Catalogue of Romances in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum, Volumen2


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Página 573 - Breteyne, My mayster Chaucer in hys tyme Affter the ffrenche he dyde yt ryme Word by word, as in substaunce Ryght as yt ys ymad in fraunce...
Página 6 - The old legend shot forth from its ancient Scandinavian home into two branches, one to England, where it was turned into an epic, and one to Iceland, where it was domesticated and embodied in a popular Saga, tacked to the name of an outlaw and hero.
Página 376 - Quis esset ?' Cumque vix eo fustigante gelida jam ora movisset, ' Captivus,
Página 7 - Theudorici devastant atque captivant, oneratisque navibus tarn de captivis quam de reliquis spoliis, reverti ad patriam cupiunt; sed rex eorum in litus resedebat, donee navis alto mare conpraehenderent, ipse deinceps secuturus.
Página 575 - A Catalogue of translations and Poeticall deuises, in English mitre or verse, done by lohn Lidgate Monke of Bury, whereof some are extant in Print, the residue in the custody of him that first caused this Siege of Thebes to be added to these works of G. Chaucer.
Página 529 - We may translate this sentence: — "He was born in a district of Munster called Annagh" for this old Irish name, which means a marsh, precisely corresponds with the Latin Stagnile. Close to'ÍTralee there is still a parish which bears the name of Anriagh}
Página 493 - ... heard it from the mouth of him whose soul had been disembodied for two days and nights. I do not believe that such a man, so religious and so learned, would have written these statements until they had been sufficiently tested ; he being at that time, moreover, chaplain to Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, a most holy man ; and Thomas, Prior of Binham [in Norfolk], who was then Prior of Einesham, and who examined the evidence closely, has since assured me that he feels no more doubt of the truth of the...
Página 574 - That yt shall enlwmyne Thys lytyl book rud off makyng Wyth som clause off hys wrytyng ; And as he made thys Orysoun Off ful devout entencioun And by maner off a prayere, Ryht so I wyl yt settyn here, That men may knowe and pleynly se Off Our lady the...
Página 118 - AND SUNG-YUN, Buddhist Pilgrims from China to India (400 AD and 518 AD) Translated from the Chinese, by S. BEAL (BA Trinity College, Cambridge), a Chaplain in Her Majesty's Fleet, a Member of the Royal Asiatic Society, and Author of a Translation of the Pratimoksha and the Amithaba Sutra from the Chinese.
Página 398 - ... separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Such is the outline of this famous discourse, the subject one of the most animating of which we can conceive ; the language adequate to such a theme, such indeed as could hardly be uttered save by him who, when rapt into paradise, had " heard unspeakable words which it is not lawful for a man to utter.

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