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CHILDREN'S WADING BASIN, HUMBOLDT PARK, BUFFALO Physical culture is an element in providing for the well-being of urban dwellers that is being taken more and more into consideration. In the illustration above a broad level plain has been embellished by a shallow basin, which affords safe amusement and recreation to an army of children in summer, and equally safe enjoyment to both old and young skaters during the winter months. It also adds variety and interest to the landscape while helping to solve one of the most pressing social problems of the day.



Most cities have natural surroundings possessing certain landscape phases that need only be
preserved and emphasized to make delightful public parks. Mr. Warren H. Manning, the
landscape architect, is doing a great work in redeeming such spots. He has a selection of pho-
tographs, of which the above is one, showing how little need be done to produce charming
results. The foreground shows the shore-line or beach of gravel upon which the water rises and
falls, and an extended view has been created in a direction sufficiently in front of the pedestrian
to add an alluring charm, suggesting something unseen and worth seeking beyond the apparent
end of the walk.

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The above plan will give London a cosmopolitan thoroughfare, opening the Mall into Char-
ing Cross, with a circular space at one end and terminating at the other before a new square
about 8oo by 400 feet, directly in front of Buckingham Palace. It is divided into three highways,
the central one to be known as Processional Road, and two spaces are reserved for statuary, etc.,
to illustrate the Eastern and Western dominions of her late Majesty. The idea is grand, and with
St. James' Park and Lake a promising opportunity is offered to do something worthy of the

queenliest of women, the most womanly of queens.

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Without unity, large without breadth, and utterly lacking in majesty: Assuming that a barrier was necessary back of the monument, a grille treatment might have been used, and thus the dignity of a great surface would have been preserved, and the palace could then have taken its proper place in the composition. In Rome and Paris, and at the Pan-American, flat surfaces have been treated with skill, and in many public squares well-focussed monuments definitely record history and illustrate a high state of city-making: Here the architect shows his uncertainty by submitting a different treatment of the same units in opposite views, and has strung a collection ofnodds and ends together which do not invite prolonged contemplation. Our transatlantic cousins might invite some American vampire construction companies—those that revise designs and supply detail-drawings as well as labor and materials-to bid on the execution of the work to much advantage.

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