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May 6th. Lady of fir Lionel of Cork and Orrery, in Ireland, and Darell, bart. lord Boyle, in England. The daughters of lord Bradford were, ift, Charlotte, wife of Henry Grefwold Lewis, of Malvern-ball, Warwick 2d, Anne, deceafed; 3d, Elizabeth-Diana, married George, only fon of fir Robert Gunning, knight of the bath. The father of Henry, first lord Bradford, was fir Orlando Bridgeman, who married the lady Anne Newport, daughter and coheirefs of Richard Newport, laft earl of Bradford. The earl deceafed 1702; the titles became extinct, but the eftates devolved on his grandfon, fir Henry Bridgeman, fon of lady Anne Newport, by fir Orlando, who was railed to the peerage 1797, by the title of baron Bradford, and is now fucceeded by his fon Orlando, the fecond lord.

24th. Sir John Hunter Blair. At Hamburgh, the duke D'Aiguillon, in the 38th year of his age. He fell a martyr to the gout.

At Lingen, Vander Speigel, the former grand penfionary of Holland.

June 3d. At his houfe, in Tenterden-ftreet, Hanover-fquare, by hooting himself with a piftol, fir Godfrey Webster, bart. of Battle Abbey, Suffex. For five or fix weeks paft, he had betrayed very evident fymptoms of a troubled mind, in confequence of ill luck at play; whereupon the coroner's in queft brought in a verdict of lunacy. He fucceeded to the title on the death of his father, fir Chriftopher, 1779, and has left two fons and one daughter by his lady, the daughter and heirefs of Mr. Vaffal, a rich planter of Jamaica, who, in his abfence from Florence, where they refided, on bufinefs in England, quitted him, and afterwards, being divorced, was married to lord Hol


5th. Sir Henry Bridgeman, firft lord Bradford, a vice-prefident of the Welch charity, and L. L. D. He was born 1725; and married, 1755, Elizabeth Simpfon, by whom he had a numerous iffue, viz. the furvivors are, 1ft, Orlando, now lord Bradford, married the honourable Lucy Byng, daughter of George, lord Torrington; 2d, John, who has taken the name of Simpfon, married Henrietta, daughter of fir Thomas Worley, and is a M. P. in the prefent parliament; 3d, George, rector of Wigan, married to the lady Lucy-Ilabel Boyle, daughter of Edmund, feventh earl

In his 55th year, at his houfe in Bedford-fquare, fir Francis Buller, bart. one of the judges of the court of common pleas. On the morning of the preceeding day, he had vifited the lord chancellor and feveral of his friends; he returned home to dinner, and afterwards amufed himfelf for a fhort time in playing at piquet with his niece, who, obferving fome change in his countenance, which the hinted to him, he acknowledged that he felt himself feized with a degree of langour and faintnefs; he was conducted to his chamber, and went to bed; and early the next morning he expired without a groan. He was the fecond fon of James Buller, efq. who was one of the reprefentatives in parliament for the county of Cornwall by his fecond wife, Jane, one of the daughters of Allen, earl Bathurft. He was created a baronet in 1789; and is fucceeded by his


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8th. The right honourable lady Bagot.

William Cruikshanks. efq. a furgeon of the very first eminence. He was a native of or near Glaf-, gow, where he was educated. He was born in 1745; and in compliment to the hero of Cullen, his parents chose the name of WilliamCumberland for their for, the latter part of which name he but rarely ufed. He was educated and intended for the church, but never fhewed much inclination for it. About the time that Dr. William Hunter, teacher of anatomy in London, and his affiftant, Mr. Hewfon, were to part, the doctor had applied to the profeffors, at Glafgow, to recommend a young man of nius and learning to fucceed Mr. Hewfon, for which purpofe Mr. Cruikshank's abilities well recommended him. He therefore came to London, about thirty years ago. He married, in 1773, a native of Dundee, who died in 1795, by whom he had four daughters.


Suddenly, at his feat at Chifelhurft, in Kent, the right honourable Thomas Townfhend, vifcount Sydney, chief-juftice in Eyre, S. of Trent, a governor of the charter

houfe, and a vice-prefident of thẻ Afylum. Returning from his morning-ride, he went into the garden, and walked round the pond to fee his ducks, as was his ufual cuftom, and then returned to the parlour, defiring his fervant to bring him pen and ink, faying he would write to his attorney to inform him when he fhould be in town. After writing" Sir, I fhall be —," his lordship fell back in his chair, in a fit. His eldeft fon, the honourable J. T. Townshend, one of the lords of the treafury, and his fucceffor in title and eftate, who was with him, called for affiftance, but to no purpofe; the laft words his lordship poke were "Give me my draught;" in three minutes afterwards he expired. He once filled a high office under government, having been fecretary of state, when Mr. Pitt came into adminiftration.

