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2. Van Sielen, G. W. Amer.sentiment on Boer war, 1900 3. Baker, M. Alaskan boundary 1895

4. Baker, M.

Anglo-Venezuelan boundary dispute, 1900

5. Beck, J. M. Bethlehem & its Military Hospital. 1897


Boutwell, G.S. Venezuelan question and Monroe doctrine, 1896 7. Foster, J. W. Annexation of Hawaii, 1897

8. Dexter, G. First voyage under Sir Humphrey Gilbert's patent

9. Cushing C. Life of Wm. Henry Harrison 1840

10. Harrison, Wn. Henry, candidate of people for president, 1840

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11 Tyler, M. C. A new study of Patrick Henry. 1893 The law of our new possessions, 1900

12. Howe, Wm.W.
13. Kidder, F. Discovery of North America by John Cabot, 1878
14 Libby,0.G. Gordon's History of American revolution, 1899
15 Republican Central Committee of Ingham Co. Address, Sept. 186
16 Democratic Republican Young Men's General Committee of the
City of N. Y. Address, 1840

17 Palmer, A.H. Docs.on origin of mission to Japan, 1851-54
18. Parker, H.W. How Oregon was saved to U.S. 1901
19 Pemberton, John. Diary,1777-8.


20. Biog.sketches of James K. Pork and George M. Dallas
21 Saltonstall, R. Letter to Gov. John Winthrop, Jr. 1636
Tilden,S.J. The Union! its dangers!! Oct. 26, 1860
Tucker, J.R. Transfer of Marine Revenue Service to Nav
is unconstitutional, Dec. 10, 1892
24 U.S.treaty with Great Britain, Paris, Sept.3,1783


25. Penfield, W.L. Robert H.May vs. Guatemala, 1898? 26 Üniv. of Penn.

Translations of sources of European hist.

27. Washburn, J.D. One and twenty years from Sumter.
28. Washington, G. Anniversary of inauguration, Groton, 1889
29. Swing, D. Washington and Lincoln, 1888

30. Washington chair, presented to Mass. Hist. Soc. Nov.13,1856 21 Winthron R C The Aic÷rthotinn 5577

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