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resolutions; which, at their request, I have now opinion of the court has been without any conthe honor to present to the court. Our deceased siderable weight or influence. Civil war has brother was born at Watertown, Mass., in the since followed upon this and cognate questions; year 1809, and came down to his grave with all but it yet remains for this court to define the his faculties unimpaired by decay or the infirm. rights, immunities and privileges of citizens of ities of age.

the United States, and to determine to what deI can only speak of Judge CURTIS as a law- gree of protection, as such citizens, they are yer, and those who knew him in that capacity entitled from the Government of the United will not, I am sure, charge me with exaggera. States. tion in saying that all that has been said of the Our deceased friend was not distinguished in ablest and best of our profession may with fit- the political world. He was never drawn into ness be applied to him. I was a member of the the vortex of partisan strife by the prospect of High Court of Impeachment when the Presi- official honors. His ambition was to be a great dent of the United States was put upon his trial and successful lawyer. Seventeen years ago he before that body; and had, therefore, an excel- gave up his exalted position upon the Bench of lent opportunity to see and hear the deceased, this court to resume the practice of his profes who was the leading counsel for the defense in sion, and since then he has hardly been equalled that case. The late Chief Justice presided. Sen in the number and variety of the great causes in ators and Representatives occupied the floor of which he has appeared. the Senate, and distinguished people from all His solid and massive intellect was enriched parts of the world filled its galleries. The po- by acquisitions from every branch of jurisprulitical pulses of the nation throbbed with intense dence. He argued questions as to the functions Anxiety. The scene was thrilling and historic. of government, the construction of statutes,

And when the prosecutors had submitted and the doctrines of the unwritten law, with an their evidence in support of the articles of im- equal fullvess of learning and profoundness of peachment, Judge Curtis followed with a state thought. There were no fanciful quotations or ment of the respondent's defense. I was greatly pomp of words about his speeches. They were impressed with his presence. When he arose as plain and simple as they could be. This is to speak, he seemed to be the personification of the highest style of speaking at the bar. Weaksolidity and strength. Added to his striking ness of argumentative power, as often as otherfeatures and form he had a peculiarly firm and wise, displays itself in turgid and showy declabroad way of standing while he spoke which mation; but to make each word a necessary seemed to express an inflexible determination | link in a chain of logic, that draws and binds not to be moved from his positions. He was the judgment of the hearer to the conclusion of not excited or embarrassed. He commenced him who speaks, is the work of a master mind, with the composure of conscious power. He and in this Judge Curtis excelled. Few cases presented the facts and points of the case in such come before this court in which there is not a å comprehensive, compact and logical manner, great variety of debatable points, some vital and as to make the speech a model of forensic dis others incidental to the controversy, and very cussion. Brougham or Burke would have dis often all of these are discussed as though there played upon that occasion a wealth of imagery was no difference in their value; but, in addiand illustration; but the language of Judge tion to his other fine faculties, Judge Curtis CURTis was as pure and chaste as the lectures had the power to detect and eliminate from a of Blackstone.

case its decisive issues, and with these alone he I will not venture to say that our departed occupied the time of the court. brother was the equal of Webster; but it is safe, I would not seek vainly to pour flattery into I think, to assert that he was more like Web- the “dull, cold ear of death,” or seem to praise ster than any man who has of late years, if ever, one who is dead, as though he had none of the appeared in this court. Some one has said of | infirmities of human nature; but, leaving out Lord Mansfield, that his statement of the facts ; of view his personal, domestic and social qualof a case was worth the argument of any other ities and habits (of which I know little or nothman; and few gentlemen will feel disparaged, I ing) and judging only from his professional presume, if this remark is made applicable to character, I feel at liberty to say that, as nearly Judge Curtis.

as anyone I ever knew, he filled the measure His eminence as a Justice of this court has of a perfect lawyer. When an intellect so highly been universally acknowledged. His opinions gifted by nature, and so developed and invig. indicate an enlightened and conscientious judg. orated by discipline and culture, is extinguished, ment. Masterly expositions of constitutional society, as well as friends, suffer a great loss. law have been given from time to time by the The Bench and the Bar are stricken with a real great Judges of this court; but none ever deliv- sorrow. ered here was more exhaustive in its learning, Our sad duties to-day forcibly remind us of or far-reaching in its results, than his dissenting the brevity of human life. All those who with opinion in the Dred Scott case. Chief Justice Judge Curtis occupied the seats now filled by Taney and his Associates, excepting CORTIS Your Honors are, with one exception, dead; but and McLean, labored with great ability to make they are not forgotten and will not be so long color a constitutional criterion of American cit. as in this supreme tribunal of justice questions izenship; but Justice Curtis, with a broader relating to the powers of government, the relaappreciation of the true principles of our gov- tions of States, and the rights of citizens are arernment, affirmed that the free native-born cit-gued and decided. No more, forever, will they izens of each State are citizens of the United be seen here; but their words of wisdom and States; and on account of the overwhelming authority remain. Grateful memories solemnly force with which he made the reason and juslinger around their recorded opinions. Our suc: tice of this declaration to appear, the contrary Icessors, and those who come after them, will, as we do now, ponder over their imperishable true to his clients and just to the courts, and thoughts with pleasure and profit. Humbly fol. that, as a judge, he was upright, learned and lowing their example and emulating their virt. practical. An able and useful lawyer, and an ues, we may hope that when our time comes to honest and honored Judge is dead. The court go from this earthly court to a higher judgment mourns his loss, and trusts that the time is far seat, we can look cheerfully into the Great Here distant when his professional and judicial life after, and like them, too, leave behind us "foot. I will not be looked upon as worthy of imitation prints in the sands of time.”

by lawyers and judges.' To which Mr. Chief Justice Waite made the The clerk will enter the resolutions of the following reply:

Bar, and the remarks of the Attorney General The Court unites most cordially with the Bar in presenting them, upon the records, and as a in honoring the memory of the late Judge CUR- tribute of respect to one who, while a member

I had not, myself, the pleasure of his per of this court, performed all his duties faithfully sonal acquaintance, but it needs no such ac. and well, we will now quaintance to know that, as a lawyer, he was Adjourn for the day. 10




VOLUMES 86, 87, 88, 89.


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Innerarity's Heirs, United States v.
In re Chiles,"
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