edward Gibbings, Robert Mackay, John Tindal Evans, Hector Macleane, Robert Cameron, Thomas Dallas, John Torin, Keith Macalifter, Charles Frederick Mandeville, Richard Gore, Francis William Bellis, John Little, John Wifeman, Henry Oakes, Thomas Marthall, Charles Reynolds, Burnaby Boles, George William Mignan, William Home, Andrew Anderfon, Charles Boyle, John Macdonald, James Romney, Henry Long, Jacob Thompfon, Jeremiah Hawkes, John Baillie, Jofeph Bland, and William Henry Blafhford, to be lieutenant-colonels.

tary academy at Woolwich, to be major in the army.-Hofpital-faff. Surgeon James M Niell, to be at Giftant-infpector of hofpitals at Surinam.-Barracks. David Scott, gent. deputy barrack-mafter of FortGeorge, to be barrack-mafter of Fort-Auguftus.

Phipps, inspector of the royal mili--Captains Richard Walker, Edward Pennington, Thomas Polhill, Alexander Legertwood, Andrew Frafer, Edward Tolfrey, Samuel Jeannerett, John Chalmers, and Ceorge Knox, to be majors.-Brevt. Captain Charles N. Cool ion, of the royal artillery, to-be major in the army-Garrifon. Lieutenantgeneral David Dundas, to be governor of Landguard fort.

21ft. St. James's. Right hon. Thomas lord Bolton, took the oaths on being appointed lord-lieutenant of the county of Southampton, and of the town of Southampton and county of the fame. E 2



Feb. if. The king has been pleafed, by letters-patent under the great feal of Great Britain, to confer the dignity of a knight of the faid kingdom unto Edward Hamilton, efq. captain in the royal navy, and commander of his majefty's fhip the Surprize.

William Thornton, efq. elected a director of the Eaft-India Company for two years.

The marquis of Bute, elected a truflee of the British Muleum.

Edward King, efq. of Lincoln'sinn Fields, appointed vice-chancellor of the duchy and county-palatine of Lancaster.

4th. War-office. Invalids. Enfign William Lodge, from the halfpay of the 91ft foot, to be lientenant in the hon. major-general Napier's independent company of invalids at Guernfey, vice Brigges, deceafed.--Brevet. Captain W. A.

8th. Whitehall. Rev. Daniel Robertfon, prefented to the church and parish of Meigle, in the prefbytery of Meigle and county of Perth, vice Playfair, late minifter there, tranfported to the united colleges of St. Salvador and St. Leonard, in the university of St. Andrew; and rev.

25th. Brevet. Major fir William Lowther, bart. to be a lieutenantcolonel in the army. March 4. Staff. Colonel John Stewart, of the royal artillery, to be brigadier-general at Gibraltar only.

15th. Hon. Arthur Paget, to be his majefty's envoy-extraordinary and minifter-plenipotentiary at the court of his Sicilian majefty.-Hon. William F. Wyndham, his majefty's envoy-extraordinary at Florence, to affume the additional character of minifter-plenipotentiary at that court. Archibald M'Niell, efq. to be his majesty's conful at Leghorn. -Jofeph Pringle, efq. to be his majefty's agent, and conful-general in the islands of Madeira.

19th. Robert Coney and Robert Hickes, together with Charles Agar, John Pouchet, and Richard Bevan, efqrs. to be his majefty's commiffioners for appeals, and regulating the duties of excife.

21ft. Dublin-Cafle. Sir Charles Whitworth, K. B. created a baron of this kingdom, by the title of baron Whitworth, of Newport-Prat, in the county of Mayo.

22d. Sir Walter Farquhar, bart. to be phyfician to his royal highnefs the prince of Wales.

April 2. St. James's. Lieutenantcolonel John Douglas, late commander of a party of marines ferving on board the Tigre, knighted.

5th. Right rev. William lord bishop of Chefter, recommended, by congé d'Elire, to be elected bishop of Bangor. 8th. Hofpital-ftaff. Frank, M. D. to be infpector of hospitals to the forces.

22d. Jofeph Phelan, M. D. to he phyfician to the forces.

May 10th. Staff. Colonel Alex

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24th. Henry-William Majendie, D. D. one of the canons-refidentiary of St. Paul, London, recomcommended, by congé d'Elire, to be elected bishop of Chester.

24th. The earl of Carysfort, to be his majesty's envoy extraordinary and minifter-plenipotentiary to the court of Berlin.

