iUniverse, 2004 M05 1 - 290 páginas
"The Seasons of Destiny's Perfection" is an extraordinary parallel of nature's seasons and purposes, with those experienced by mankind. As a 21st century voice of hope and inspiration, the author has penned a poetically inspiring, philosophically balanced, and theologically sound literary masterpiece. It is an intimate invitation to the reader to embark on a healing journey of sorts through the four cyclical seasons that we all must go through for the reshaping of our "thought life" for maximum living.

Dr. Williams, with punchy prose and relative personal stories, takes the mystery of life, and places it into proper perspective. Hence, you're able to identify why you are, where you are in life, while simultaneously discovering the real you, the hidden person of the heart. It eloquently challenges, humbles, and lifts the human spirit for the pursuit of purpose, and the intentional methodical process of change.

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