July 1. At Eaft Retford, Lincoln, aged 76, the lady of fir Whatton Amcotts, bart. fifter of the late Charles Amcotts, efq. of Kettlethorne, in the fame county, by whole death, in 1777, the divided with her fifter, Mrs. Buckworth, his confiderable eftates, which are ftill poffeffed by fir Wharton.

Sir Robert Goodere, bart. James Drummond, lord Perth, fo created October 26th, 1797.

The duke de Duras, a peer of France.

Bryan Edwards, efq. M. P. 14th. In his 82d year, the right honourable Bafil Fielding, earl of Denbigh, vifcount Fielding, one of the lords of his majesty's bed-chamber, and earl of Defmond in Ireland. This noble earl was defcended from the earls of Hapfburgh, in Germany. Geoffrey,


earl of Hapfburgh, being oppreffed of a porter in the shop of a bookfeller, on Fish-street-hill, he became the architect of his own fortune, and acquired confiderable property and high civic distinction.

The right honourable Frederick Montague. He was one of the commiffioners of the treafury when Mr. Fox came into administration with lord North, 1783.

by Rodolph, emperor of Germany,
came over to England, and one of
his fons ferved king Henry III. in
his wars; whofe ancestors, laying
claim to the territories of Lauffen-
burg and Rhin Filding, in Ger-
many, he took the name of Filding.
The late earl was twice married;
first to the daughter of Sir J. Bruce
Cotton, by whom he had two fons,
(lord Fielding, and the honourable
C. Fielding), both deceased; fe-
cond, to dame Sarah Halford, relict
of fir Charles Halford, bart. and
now countefs-dowager of Denbigh.
His lordship's titles, &c. defcend
to the eldest fon of the late lord
Fielding, a minor.

The right honourable George Mafon Villiers, lord viscount Grandifon.

18th. The lady of Aubrey Beauclerk, earl of Burford (fon to the duke of St. Alban's); to whom he was married in 1788.


Auguft. In his 71ft year, the honourable Samuel Barrington, fenior admiral of the white, and general of his majefty's marine forces; a brother of the honourable Daines Barrington, before mentioned.

2d. At Venice, the countefs Lucy Bartiza, wife of his excellency the count Antonio Bartiza, patrician of Venice, and only furviving child of the late John Paradife, efq.

7th. Aged 23, Frederick-Auguftns Efchen, a native of Eutinen, in in the bishoprick of Lubeck. He and one of his friends, Mr. Zimpffen, accompanied by a guide, were afcending Buet, one of the Glaciers, near Sallanches, when Efchen unfortunately fell into a deep fiffure covered with fnow, and, it is fuppofed was inftantly killed. A perfon, let down by means of ropes, into the chafm, the day after the accident, was able only juft to feel the dead body with the end of his flick. On the following day, another man went down, in the fame manner, and, after feveral hours labour, was able to get the body up. It was found jammed in between the ice, in an erect pofture, and completely frozen, at the depth of more than a hundred feet. The compreflion was to great, that his watch was flattened in his fob. Three of his ribs were found broken on each fide, and his fternum beat in. In his pockets were found 78 livres,

224. Sir Benjamin Hammet, knt. M. P. for the borough of Taunton, in the county of Somerfet, and an eminent banker, of Lombardftreet. He was chosen alderman of Portfoken-ward, London, June 3, 1785, and was knighted on prefenting an addrefs of congratulation to his majefty on his efcape from af faffination by Margaret Nicholson, 1786. This gentleman was a confpicuous example of the effects of enterprize and industry His origin was humble, and the progrels of his early life afforded no prof pect of the fituation which he fubfequently obtained. He wanted the advantages of education; but he poffeffed plain common fenfe, and was well acquainted with the qualities of mankind. After having filled the fubordinate fituation


livres, in money, the third volume of Sauffure's "Voyage dans les Alpes," and a letter which he had begun, in German, to his father, dated Vevey, August 2, in which he talks of being at home again in three weeks, and fays he travels on foot with a friend. His body was interred near the fpot, and a stone placed over it, with an infeription calculated to caution future travellers who may chance to vifit thofe dangerous fituations.

9th. The Right honourable Mary countefs Howe, widow of the late earl Howe. She was daughter of Cheverton Hartopp, of Welby, in Leicestershire, and married to lord Howe, July 5, 1758.

At New-hall-nunnery, by Chelmsford, Effex, the honourable Charlotte Clifford. She was fecond daughter of Hugh third lord Clifford, and fifter of the fourth, and great aunt of the prefent lord; and was, as well as her fifters Mary and Prefton, a benedictine nun at Ghent, and fuperior of the nunnery of the fame order lately established under the patronage of lords Clifford, Petre, &c. in the old palace of Henry VIII.

Sept. General Ruffell Manners, colonel of his majesty's 26th regiment of light dragoons.

