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What greater delight could they picture secure their own improvement than in for the angels in a higher state of life seeking to communicate knowledge to than to look upon human endeavour others. In seeking to benefit their bravely made for the glory of God? A neighbour they cannot fail to benefit noble work had not its measure or limit themselves. in time or space, and the appreciation At the close of the Chairman's speech, of noble work was a gain that could not the Committee's Report was read by the be torn from us.

Secretary. The usual meetings organ: Dr. Tafel on behalf of Mr. Gunton's ized by the Society had been held fellow-members of the Camden Road during the year, at one of which the Society, offered him the congratulations Society was cheered by the presence of of that Society, and also of the friends the Rev. W. B. Hayden, from Portland, in Scotland. He reviewed Mr. Gunton's in the United States. Missionary missionary and financial labours for the Lectures had been given in Yorkshire Church, and said he was very glad to at Harrogate and Leeds, and in Lanca. see that he intended, if the general shire at Leigh, Blackpool, Chorley, and Conference thought fit, to enter into the Rawtenstall. The Society had lost by regular ministry, which was where he death its Treasurer, Mr. Broadfield, and really belonged.

ore of its oldest missionaries, Mr.

Thomas Ogden. MANCHESTER AND SALFORD Mis- The Colportage Report was a long SIONARY AND COLPORTAGE SOCIETY.- and interesting document. The ColThe annual meeting of this Society was porteur had sold during the year over. held in the Schoolroom in Peter-Street, a thousand volumes of New Church Manchester, on the evening of Tuesday, books, many of which had been pur19th June. Over fifty friends of the chased by persons not previously Society assembled to tea, and their acquainted with New Church literature. number was afterwards considerably He had been met in the most friendly increased.

spirit by many ministers of religion, Mr. Benson was called to the chair, some of whom were among his regular and after a short devotional service customers. In addition to the sale of introduced the business of the evening. books, he had sold and gratuitously We were all interested, he said, in the distributed many thousands of tracts. success of the Society, and anxious that A very large package of books had been it should grow into increased useful. sent out to New Zealand, where atten." ness. Missions require constant atten- tion had been drawn to the writings by tion. The missionaries themselves public lectures. These had safely require for their work higher mental arrived, and were doubtless in the endowments than they did forty years course of distribution. In his discourses ago. Extensive changes have taken with ministers of religion he had found place, and are taking place, in men's a growing disposition to become achabits of thought, which require wise quainted with the doctrines and writadaptation on the part of the preachers. ings of the New Church. Several Education has been widely extended, cherish the hope that ministers of all and is being still more widely extended, denominations may meet and discuss and those who are to preach to an their differences, and cultivate greater educated people require broader intel- unity of spirit. At present the prelectual attainments than formerly. If judices of the older members of the religious wants of society are to be orthodox Churches are too strong to met, they must be met by the general admit of this. There is greater liberdiffusion of the doctrines of the New ality with the young, and the time is Church. It becomes all of us, there- approaching when something of this fore, to lend every assistance we are kind may be attempted. able to bring these doctrines before the The Treasurer's Report stated that public attention. He had at one time the total income of the Society from all laboured in the Missionary field, and sources. was £129, 78. id., and the had found the work profitable, both expenditure £123, 12s. 2d. mentally, morally, and spiritually, in Rev. R. Storry said, --Christianity his after-life. There was no way in was essentially missionary.

It was which our young men could better adapted to the religious wants of the

entire human family. It knows no Rev. W. Westall wished to echo the distinction of clime or colour, of race or sentiments just uttered. He would like nation, but seeks to unite all in the to see a greater interest manifested by brotherhood of a regenerated humanity, young men in Missionary work, for it corresponding with the grand man of would help them in the formation of a the Lord's kingdom in the heavens. good character. Some of our young The command to love our neighbour is men are getting hold of the idea that the command to bless and benefit others, the New Church organisation is dying and in no way can we so fully do this out. But the New Church has a great as by communicating to him the work to perform as a Missionary Church. knowledge of the truth, and leading Conditions continually change. We him to a higher and holier life. The think there is not so much interest New Church is a higher development manifested in the doctrines as in the of all the essential principles of the earlier days of our missionaries, but Christian religion. It is not a new such is not the case. There was a great Christianity. It does not supersede controversial spirit in those days. Now any of the principles or precepts taught an inquiring spirit is coming in and the by the Lord, but it gives us a deeper controversial is going out. It is requisite insight into their meaning, and enables that we should go on working steadily us to carry them onward to a greater and earnestly. The meeting was also fulness of the spiritual life. In this addressed by Mr. Jonathan Robinson, Mr. feature, the Christian Church, and pre- Sheldon, Revs. G. H. Smith and P. eminently the New Church, differs from Ramage, and other friends of the all local religions. These looked with institution. jealousy upon their privileges; and adopted no means to extend them to


session of the General Conference is others. Judaism made small provision appointed to be held in the New Jeru: for extending to the nations around the salem Church, Wretham Road, Soho Hill

