The Biography of the Principal American Military and Naval Heroes: Comprehending Details of Their Achievements During the Revolutionary and Late Wars. Interspersed with Authentic Anecdotes Not Found in Any Other Work ...


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Página 204 - SIR, — The Almighty has been pleased to grant us a signal victory on Lake Champlain, in the capture of one frigate, one brig, and two sloops of war, of the enemy.
Página 2 - IDE, of the said District, hath deposited in this office, the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words following, to wit : " Inductive Grammar, designed for beginners.
Página 333 - Resolved, unanimously, That Captain Blakeley's child be educated at the expense of this State ; and that Mrs. Blakeley be requested to draw on the Treasurer of this State, from time to time, for such sums of money as shall be required for the education of the said child.
Página 251 - Carroll, those of general Coffee, and a division of the Kentucky militia, and twice they formed again and renewed the assault. At length, however, cut to pieces, they fled in confusion from the field, leaving it • covered with their dead and wounded.
Página 146 - Many of my guns had been rendered useless by the enemy's shot, and many of them had their whole crews destroyed. We manned them again from those which were disabled, and one gun in particular was three times manned — fifteen men were slain at it in the course of the action ! but, strange as it may appear, the captain of it escaped with only a slight wound.
Página 24 - Should I be the happy mortal destined to turn the scale of war, will you not rejoice, oh, my father? May Heaven be propitious and smile on the cause of my country! But if we are destined to fall, may my fall be like Wolfe's — to sleep in the arms of victory.
Página 146 - The only rope not cut, was the flying-jib haliards; and that being the only sail I could set, I caused it to be hoisted, my cable to be cut, and ran down on both ships, with an intention of laying the Phoebe on board. The firing on both sides was now tremendous. I had let fall my...
Página 85 - ... that prevailed among her valiant and devoted crew, throughout this scene of horror. No trepidation, no confusion occurred, even for an instant ; as fast as the men were wounded they were carried below and others stept into their places ; the dead remained where they fell until after the action.
Página 251 - Morgan, and, what is strange and difficult to account for, at the very moment when their entire discomfiture was looked for with a confidence approaching to certainty, the Kentucky reinforcements, in whom so much reliance had been placed, ingloriously fled, drawing after them, by their example, the remainder of the forces, and thus yielding to the enemy that most formidable position.
Página 71 - On the return of peace, he resumed his profession, but, in 1789, was elected to a seat in the House of Representatives of the United States, which he continued to occupy for six years.

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