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PROPHECY, TYPEs, and MIRACLES may be considered the three great bulwarks of Christianity. Each affords a distinct and independent evidence: collectively, that evidence becomes invaluable.

Prophecy, Types, and Miracles were the means used by Jehovah to establish the second dispensation. Prophecy revealed Christianity; Types shadowed it forth; Miracles confirmed it. The three display the Divine Providence of the Creator. The continual fulfilment of Prophecy proves, that it is unceasing and determinate. Miracles were chiefly performed to make converts in the first ages of Christianity; the fulfilment of Prophecy in the following. Types were exhibited to prefigure, and were designed by God to symbolize the Messiah. Thus each had a separate purpose, and the validity




of each showed the Divine source from whence they


Prophecy and Miracle connect the two dispensations. Prophecy foretold what Jesus would do; Miracles fulfilled the prophecy, and proved Jesus GOD. His Divinity was established by the fulfilment of prophecy, and by the miracles he performed. The typical shadows burst into the substance, the type into the antitype, and the signs and symbols of the Messiah into HIMSELF, the great Author of Christianity. Thus, Prophecy, Types, and Miracles were connected with the Son of God alone. Miracles were indeed performed by others; but they received the power to work them from God; Christ, immediately from himself. And as true it is, that other things were prophesied, without any allusion to the Messiah ; such as the fall of nations, and the ruin of empires; the decay of cities, and the final overthrow of all things; but whatever was foretold relating to the great Deliverer, was accomplished in Christ. Christ alone, by an inherent power, performed miracles; Christ alone was the substance of the shadows that were constantly passing under the old dispensation. Thus, when he appeared, Prophecy was fulfilled ; Types shewed their meaning; and Miracles were wrought. Hence the three became the GREAT BULWARKS of Christianity.



* It is proposed to give to each a separate examination; because, as it has been observed, each contains a separate evidence.

PROPHECY, perhaps the most important, at all events, the most interesting to the present and all future generations, is placed first for consideration.

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