, truths she possessed. It was the Lord Birmingham, and to commence on Monday who said, “Go ye into all the world the 13th inst., at seven o'clock in the and preach the Gospel to every creature.” evening. The attention of the Conference And the Gospel was adapted to all will be called to the undermentioned people. It was not a revelation of business :—The Committee of the National forms and ceremonies, but of essential Missionary Institution applies for the principles of doctrine and life. In ordination of Mr. Richard Gunton. The regard to modes of worship it was elastic, societies at Embsay, Lowestoft, Melbourne and readily adapted itself to the geniuş ney (Australia),

apply for licences for their

(Derbyshire), Oswaldtwistle, Paisley, Sydand tastes of the nations who received respective leaders to administer the Sacraits teaching. And in like manner it ments. The “Italian Committee for the seized on all the discoveries of society diffusion of the Light of the New Jeru. and applied them to its purposes. The salem," applies for a grant in aid of the great means of promulgating its truths mission work in which Professor Scocia is was the living voice; but it had found engaged. The Auxiliary Missionary and another instrument of propagation in Tract Society applies for a grant of ten the press. This society employed both copies monthly of the Intellectual Reposi

There these agencies, and sought to unite them tory for gratuitous distribution. in the effort to extend the knowledge of

are the usual applications for pensions.

The Council having recommended the the truth.

adoption of New Rules for the SustentaMr. Mackereth said, -We require a tion Fund, and the modification of those great increase of the Missionary staff

. I relating to the Students' and Ministers' believe a young man of education can. Aid Fund, the Society at Birminghamı has not employ his time better, either for given notice that at the ensuing Session himself or society, than in learning to propositions will be made to give effect to express his thoughts clearly on New the same in the following order :Church doctrine, and explaining the

Notice having been given in the SecreScriptures by these doctrines. I have a

tary's Circular, -Resolved, That the folstrong desire that our young men should Rules for the Sustentation Fund :

lowing be, and are hereby adopted as try be us to the hurch. I have

1.---The Name of the Institution shall laboured a long time in the Church, and be “ The Ministers' Aid and Sustentation nothing has given me greater pleasure. Fund of the New Church."

2.--The objects of this Fund are to aid 9.-In no case shall assistance be given and foster Societies whose numbers are from this Fund to any Society in a prosmall, and whose resources are insufficient portion greater than one-third of the properly to support their Ministers, or amount raised by such Society. efficiently to maintain the operations of Notice having been given in the Secrethe church, by annual grants of money, tary's Circular,--Resolved, That Rules 202 so that the income of all unmarried and 203 be, and are hereby altered to read Ministers who are exclusively enıployed as follows :in the work of the church may be at the 202.- The Name of the Institution shall least £100 per annum, and that of all be “The Students' Aid Fund of the New married Ministers who are so employed Church." not less than £120 per annum.

203. — The objects of this Fund shall be 3.-A Fund shall be established, to to aid in the support and education of consist of two branches, the first to be earnest and pious young men, candidates supported by donations towards the estab- for the ministry of the New Church, and lishment of a Capitalized Permanent Fund, to assist leaders of Societies, or others, which shall be invested, and the interest who, in the opinion of the Committee, only expended ; and the second by annual would be benefited thereby, to pursue subscriptions, the amount of which, added such studies as will increase their efficiency to the aforesaid annual interest, shall be in the ministry. the sum available yearly for the purposes Notice having been given in the Secrecontemplated.

tary's Circular, --Resolved, That Rule 220 4.- For the purposes of this Fund the be, and is hereby rescinded. country shall be divided into Distriets, Notice has been given, on behalf of the and in each district a Committee shall be Glasgow Society, that at the ensuing appointed, consisting of one Member of Session the following Rules will be proeach Society established in the district. posed as the Constitution of the Fund for The members of this Committee shall be the Augmentation of Stipends :annually elected by the Societies which 1.--The Name of the Fund shall be they respectively represent, and their “The Augmentation Fund." names shall be sent to the Secretary of 2.—The object of this Fund shall be to Conference in sufficient time to be reported supplement the stipend paid to Ministers by him to the next ensuing session: which by societies whose resources are insufficient shall appoint the secretary of the Com- adequately to support their Ministers. mittee and enrol the names of the members 3.-—The Fund shall be maintained by thereof in the Minutes.

contributions from New Church societies, 5.---This Committee shall be designated individuals, legacies, collections, and all “ The Ministers' Aid and Sustentation other available sources. Fund Committee," and its duties shall be 4.-Tbe Fund shall consist of two to superintend the collection of the moneys branches,- The first, a Capitalized Perof the Fund, to receive Applications from manent Fund, which shall be properly Societies to be placed thereon ; and, after invested, and the interest only expended. making due and careful investigation of the The second, to consist of Annual Subscripsame, to report the result to the Council. tions, Collections, and Donations, the

6.- The Council shall thereupon, in each amount of which, added to the interest of case, decide according to their best judg- the capitalized fund, shall constitute the ment of all the circumstances laid before yearly available income. them.

