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aver, maintain and prove its bill of complaint to be 335 true, certain and sufficient in the law to be answered unto; and that said answer of the said defendant is uncertain and untrue and insufficient to be replied unto by repliant without this; that any other matter or thing whatsoever, in the said answer contained, material or effectual in the law to be replied unto, and not herein and hereby well and sufficiently replied unto, confessed and avoided, traversed or denied, is true; all which matters and things, the repliant is and will be ready to aver, maintain and prove, as this Honorable Court shall direct, and humbly prays as in and

830 by its said bill it hath already praved.

Solicitors for Complainant.

Filed July 31, 1908.

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In Equity:


COMPANY; Metropolitan Street
Railway Company, Adrian H.
Joline and Douglas Robinson,
as Receivers of Metropolitan
Street Railway Company;
New York City Railway Com-
pany; Adrian H. Joline and
Douglas Robinson, as Receiv-
ers of New York City Railway
Company, Morton Trust Com-
pany, Pennsylvania Steel Com-

Degnon Contracting
Company; Central Crosstown
Railroad Company,



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that we shall proceed to take proofs for the final hearing on the part of the complainant under the Sixty-seventh Rule of the Supreme Court for Courts in Equity as amended, or in accordance with the statutes in such case made and provided, and in pursuance of the rules and practice of this Court, orally before 841 John A. Shields, Esq., Standing Examiner of this Court, or some other proper officer under said Statutes and Rules, at the office of the said Examiner in the Post Office Building, in the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, on the 12th day of August, 1908, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. The testimony of such witnesses as live a greater distance from the place of trial than one hundred miles may be taken elsewhere than before said Examiner.

You are invited to attend and cross-examine any witnesses produced. The examination will be ad

842 journed from day to day, and to such time and place as may be required, without further notice.

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COMPANY, New York City Railway Company; Adrian H. Joline and Douglas Robinson as Receivers of the New York City Railway Company; Metropolitan Street Railway Company; Adrian H. Joline and Douglas Robinson, as Receivers of the Metropolitan Street Railway ('ompany: The Pennsylvania Steel Company, The Degnon Contracting Company, and Morton Trust Company, Trustee under Mortgage dated March 21, 1902, made by the Metropolitan Street Railway Company,



AND NOW on this 29th day of October, 1908, comes the complainant by Messrs. Bowers & Sands, its solicitors, and asks that the time of the com

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