June 10th. Alexander baron Bridport, K. B. admiral of the White, and vice-admiral of Great Britain, created a viscount of Great Britain, by the title of viscount Bridport, of Cricket St. Thomas, in the county of Somerfet. Right hon. Henry Dundas, to be keeper of his majel ty's privy-leal of Scotland.

13th. Herman Hayman, efq. appointed British vice-conful at Bremen, to affift and act under the direction of Alexander Cockburn, efq. his majesty's agent and confulgeneral in the circle of Lower Saxony, and the free cities of Hamburgh, Bremen, and Lubeck.

14th. Thomas Wallis, efq. to be


one of his majesty's commiffioners for the management of the affairs of India.

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10th. Brevet. Captain Thomas Macmahon, of the 17th foot, to be major of the army.

30th. His majesty has been pleafed to grant the following dignities: to Charles Henry earl of Mountrath, the dignity of baron of Caftle Coote, in the county of Rofcommon; and, in default of iffue, to Charles Henry Coote, efq of Foreft lodge, in the Queen's county; hon. Clotworthy Rowley, baron Langford, of Somerhill, in the county of Meath; right hon. fir John Blaquiere, bart. K. B. baron de Bla quire, of Ardkill, in the county of Londonderry; right hon. Lodge Morres, baron Frankfort, of Galmoye, in the county of Kilkenny; dame Dorcas Blackwood, widow of fir John Blackwood, bart. baronefs Dufferin and Claneboye, of Ballyleidy and Killyleagh, in the county of Down; and the dignity of baron Dufferin and Claneboye to the heirs-male of her body by the faid fir J. Blackwood; fir John Henniker, bart, baron Henniker, of Stratford-upon-Slaney, in the county of Wicklow; dame Charlotte Newcomen, wife of fir William Gleadowe Newcomen, bart. baroness Newcomen, of Moftown, in the county of Longford; and the dignity of baron Newcomen, to the heirs-male of her body by the faid fir William Gleadowe Newcomen, bart; fir Richard Quin, hart. baron Adare, of Adare, in the county of Limerick; fir Thomas Mullins, bart. baron Ventry, of Ventry, in the county of Kerry; William Hare, efq. of Tivoli, baron Ennifmore, of Ennifmóre, in the county of Kerry; Jofeph Henry Blake, efq. baron Wallfcourt, of Ardfry, in the county of Galway; and, in default of illue, to the heirs-male of the body of his father, Jofeph Blake, efq.; Henry Moore Sandford, efq. baron Mount-andford, of Caftlerea, in E 3 the

19th. John Lane, of Upper Eaton-ftreet, Grofvenor-place, efq. to be receiver of the duties of fixpence in the pound, and one fhilling in the pound on falaries, fees, and wages, of any offices and employments payable by the crown.

26th. Right hon. Thomas Grenville, to be warden, chief juftice, and juftice in Eyre, of all his majefty's forefts, chaces, parks, and warrens, on this fide the Trent. Lord Granville Levefon Gower, to be a lord of the treasury.

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the county of Rofcommon; and, in default of flue, to his brother, William Sandford, eíq.; and, in default of his flue, to his brother, George Sandford, efq. Henry Prittie, efq. baron Donally, of Killboy, in the county of Tipperary; John Prefton, efq. baron Tara, of Bellinter, in the county of Meath; Maurice Mahon, efq. baron Hartland, of Strokeftown, in the county of Roscommon; and John Bingham, efq. baron Clanmorris, of Newbrook, in the county of Mayo.

August 2d. Baron Salvefin, efq, approved by his majefty to be conful for the king of Denmark in Scotland, and in the northern parts of England to Flamborough-Head, conjointly with Thomas Mulderup, efq.

to be clerk of the pipe, and engroffer of the great roll, in the court of exchequer of this kingdom."

30th. Breyet colonel Gerrit . Fisher, to be brigadier-general to the forces ferving under the command of lieutenant-general fir James Pulteney.. Captain Robert-Alexander Dalzell, to be major in the army.

October 21. John, Hookham Frere, efq. to be his majefty's envoy-extraordinary and minifter-plenipotentiary at the court of the prince regent of Portugal.

22d. Dublin Cafile. Lieutenantcolonel Marcus Beresford, to be lieutenant-general of his majesty's ordnance in this kingdom.