5. — The aim of the Church in regard to 7.- Every Society, making, Application the supplementing of stipends shall be to for Assistance from this Fund shall do so raise the stipends of those ininisters and in writing to the Secretary of the Com- licentiates who are exclusively engaged in mittee appointed to consider such applica- the work of the ministry, and whose tions. The Society shall furnish the stipends are under £100 per annum, to Committee with such information as to its £100 per annum, and in the case of present and probable future state as the married ministers and licentiates to £120 said Committee may require.

per annum, as the state of the funds will 8.-It shall be competent for two or allow. more Societies to join together in appoint-. 6.--The Financial Year shall begin on ing a Minister to officiate for them, and the 1st day of July, and end on the 30th they, conjointly may receive assistance in day of June ensuing, and the moneys his behalf from this Fund, by severally received during the interim of these dates complying with the conditions required; shall constitute the fund available for and if the Conmittee and Council are of distribution during the following year. opinion that the interests of the Societies 7.-The Fund shall be managed by the and the uses of the Church would be Committee appointed annually by the Conbenefited thereby.

ference for the National Missionary Institution, which shall be known as the cess. The district committee being satisCentral Committee, assisted by (say five) fied with the information obtained, shall district committees : in London, Birming- then send the application and the filled-up bam, Manchester, Leeds, and Glasgow, schedule to the secretary of the central but it shall be competent for the Conference committee, stating at the same time their to change the district committees to any opinion of the case, the desirableness of other place or places that may be advisable the grant, and the amount ef stipend the in the interests of the fund.

society should be expected to raise. The 8.-Each District Committee shall con- central committee will then decide as to sist of not less than five members, to be the amount to be granted, in accordance elected by Conference.

with the state of the fund, and the claims 9.--The duties of the District Commit- upon it. tees shall be to take special charge of the 16.-Every society receiving aid shall applications for aid in their own districts, send to the secretary of the central commaking due inquiry, and advising the mittee, not later than the 15th day of July, central committee accordingly. They a statistical and financial statement for the shall also use every means to stimulate previous year, ending 30th of June. societies to increase the stipends of their 17.-Grants in aid of stipends shall be ministers, and to contribute as liberally as paid quarterly; the quarter-days being ist possible to the augmentation fund. They September, 1st December, 1st March, and shall appoint collectors in each society, 1st June. and shall receive all the moneys collected 18.-In the case of a society failing to in their respective districts, and remit the raise its proportion of stipend, the district same to the treasurer of the central com- committee shall appoint a deputation of mittee. In the working of this scheme their number to visit it and to inquire into due care is ordered to be taken by the the cause of their failure, and unless satiscommittees, that the help given shall not factory reasons are assigned, the grant check, but, on the contrary, stimulate and shall at once cease. encourage the active' and dutiful exertions 19.–Any alteration of the foregoing of societies.

rules shall be made according to the rules 10.-Each District Committee shall regulating Conference on such matters. present an annual report (ending 30th Notice has also been given, on behalf of June) to the central committee. They the society at Heywood, that a proposi. shall also communicate any information tion will be made at the next Session, to their observation may suggest as likely to consider the rules of Conference relating to be useful.

the Pension Fund, and that the following, 11.-It shall be competent for two or which have already engaged the attention more societies which have combined to of the Conference, will be proposed for appoint a minister to receive conjointly further revision and adoption: assistance from this fund.

