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effable, and endless glory, and that thro' the merits of a Substitute, who voluntarily engaged to become in a divine . and human capacity, the author of their eternal redemption, whose lovely Names, Offices, Righteousness and Cham raEter are now the substance and beauty of the BIBLE, and will be the triumphant joy, and, of the blessed in heaven for ever; and for the encouragement of every one, however situated on this earth, who may feel a wish for that consummate felicity they are affured in that volume of unerring truth, and in the following pages, that whefqever shall apply to Him by faith, repentance, and prayer, shall obtain mercy, and that “ He is able • save to the uttermoff them that come unto GOD, by Him, seeing hc quer liveth to make intercession for them.".

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. Subject. Page. ALL hail the pow'r of Jesu's name,

Coronation 37 11 Awake, my soul, stretch ev'ry nerve, The Race 40 Awake my soul in joyful lays,

God's Kindness to As on the cross the Savior hung, . . The Malefactor 78 Afflicted saint, to Christ draw near,

Promise 82 At anchor laid, remote from home

A Wish 88 Away with our sorrow and fear, .' ' "Holy Longing 139 Away, my needless fears,

Divine Providence 156 Altho' the fig-tree shall not bear, '

The Refource 177 Awake, my drowsy soul,

Morning 185 Angels roll the rock away,

Refurrection 196 Awake our drowsy fouls,

Sabbath Morning 223 DEYOND the glitt'ring Aarry globes, Redemption 24 D Beset with snares on ev'ry hand,

The Choice 48 Begin my tongue fome heav'nly theme, God's Faithfulness 145 Behold, what condescending love,

Children 161

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