Annual Report, Temas14-33


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Página 19 - ... except with the consent of the proper authorities thereof, or of the governor, and the sums necessary for the instruction and support of such pupils in such institution...
Página 14 - With the approval of the board of education the governor may send such deaf mutes or deaf children as he may deem fit subjects for education, for a term not exceeding ten years in the case of any pupil, to the American Asylum at Hartford...
Página 30 - March, with я summer vacation of eight weeks. Pupils cannot spend the vacation at school. It is desirable to have all applications for admission for the succeeding year made as early as June. The year begins on the third Wednesday of September. None will be admitted at any other time, unless they are fully qualified to enter classes already formed, and on payment of the full tuition for the term in which they enter. The pupils must bring good and sufficient clothing for both summer and...
Página 5 - ... such pupils in such institution or school, shall be paid by the Commonwealth; provided, nevertheless, that nothing herein contained shall be held to prevent the voluntary payment of the whole or any part of such sum by the parents or guardians of said pupils.

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