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owing to some cause or other on the part of the British firm loading some of the teas during the last quarter, I did not obtain, so that my report of exports by each tea-ship will not agree with my present report of teas for the year.

But through the kindness of the house of Messrs. John Foster & Co., of Amoy, I was allowed to take the correct export of the quantity of teas shipped from the port, and they gave me the proper price for those other than shipped from their house. In the four American vessels (and one of them, the Golden Hole, only finishing her cargo at this port) there is an excess of 269,636 pounds of tea, and value of $116,053 78 from the six foreign ones, thus showing the predominance of value in favor of American bottoms, notwithstanding our commercial troubles, which have caused much of the teas during the year to be shipped under foreign flags. Another American tea-ship is looked for any day to load with teas to New York. American tea-ships are preferred even by British firms, as they carry larger cargoes, are sailed by masters familiar with the voyage, and usually make quicker passages than any others. A.-Statement of the shipping and commerce at the port of Amoy, from October

1, 1861, to September 30, 1862.



500.654 399,664


50 14,50

219, 71

1, 196


* Not reported.

B.-Statement of principal imports into the port of Amoy, where from, duties,

and under what flag, September 30, 1862.

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C.-Statement of principal exports from the port of Amoy, whereto, duties, and

what flag



America and Europe. Paper

Manila and coast Sugar

Coast ..
Sugar and
China ware..

Siam and straits
Kitty sals Coast and straits.
Hemp bags. Coast ..
Dried fruit North coast.
Vermicelli. .. Maccaroni

... do Medicine

... do ..

D.-Export of teas to the United States from Amoy, for the year ended September

30, 1862.

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1. The limits of the port are defined within lines drawn from the southernmost point of Amoy island southeastward to the nearest island; and thence, in the direction of the high pagoda, to the point of Lam-tae-hoo hill; and from the northernmost point of Amoy island to the opposite point on the main land.

2. The shipment and discharge of cargo can only be carried on in the inner harbor between Kulangsoo and Amoy, northern and southern limits. The authorized customs jetties for the examination, landing, and shipment of goods, are those known as the Taou-mei, Kang-ah-kow, Šin-lo-tow, and Sai-hong wharves.

3. Masters of merchant vessels must deposit their ships' papers and import manifest with their consul (if they have no consul, with the customs) within forty-eight hours after entering the port.

4. The import manifest must contain a true account of the nature of the cargo on board, and must be handed to the customs before any application to break bulk can be attended to.

5. The landing and discharging of cargo or ballast must be carried on within the limits of the inner anchorage, as defined in rule 2, can only take place between sunrise and sunset, and cannot go on, without special permission, on Sundays or holidays. Cargo-boats, employed for the shipment or landing of merchandise, cannot make use of other jetties than those specified in rule 2.

6. When ready to discharge cargo, the consignee must send to the customs an application in Chinese, (and English,) giving full particulars of the cargo, to be discharged, when he will be furnished with a permit to remove his consignment from the ship by which imported, and to place the same in a cargo-boat. The cargo-boat must then repair to one of the authorized jetties, in order that the goods may be examined and assessed for duty. A “customs memo.” will thereon be issued, to be taken to the bank by the consignee, who, upon pay. ment of the duty therein noted, will be supplied with a " duty receipt.” Upon the presentation at the office of customs of the duty receipt, a “duty-paid order” will be issued. The goods imported may then be removed from the customs jetty and placed in the merchants' godown.

7. In the case of goods to be shipped, the shipper must send them to one of the authorized jetties for examination, with an application in Chinese (and English) for a permit to ship, containing all necessary particulars. The goods will then be examined and a “customs memo.” issued, and on the production at the office of the “duty receipt," a "duty-paid order" will be issued, authorizing he shipment.

8. Cargo for which a shipment permit has been issued, but which cannot be received on board, must be brought to one of the authorized jetties for examination before being re-landed.

9. No transhipment can take place without special written permission.

10. Drawback, exemption, or coast trade duty.certificates will be issued simultaneously with the permit for the shipment of the goods covered by them. Exemption or coast trade duty certificates for goods imported must be presented simultaneously with the consignee's application for the permit to land.

11. Before application is made for the “customs clearance,” the export manifest must be handed in. All dues and duties having been paid, the clearanee will be issued.

12. Cargo-boats must be registered at the customs, and must have their respective numbers conspicuously painted on them in English and Chinese characters. No cargo can be transhipped, shipped, or landed, without special permission, except in duly registered cargo-boats.

N. B.—The office of customs is open for the transaction of business from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.

Applications regarding customs business should be addressed to "The Commissioner of Customs."


Commissioner of Customs. OFFICE OF MARITIME CUSTOMS,

Amoy, March 26, 1862.


Statement showing the imports and exports at Kiu-kiang in American steamers during the quarter ended March 31, 1863.

Packages. Chow-chow sundries .

3, 054 Opium

310 Sugar.


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Green tea....
Black tea.

lbs. 2, 634, 300

45, 000

2, 679, 300

Statement showing the imports and exports at Kiu-kiang in foreign steamers

during the quarter ended March 31, 1863.

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The following summary statement shows the number and tonnage of American steamers arrived at and departed from Kiu-kiang during the quarter ended March 31, 1863.

[blocks in formation]

The arrivals are from Shanghai, and bound for Hankow. The departures on their return are from Hankow, and bound for Shanghai. Each trip constitutes one arrival and one departure.

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