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trovertible incontestible feasible, susceptible perceptible invincibly forcibly, incredibly audibly perceptibly contemptibly.

ure. The error commonly heard in this termination, is that of substituting u in but for the short name sound, as heard in the word universal; thus, treasury for treasure.

Pleasure measure exposure erasure composure, displeasure outmeasure nature feature creature, pressure fissure leisure closure disclosure, censure tonsure ligature miniature portraiture, legislature imposture departure seizure.

ciate and tiate. The common error is that of shortening this termination into one syllable, in words in which it should form two; thus, emashate for emaciate, [ema-she-ate, if analyzed.]

Depreciate officiate enunciate annunciate consociate associate, ingratiate expatiate dissociate excruciate.

cial and tial. Commonly mispronounced as if terminating with ul instead of al; thus, Sociul for social, [so-shal.]

Special judicial, beneficial artificial, superficial provincial, commercial confidential, initial substantial, circumstantial credential, providential prudential.

ful and fully. Sometimes carelessly enunciated with the sound of u in bulk, instead of that of u in full,-if divested of accent; thus, dreadful for dreadful.

Needful awful playful, fanciful peaceful changeful,

gracefully revengeful guilefully, beautifully tuneful hopeful.

tion and sion. Often carelessly articulated without o; thus, Occazhn for occasion, [occa-zhun.]

Evasion invasion confusion persuasion, adhesion cohesion decision division, provision explosion diffusion conclusion, impulsion compulsion dimension expansion, comprehension aversion incursion compassion, concession profession procession constitution, solution institution caution option, perception addition repetition acquisition.

dian, diate, dious, and eous. Mispronounced by dropping the sound of i or of e; thus, Injan for Indian, by changing a into u, as Injun for Indian, and sometimes by dividing thus, In-de-an for Indian, [Indyan or In-dye-an.]

Tedious perfidious fastidious insidious invidious, meridian compendious odious melodious commodious, hideous lapideous comedian mediate intermediate; immediately repudiate araneous spontaneous homogeneous, duteous plenteous bounteous beauteous quotidian.

rian, rial, rious, reous, rion and rior, Ought to make the i and e a distinct syllable; as r does not naturally blend with the vowel which follows it. Hence the necessity of pronouncing Histo-ri-an as a word of four syllables, and not allowing the i to drop into the sound of y.

Barbarian librarian agrarian valerian senatorial equestrian, various gregarious glorious victorious laborious notorious, arboreous vitreous mysterious

pretorian clarion criterion, centurion superior inferior anterior material imperial, memorial armorial.

sm, Im, rm. Sometimes articulated in an awkward manner, which allows a sound like that of u in up, to drop in between in and the letter which precedes it; thus, Patriotisům, for patriotism.

Criticism exorcism, phantasm spasm, chasm witticism, fanaticism helm, whelm elm, overwhelm worm, arm alarm, harm disarm.


The importance of exemplifying current errors in phrases or sentences, arises from the fact, with which teachers are familiar, that a word placed separately, on a column or a list, becomes necessarily so conspicuous as to be more attentively observed and correctly pronounced; while the same word, merged in the body of a phrase, is apt to escape the attention, and to be pronounced incorrectly.

I saw (sawr)* a man who told me all things that ever I did.

I have no idea of (idear of) what is meant.
He will sail for Cuba (Cubar) in a few days.

We were at that time speaking of (speakin') your brother.

He had violated the law of (lawr of) the land.

There were several (sev'ral) rare books in his collection.

They were every (ev'ry) moment expected to appear. They were travelling (trav'llin') în great haste. The visitors were numerous (num'rous) on that day. He seemed sunk in melancholy (melunch’ly). * The error in the above examples, is contained within the parenthesis.

He was reduced almost to (tú) despair.
You were then ready to (tú) depart.
His political (p’litic'l) opinions were liberal (lib'rul).

There was a radical (radic'l) error in his opinion (ŭpinion).

It was a vessel (vess'l) of the first class.

His character (cha'acte') was held in just estimation (estimash'n).

He was a sincere friend to liberty (libe'ty).

His notions (nosh'ns) of his own condition (condis’hn) were absurd.

He fails in articulate (artic'late) utterance (utt'rance). A certain (suttn) man had two sons.

His composition (compůsishn) was far (fah) from being correct (cũrrect).

The grave of the Indian (injun) chief.
We are not fastidious (fastijous) in our taste.
He gave a conditional (cundishnul) promise.
The bird was fluttering (flutt'rin') over her nest.
You had a very calamitous (c'lamitous) voyage.
It was contrary to the law of (lawr of) nature.
His face wore a cadaverous (cadav'rous) hue.
The measure is preposterous (prepost'rous).
You were unable to (tū) speak.

She was present at the musical (music'l) festival (festiv’l).

He had been a great traveller (trav’ller).

They were unwilling to leave a certainty (suttnty) for an uncertainty (unsuttnty).

The measure rendered them odious (ojous).
The declamation was animated and (an') chaste.
Among the boughs of (o') the trees.
Actuated by honor and (un) honesty.

Take the rod and (an') axe and (an') make the riurder (muddě) as you make the law.

He spoke to (tủ,) them of it before (bŭfore).
On every (ev'ry) leaf and (an') every (ev'ry) flower.

The creation (creash'n) and preservation (preservash'n) of life.

The testimony of the second witness corroborated (currob’rated) that of the first (fust).

The benevolent (b'nev'lunt) Howard.

The fruit was delicious (d'licious); the prospect was delightful (d’lightful). •

The stranger was remarkably polite (p’lite) to them. The dignity of human ('uman) nature (natshủ).

When (wen) will what (wat) he whispered (wispered) transpire?

Where (were) wheeled (weeled) and whirled (wirled) the floundering (flound'rin) whale (wale).

Behold (bůhold) he is before (bŭfore) you.
Be prepared (průpared) to precede (průcede) them.

His opinion (ūpinion) was that we ought to obey (übey).

They committed (củmmitted) the whole piece to memory (mem'ry).

The communications of the competitors, were compared. (cŭmmunications, &c.)

You concurred in condemning the confederates (cuncurred, &c.)

The building which was constructed of wood, and contained a vast quantity of combustible materials, was, in a short time, consumed (as above).

She studies history (hist’ry) and rhetoric (rhet’ric).

He had no disposition (dispusish'n) to employ himself in composition (compusish'n).

His eloquence (eluquence) set the colonies (colūnies) in a flame.

Nature (natshů) and society (súcietty) are not always in unison (unis'n).

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