The Journal of Foreign Medical Science and Literature, Volumen1

A. Finley, 1811

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Página 397 - Few substances, perhaps, have less claim to be considered as acid, than oxymuriatic acid. As yet we have no right to say that it has been decompounded; and as its tendency of combination is with pure inflammable matters, it may possibly belong to the same class of bodies as oxygen.
Página 39 - I believe it has not hitherto been observed that each effort, apparently single, consists in reality of a great number of contractions repeated at extremely short intervals...
Página 2 - The eyes are inflamed ; and the sight is often obscured by mucus secreted from the eye-lids, or by opacity of the cornea. The brain is often affected as early as the second day after the attack. The animal becomes stupid, and his general habits are changed. In this state, if not prevented by loss of strength, he sometimes wanders from his home. He is frequently endeavouring to expel, by forcible expirations, the mucus from the trachea and fauces, with a peculiar rattling noise. His jaws are generally...
Página 60 - There is little doubt,' say the London College, 'that some of the failures are to be imputed to the inexperience of the early vaccinators.' And, indeed, when we consider that, from the very nature of the cowpox, the distinction between a mere local affection, affording no security even for a day. and a perfect constitutional affection, is so small, as to require the utmost attention on the part of the most experienced; that, at the beginning of the practice, all the necessary...
Página 387 - M. Berthollet,* a few years after the discovery of Scheele,' made a number of important and curious experiments on this body ; from which he concluded, that it was composed of muriatic acid gas and oxygen ; and this idea for nearly twenty years has been almost universally adopted.
Página 517 - Observations on some of the principal Diseases of the Rectum and Anus ; particularly Stricture of the Rectum, the Haemorrhoidnl Excrescence, and the Fistula in Ano.
Página 388 - If oxymuriatic acid gas be introduced into a vessel exhausted of air, containing tin, and the tin be gently heated, and the gas in sufficient quantity, the tin and the gas disappear, and a limpid fluid, precisely the same as Libavius's liquor is formed ; — it occurred to me, that if this substance is a combination of muriatic acid and oxide of tin, oxide of tin ought to be separated from it by means of ammonia. I admitted ammoniacal gas over mercury to a small quantity of the liquor of Libavius;...
Página 3 - I have also observed the eyes looking yellow. The above is a description of the disease in its severest form ; but in this, as in the diseases of the human body, there is every gradation in its violence. There is also another affinity to some human diseases, viz. that the animal which has once gone through it, very rarely meets with a second attack. Fortunately, this distemper is not communicable to man. Neither the effluvia from the diseased dog, nor the bite, have proved in any instance infectious...
Página 382 - ... metaphor and general statements, and come to facts. I have in my possession a work written for the use of anatomical students in the University of Edinburgh — a place then, as now, at least on a level with the most advanced centres of such education elsewhere in Great Britain. Its title is, 'The Anatomy of the Human Bones and Nerves, with a Description of the Human Lacteal Sac and Duct, by Alexander Monro, MD, late Professor of Anatomy in the University of Edinburgh.
Página 204 - ... has not perfectly recovered, or regained sound health ; the attack is sometimes made with all the violence which I have described as distinguishing the second form. When again the attack comes on as the sequel of an acute disease...

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