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- laugh, or’D

•-s sager,
Or thy dread truncheon : M.'s mighty peer?
What help from J.-s opiates canst thou draw,
OrH..k's quibbles voted into law ?
C. that Roman in his nose alone,

Who hears all causes, ' B - but thy own,
Or' those proud fools whom nature, rank, and fate
Made fit companions for the sword of state.

Can the light packhorse, or the heavy steer, The sowzing prelate, or the sweating peer, 70 Drag out with all its dirt and all its weight, The lumb'ring carriage of thy broken state? Alas! the people curse, the carman swears, The drivers quarrel, and the master stares. The plague is on thee, Britain, and who tries

75 To save thee in th' infectious office dies. The first firm P.- y soon resign'd his breath, Brave 'S..

--w lov'd thée, and was ly'd to death. Good M-m-t's fate tore " P.-th from thy side, And thy last sigh was heard when ' W.-m died. 80

Thy y Newcastle. ? Dorset; perhaps the last word should be sneer. * Duke of Marlborough. Jekyll. Ć Hardwick.

Probably Sir John Cummins, Lord Chief Justice of the Com. mon Pleas. e Britain.

Earl of Scarborough. In another place Pope spells his name with a w.

Ep. to the Sat. Dial. 2. 1.65. 8 Marchmont. h Polwarth, son to Lord Marchmont. i Wyndham. Vzr. 80. Wm died.] Sir William Wyndham died this year.




Thy nobles kl-s, thy 'se--s bought with gold,
Thy clergy perjur'd, thy whole people sold.
An atheist ya "'gm ad......
Blotch thee all o'er, and sink...

Alas! on one alone our all relies,
Let him be honest, and he must be wise,
Let him no trifler from his

Nor like his ....... still a....
Be but a man! unminister'd, alone,
And free at once the senate and the throne;
Esteem the public love his best supply,
An's true glory his integrity;
Rich with his .... in his ... strong,
Affect no conquest, but endure no wrong.
Whatever his religion or his blood,

His public virtue makes his title good.
Europe's just balance and our own may stand,
And one man's honesty redeem the land.


VER. 95. Whatever bis religion] He probably means Frederick Prince of Wales, who took a decided part with the malcontents against Sir R. Walpole's administration. k Slaves. I Senates.

in Administration. King's

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