In his 87th year, Albany Wallis, efq. of Norfolk-street, in the Strand, an eminent folicitor, in partnership with Mr. Troward. He was a man, who, by the exertion of indefatigable induftry and phlegmatic pru. dence, acquired a very confiderable fortune in the law. His abilities were of a very inferior kind; but he had learned the policy of filence, and, therefore, it was generally conceived, while he was fo taciturn in fociety, that "more was meant than

met the ear." Upon the whole, it may be faid of Albany Wallis, that, though he had neceffarily many ac quaintances, his temper and charac ter were not likely to conciliate many friends.-He has left his large fortune, between 70 and 80,0002, and, after her death, to colonel Bai to lady Bailey, of Pall-mall, for life; ley, her fon, who has taken his name. ters' children and other near relaMr. Wallis bad feveral fifwhom he has taken no other notice tions in indigent circumftances, of than by giving 500l. to his heirs at law. Lady Bailey, it is faid, has refufed to act as an executrix under the will of her late liberal friend; clined the fame act of reprefentative and Mr. Troward has likewife deduty, being a claimant on the estate to the amount of 30,0007.

Counte's dowager of Darlington,

fifter to the earl of Lonsdale.

Hayes, efq. a bencher of the Mid9th. In his 85th year, James dle Temple, formerly one of his majesty's juftices for North Wales. He was of King's-college, Cambridge; B. A. 1737; M. A. 1741.

13th. The right hon. Eleanora dowager lady Saltoun.

year, W. Vernon, efq. the father 16th. At Newmarket, in his 85th years diftinguished as of the turf, and upwards of fifty man. He married lord Offory's moa fporting ther, by whom he had three daughters, viz. the prefent lady Warwick, Mrs. Smith, and one unmarried. He is believed to have first introduced into England the forcing of peach and other fruits on hot walls, of which he had fome capital ones at Newmarket.

She was daughter of William CowMary dowager lady Walfingham. per, efq. of the Park, near Hertford;

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02. The rhingrave of Salm. Right hon. John Meade, earl and vifcount Clanwilliam, baron of Gillford, and a baronet. He was only fon of fir Richard Meade, third baronet of the family; born April 21, 1744; created baron and vifcount 1766, and earl 1776. He married Theodofia, daughter of Robert Hawkins Magill, efq. by whom

Nov. Aged 66, Charles Hamerton, efq. city pavior, and alderman of Bread-ftreet ward; to which office he was chofen 1797. He was

he had five fons and five daugh-fheriff of London 1789, when the ters. king went first to St. Paul's. Mr. Hamerton realifed a confiderable fortune by the introduction of the Scotch pavement into London.

10th. Dowager lady Reay. In London, the marquis de Bouillé, fo juftly celebrated for his military talents, the rectitude of his charac ter, and the honourable conduct which he purfued towards us in the American war, and for the ftrong marks of fidelity which he gave to the unfortunate Louis XVI.

John Lord Northwick, fo created 1797, being fir John Rufhout, bart. in which title he fucceeded his father; he represented Evesham in parliament many years.

The right hon. Charles Coote, earl of Bellamont, K. B. He fucceeded, on the death of the late earl, 1766, to the barony of Coloony; was created earl of Bellamont 1767; and in Auguft, 1774, married the lady Emily Fitzgerald, daughter of the late duke of Leinfter, by whom he has left feveral daughters. Dying without iffuemale, his titles are extinct.

and Mackie, prefented fome very uncommon appearances. There was literally no lung on one fide; whilft, on the other, there appeared a complete pair, with their proper veffels. The heart, without being difeafed, was preternaturally enlarged. Lady -Maffarene was madame Borcier; twice married to his lordship in France, and, accompanying him to England, was married to him a third time, at St. Peter's, Cornhill, Aug, 19, 1789.

In his 81ft year, lord William Seymour, uncle to the prefent, and brother to the two late dukes of Somerset.

Aged 38, the once celebrated and beautiful countess of Maffarene, lady of Ciotworthy fecond earl of Maffarene. Her death was fuppofed to have been occafioned by the diforder termed angina pectoris. Her body, on being opened by Mr. Fearon, in the prefence of doctors Laforeftier VOL. XLII.

In the 50th year of his age, the right rev. Dr. Matthew Young, lord bishop of Clonfert and Kilmaeduach.

Colonel Harpur, of Gower-court, in Kent.

Lady Molyneux, relict of the right hon. fir Capel Molyneux.

In his 66th year, George de la Poer Beresford, fecond earl of Tyrone, marquis of Waterford, cuítos rotulorum of the city and county of Waterford, a member of his majefty's privy council in Ireland, knt. of St. Patrick, and baron Tyrone, ofHaverford Weft, county of Pembroke. He married, April 18, 1769, Elizabeth,


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