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4. The river near whose banks brave Joan was

brought, And burnt to appease the English hate and



Pretty little harmless creature,
Brown of hue and bright of feature,
Darting, creeping, slyly peeping,
Watch around your home you're keeping.
1. Initials inappropriate

To this timid little pet.
2. Quite another sort of field;

Rich and blue the crop 'twill yield.
3. Stately stride with head in air ;

Of the sportsman keen beware.
4. Loyal France's favourite flower ;

Wilt thou e'er resume thy power ?
5. Loyal England's loved Princess;
Her may Heaven shield and bless.

I. F.

Though one is wont to roam,
And one must stay at home,
Yet when the time is up,
To breakfast or to sup,
Then each with each should vie

In punctuality. 1. 'Twas grand to rule the wandering tribes of

old. 2. And equal scales of equity to hold.

3. Though with a name of utmost shame; 4. A name that's not unapt to lead to strife, 5. 'Twixt those who dwell in daily intercourse of


Each succeeds each, and man is blest

With time for labour and for rest. 1. I'm used by night and not by day. 2. A game some children love to play. 3. I'm used to silence outcry wild. 4. I gently soothe the wailing child. 5. When the bright glow of sunset fills the sky, How beautiful my Last, beholders cry!

S. M.

One loves to jump, the other likes to crawl;. , One sings—the other has no voice at all. 1. A newspaper's ambitious name. 2. In Italy a town of fame. 3. Here lords and rogues together meet,

Those to be cheated, these to cheat. 4. If you have seven, keep them tight,

Don't lose them in a sudden fright. 5. Of kinsmanship a pleasant tie. 6. At Tara heard in days gone by. 7. The snows of Russia this large river feed. : 8. No flower, and yet we talk of beds and seed. 9. Not singular, but often odd, 10. This mountain's top is seldom trod. 11. A poet says that when I'm found Loud laughs the land with plenty crowned.

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Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt ;
Nothing's so hard but search will find it out.”




.n. 188,

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