A practical guide to the duties of churchwardens


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Página 61 - Officer of the Company, and need not be under the Common Seal of the Company, and the same may be in Writing or in Print, or partly in Writing and partly in Print.
Página 297 - ... have been given of such vestry, and of the place and hour of holding the same, and the special purpose thereof, three days, at the least, before the day to be appointed for holding such Vestry, by the publication of such notice, in the parish church or chapel, on some Sunday during or immediately after divine service, and by affixing the same, fairly written or printed on the principal door of such church or chapel.
Página 299 - And be it further enacted, that this act shall be deemed and taken to be a public act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such by all judges, justices, and others, without being specially pleaded.
Página 244 - Christ, the true and eternal Son of God, is the only Saviour of the world, in whom alone all the mercies, graces, and promises of God to mankind, for this life and the life to come, are fully and wholly comprised.
Página 134 - ... county, riding, city, liberty or town corporate, where the church or chapel is situated, in respect whereof such rate shall have been made, upon the complaint of any churchwarden or churchwardens, chapelwarden or chapelwardens, who ought to receive and collect the same...
Página 22 - G. iii. c. 45, s. 73, it is enacted, that two fit and proper persons shall be appointed to act as churchwardens for every church or chapel built or appropriated under the provisions of this Act, at the usual period of appointing parish officers in every year, and shall be chosen, one by the incumbent of the church or chapel for the time being, and the other by the inhabitant householders entitled to vote in the election of churchwardens residing in the district to which the church or chapel shall...
Página 299 - But whenever the occupant of a pew in the body of the church ceases to be a parishioner, his right to the pew, howsoever founded, and how valid soever during his continuance in the parish, at once ceases...
Página 114 - ... such society shall be supported wholly or in part by annual voluntary contributions, and shall not, and by its laws may not, make any dividend, gift, division, or bonus in money unto or between any of its member?, and provided also that such society shall obtain the certificate of the barrister-at-law or Lord Advocate as hereinafter mentioned.
Página 136 - Provided likewise, that if the validity of such rate, or the liability of the person from whom it is demanded to pay the same, be disputed, and the party disputing the same give notice thereof to the Justices, the Justices shall forbear giving judgment thereupon, and the person or persons demanding the same may then proceed to the recovery of their demand, according to due course of law, as heretofore used and accustomed : Proviso.
Página 54 - Parishes shall have been assigned or not to such Chapels as belonging thereto for ecclesiastical purposes), shall be repaired by the respective Parishes or places at large to which such Chapels shall belong, and rates shall be raised, levied, and collected for that purpose in like manner in every respect as for the repair of the Churches of such Parishes...

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