Indische Streifen, eine Sammlung von bisher in Zeitschriften kleineren Abhandlungen, Volumen3


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Página 62 - ALABASTER.— THE WHEEL OF THE LAW: Buddhism illustrated from Siamese Sources by the Modern Buddhist, a Life of Buddha, and an Account of the Phra Bat. By Henry Alabaster, Esq., Interpreter of Her Majesty's Consulate-General in Siam, Member of the Royal Asiatic Society.
Página 67 - CUNNINGHAM.— THE ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA. I. The Buddhist Period, including the Campaigns of Alexander and the Travels of Hwen-Thsang. By Alexander Cunningham, Major-General, Royal Engineers (Bengal Retired). With 13 Maps.
Página 553 - A GRAMMAR OF THE HINDI LANGUAGE, in which are treated the Standard Hindi, Braj, and the Eastern Hindi of the Ramayan of Tulsi Das ; also the Colloquial Dialects of Marwar, Kumaon, Avadh, Baghelkhand, Bhojpur, etc., with Copious Philological Notes. By the Rev. SH KELLOGO, ;WA Royal 8vo.
Página 484 - Large 4to, pp. 582, cloth. £3, 13s. 6d. Vol. II. THE INSTITUTES OF GAUTAMA. Edited, with an Index of Words, by A. F. Stenzler, Ph.D., Prof, of Oriental Languages in the University of Breslau. 8vo, pp.
Página 489 - OR, THE INSTITUTES OF NARADA. Translated, for the first time, from the unpublished Sanskrit original. By Dr. Julius Jolly, University, Wurzburg. With a Preface, Notes, chiefly critical, an Index of Quotations from Narada in the principal Indian Digests, and a general Index. Crown 8vo, pp. xxxv.
Página 36 - Vol. V. Contributions to a Knowledge of the Cosmogony, Mythology, Religious Ideas, Life and Manners of the Indians in the Vedic Age.
Página 451 - Aditi, an ancient god or goddess, is in reality the earliest name invented to express the Infinite ; not the Infinite as the result of a long process of abstract reasoning, but the visible Infinite, visible by the naked eye, the endless expanse beyond the earth, beyond the clouds, beyond the sky.
Página 53 - Travels of Fah Hian and Sung-Yun, Buddhist pilgrims from China to India (400 AD and 518 AD).
Página 16 - Abhidharma, but not in the first and second parts, in the Sutras, the sermons, and the Vinaya, the ethics, which together bear the name of Dharma or Law. He next points out that, according to some ancient authorities, this entire part of the canon was designated as

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