Nov. 4th. Sir Richard Carr Glyn, of Gaunts, in the county of Dorfet, knt. late lord mayor of the city of London; Robert King/mill, efq. admiral of the blue fquadron of his majefty's fleet; Robert John Buxton, of Shadwell-lodge, in the county of Norfolk, efq.; William Elford, of Bickham, in the county of Devon, efq. lieutenant-colonel of the South Devon regiment of militia; Nathanael.Holland, of Wittenham, in the county of Berks, efq.; Francis Milman, of Levaton, in the county of Devon, M. D. and phyfician to his majefty's houfehold; Robert Peel, of Drayton Manor, in the county of Stafford, and of Bury. in the county of Lancaster, efq.; and Walter Stirling, of Fafkine, in the county of Lancafter, efq. banker of London, created baronets.

12th. Brevet. Hon. colonel Thomas Maitland, of the 10th WeftIndia regiment, to be brigadier-general to the forces ferving under the command of lieutenant-general, fir James Pulteney.

13th. Right hon. Richard earl of Shannon, K. P. the right hon. Ifaac Corry, chancellor of his majefty's exchequer, in this kingdom, the right hon. Robert Stewart, commonly called lord viscount Castlereagh, keeper of his majefty's fignet, or privy feal, and chief fecretary to the lord lieutenant general, and general-governor of Ireland, the right hon. lord Frankfort, and the right hon. John Loftus Loftus, commonly called lord viscount Loftus, to be commiffioners for executing the office of treafurer of his majefty's exchequer in Ireland. 26th., Right hon. Alexander lord Bridport, K. B. admiral of the white, to be general of his majefty's marine forces; and the right hon. John earl St. Vincent, to be lieutenantgeneral of the faid forces.

Supt. 10th. Henry Luttrell, efq. of Barbadoes.

25th. Hon. and rev. William Stuart. bishop of St. David's, tranflated to the archbishoprick of Armagh, in Ireland.

29th. Lord Seaforth took the oaths on being appointed governor



Dec. 2d. War-office. Brevet Lieutenant-colonel John Frafer, commalant of a corps of infantry, to be colonel in the army.

Barracks. Lachlan Maclean, to be barrack-mafter at Hamilton.

6th. Brevet Colonel Frederick Maitland, to be brigadier-general to the forces ferving in the Leeward Iflands only.

9th. John Hiley Addington, efq. to be one of the lords commiffioners of the treasury, vice Sylvefter Douglas, created baron Glenbervie, of Kincardine, Ireland, and appointed governor of the Cape of Good Hope; right hon. Charles Sloane lord Cadogan, to be vilcount Chelfea, in the county of Middlefex, and earl Cadogan; right hon. James lord Malmesbury, K. B. to be vifcount Fitz-Harris, of Horn-Court, in the county of Southampton, and earl of Malmesbury.

16th. Right rey. William lord bithop of Armagh, and St. George Daly, efq. his majefty's prime ferjeant-at-law, fworn of the privy: council of Ireland.

20th. Rev. George Murray, commonly called lord George Murray, recommended, by royal fign manual, to be elected bishop of St. David's.

20th. Right hon. John Toler, to be chief justice of the court of common pleas of Ireland.

Charles Fitzgerald, as lord Lecale; admiral Waldegrave, lord Radflock; Sylvefter Douglas, lord Glenbervie: John Toler, lord Norbury and fir Alan Gardner, lord Gard ner; the marchionefs of Buckingham, to be baronefs Nagent, and her fecond fon, lord George Nu gent Grenville, to be lord Nugent; Frederick Trench, lord Afhtown; general Eyre Maffey, lord Clarina; and the hon. Robert King, lord Erris.

29th. The Dublin Gazette announces the following creations: the earl of Inchiquin, to be marquis, of Thomond; earl of Bective, marquis of Headfort; earl of Altamont; marquis of Sligo; and earl of Ely, marquis of Ely; vifcount Cafile Stewart, earl of ditto; viscount Donoughmore, earl ditto; viscount Kenmare, earl of ditto; earl Clanricarde, the title in reverfion to his daughters; lord Glentworth, viscount Limerick; lord Somerton, archbishop of Cafhel, vifcount Somerton; lord Yelverton, vifcount Avonmore; lord Longueville, vifcount, ditto; lord Bantry, vifcount ditto; lord Monck, vifcount ditto; lord Kolconnet, vifcoant Dunbar; lord Tullamore, vifcount Charleville; and lord Kilwarden, viscount ditto.

23d. Right hon. John Stewart, to be his majesty's attorney-general in Ireland; and William Smith, elq. to be his majesty's folicitor-general.

Lord vitcount Loftus, John Stewart, efq. attorney-general, and Charles-Henry Coote, efq. fworn of the privy-council of Ireland.

Dec. 27th. Dublin-cafle. The Dublin gazette notifies the elevation to the Irish peerage of lord

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