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27th. At Edinburgh, in his 858 year, Hugh Blair, D. D. profeffor of rhetoric and belles lettres, in that univerfity; fellow of the royal fociety of Edinburgh, &c. and author of many popular works on fubjects of piety, tafte, and morals.

29th. Sir Jofeph Andrewes, bart. 30th. At Hertford, aged 89, the hon. baron Dimidale, M. D. F.R.S. body phyfician, and actual counsellor of ftate to her late imperial majefty of all the Ruffias, whom he inoculated in 1768.

Henry lord baron Donally. Aged 75, Maurice Dillon, baron Drumreany. Lady Manfel..

Sir George Leonard Staunton, bart. fecretary to ear! Macartney in his embally to China; F. R. S. He was born in Ireland, and became, very early in life, acquainted with lord Macartney, from whom he experienced fuch a continuance of friendly patronage as eflentially contributed to promote his fortune. He was bred to furgery and phyfic, which he practifed for fome time: but, upon going to the Weft Indies, he foon exchanged the medical profeffion for that of the law, and then acted as an attorney. The principal event of his life was his concern in the arreft of general Stewart, in India; an event in which his prefence of mind, fpirit, and judgement, were effectually manifefted in fupporting the government of his patron. His account of the embally to China is rather to be confidered as a proof of learning and obfervation than of genius and reflection. The fubject itself was highly interefting, but it is certainly not rendered very much to in the relation. However, it is, on the whole

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London Gazette, January 21.

Copy of a Letter from Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, Knt. Commanderin-Chief of his Majesty's Ships and Veffels, at Jamaica, to Evan Nepean, Efq. dated in Port Royal Harbour, the 4th of November, 1799,


HAVE the peculiar fatisfaction of communicating to you, for the information of my lords commiffioners of the admiralty, that his majefty's late fhip Hermione is again reftored to his navy, by as daring and gallant an enterprize as is to be found in our naval annals, under the command of captain Hamilton himfelf, with the boats of the Surprise only.

Captain Hamilton's own letter, with the reports accompanying it, (copies of which are enclofed,) will fufficiently explain to their lordships the detail of this fervice, and the bravery with which the attack was fupported, and leaves me only one obfervation to make on this very gallant action, which adds infinite honour to captain Hamilton as an officer, for his conception of the fervice he was about to undertake, This was, fir, his difpofition for the attack; which was, that a number of chofen men, to the amount of fifty, with himself, should board, and the remainder in the boats to cut the cables and take the fhip in

tow. From this manœuvre he had formed the idea, that while he was difputing for the poffeffion of the fhip, he was approaching the Surprife, who was laying clofe into the harbour, and in cafe of being beat out of the Hermione, he would have an opportunity of taking up the contest upon more favourable terms.

To the fteady execution of these orders was owing the fuccefs of this bold and daring undertaking, which muft ever have rank among the foremost of the many gallant actions executed by our navy this war.

I find the Hermione has had a thorough repair, and is in complete order; I have, therefore, ordered her to be furveyed and valued, and fhall commiffion her as foon as the reports are made to me from the officers of the yard, by the name of the Retaliation.

I have the honour to be, &c.
H. Parker.

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two hundred pieces of cannon mounted on the batteries.

mon degree of valour and exertion; but I confider it particularly my duty to mention the very gallant conduct, as well as the aid and affiftance at a particular crifis 1 received from Mr. John M'Mullen, furgeon and volunteer, and Mr. Maxwell, gunner, even after the latter was dangerously wounded.

As the frigate was the particular object of your order of the 17th September, Í have thought proper to return into port with her.

Enclosed, I tranfmit you a lift of captures during the cruife, allo two lifts of killed and wounded.

I have the honour to be, &c.
E. Hamilton.


Having well obferved her fitua tion on the 22d and 23d ultimo, and the evening of the 24th being favourable, I turned the hands up to acquaint the officers and fhip's company of my intentions to lead them to the attack, which was handfomely returned with three cheers, and that they would all follow to a man; this greatly increafed my hopes, and I had little doubt of fucceeding: the boats containing 100 men, including officers, at half paft twelve on the morning of the 25th (after having beat the launch of the thip, which carried a 24-pounder, and 20 men, and receiving feveral Sir Hyde Parker, knt. &c. &c. guns and fmall arms from the frigate) boarded; the forecastle was taken poffeffion of without much refiftance; the quarter-deck difputed the point a quarter of an hour, where a dreadful carnage took place: the main-deck held out much longer, and with equal flaughter; nor was it before both cables were cut, fail made on the fhip, and boats a-head to tow, that the maindeck could be called ours; they laft of all retreated to the 'tween decks, and continued firing till their ammunition was expended; then, and not until then, did they cry for quarter. At two o'clock the Hermione was completely ours, being out of gunshot from the fort, which had for fome time kept up a tolerable good fire. From the captain, don Romond de Chalas, I am informed the was nearly ready for fea, mounting 44 guns, with a fhip's company of 321 officers and failors, 56 foldiers, and 15 artillery-men un


Fivery officer and man ou this expedition behaved with an ancom

London Gazette, March 29.
Copy of a Letter from Captain Sir
W. S. Smith, Captain of his Ma-
jefy's Ship Tigre, to Evan Nepean,
Efq. dated off Jaffa, the 8th of
November, 1799.


I have the honour to enclose a copy of my letter to the right hon. lord Nelfon (of this date), for the information of the lords commiffioners of the admiralty.

I have the honour to be, fir, &c.
W. S. Smith.

Tigre, off Jaffa, 8th November, 1799.

My lord,

I lament to have to inform your lordfhip of the melancholy death of Patrona Bey, the Turkish viceadmiral, who was aflaflinated at Cyprus, in a mutiny of the Janilaries, on the 18th of October; the command devolved on Seid Ali Bev, who

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