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War 98.33

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The Navy, with this issue, begins the sixth year of its life.

At the time the magazine was launched, our navy was in process of entering one of its distinctive stages of evolutionary progress; which process was being retarded by well-meant, unprogressive influences.

Perceiving these tendencies, it was decided that the most permanent and material help toward the navy's progress, in any line of patriotic endeavor, would be the establishing of an independent periodical of the highest possible standard; in which would appear not only all of the best naval news, but also good tempered, honest discussions of all phases of questions of importance to the service.

That, in few words, was the purpose in the founding of this magazine; which purpose has been uniformly followed, and will continue to be pursued.

Having no political, personal, or other interests to serve, and being the organ of no set, body, or combination, The Navy is influenced by only one consideration, viz., what it believes to be the best interests of the service.

It is frankly realized that it may be a question of opinion whether or not its policies are always right; but, believing it is only by free and honest discussion that real progress is to be attained, its columns are always open impartially to all sides of any question, and correspondence is welcomed upon all matters pertaining to the service.

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