179.-The object of the Fund is to allow 12.-In no case shall a grant exceed £40, pensions and to make grants to Ministers and no society or societies shall be entitled recognized by the Conference who have to aid from this fund that do not raise at become wholly or partial!y incapacitated least £60 towards the stipend of the from performing their ministerial duties, minister.

and to the Widows of Ministers during 13.- In the event of the pulpit of the their widowhood, whose husbands shall society becoming vacant, the grant from have been recognized Ministers of the Conthis fund shall be discontinued.

ference at the time of their decease. And 14.—In determining the amount of any also to afford relief to wholly or partially grant to a considerable extent, the case of incapacitated and necessitous Licentiates each society shall be viewed on its own and Leaders of Societies recognized by the merits, and its prospects of usefulness Conference, and to the necessitous Widows and ultimate self-support shall be duly of Licentiates and Leaders during their considered.

widowhood, whose husbands shall have 15.—Applications in aid of supplement been recognized Licentiates and Leaders of stipend shall be addressed in the first at the time of their decease. instance to the district committees, who 180.--This fund shall be supported by are (in terms of a printed schedule to be the proceeds of annual collections or conforwarded by the secretary of central com- tributions from the various Societies of the mittee) to gain information especially on Church, and from individual subscriptions, the following points: (1) the number of donations, and bequests, and shall consist Members, and their attendance. (2) The of two branches, respectively designated amount they will raise for stipend. (3) A and B. The amount of debt resting on the society. 181.--Fund A shall consist of, and (4) The ordinary income and expenditure. include, all moneys received and invested 15) The prospects of their growth and suc- on behalf of the Fund previous to the Conference of 1871, and all moneys which from Fund B provided they have shall be given or bequeathed to this Fund been actively engaged in the work after that date, with a special direction of the Ministry for twelve years in that such moneys are intended for the use a Society or Societies in connection of pensions for Ministers and Widows of with the Conference, such period to Ministers only.

date from the year when the names 182.- Fund B shall consist of all moneys of the said Licentiates or other given or bequeathed after the Conference Leaders first appeared as such in of 1871, and not specifically directed that the Minutes of Conference. In they are for the sole purposes of Fund A, awarding such grants, the Conferand shall be available for grants to incap- ence shall be guided by the number acitated and necessitous Licentiates and of years during which the applicant Leaders, as well as for pensions to Min- shall have been so engaged in the isters and the Widows of Ministers.

work of the Ministry. In all cases where the word “Minister" d.-The Widow of a Licentiate or other is used in these rules, it is understood to Leader shall be eligible to receive mean a Minister recognized by the Con- grants from Fund B provided her ference as an ordained Minister.

husband had been eligible to receive 183.-The Treasurer shall invest from a grant at the time of his decease. time to time such overplus money as may

The amount shall be annually voted be in his hands for the purposes of these by the Conference, and regulated Funds when it is reasonably sufficient for by the same principle as that which such investment. He shall keep separate provides for the pensions of Widows accounts of each Fund.

of Ministers, as expressed in Rule 184 a.-A Minister who has been act

1846. ively engaged in the work of the e.-All claims upon either of the above Ministry with a Society or Societies Funds shall be made within three in connection with the Conference years of the period when the office for ten (10) years, and who has be- of Minister, Licentiate, or Leader come wholly incapacitated, shall be was vacated by the person on whose entitled to a pension of twenty behalf the claim is made. pounds (£20) per annum, and an f.-In the event of the Funds being in additional one pound (£1) per any one year insufficient to meet annum for every year above ten the demands which may be made years during which he shall have

upon them, they shall be divided been engaged in such active service. pro rata among the applicants to The term of years is to be calculated whom pensions or grants may have from the date of his recognition been awarded by the Conference. by the Conference as an ordained 185.-All applications for the benefit of Minister.

pensions and grants shall be made in 6.—The Widow of a Minister shall be Fornis provided by the Conference, and

entitled to a pension provided that shall be sent to the Secretary of Conference
her deceased husband shall have at least three weeks before the Annual
been actively engaged in the work Meeting. They may also be accompanied
of the Ministry with a Society or by a Memorial stating such circumstances
Societies in connection with the in support of the application as the case
Conference for ten (10) years. Such may require. All pensions and grants
pensions shall be ten pounds (£10) shall be annually voted by the Conference,
per annum, and an additional sum and the renewal thereofobe annually ap-
of ten shillings (10s.) per annum for plied for.
every year above ten years during 186. The Conference shall institute all
which her late husband shall have such inquiries into each case as may be
been so engaged in the work of the deemed desirable, and shall deal with it
Ministry. If, however, she has not accordingly.
been his wife for the whole number 187.- Payments of pensions shall be
of years during which her husband made quarterly, on the usual quarter-days,
shall have been so engaged in min- and the payment of grants at such times
isterial work, her pension shall be as the Conference may direct. The
10s. per annum less for every year Treasurer shall take a receipt for all such ,
fewer than the whole term of her payments.
deceased husband's active service 188.- Any pension or grant (if directed

during which she was not his wife. to be paid quarterly) due for the quarter C.-Licentiates or other Leaders, who in which the pensioner or grantee dies,

have become wholly incapacitated, shall be paid to his or her representatives, and are in necessitous circumstances, 189 a. - In the event of a Minister in shall be eligible to receive grants receipt of a pension ceasing to be re

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