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1 Kings xvill, 40. And Elijah I come from another place be for., make the wilderness a pool of said unto them, Take the prophets raken?

water, and the dry laud spring of of Baal; let pot one of them

water. escape. And they took them : FOUNTAINS MENTIONED IN Isa. xlill, 19, 20. Behold, I will and Elijah brought them down to


do a new thing; now it shall spring thie brook Kislion, and slew them there.


forth; shall ye not know it? I will

even mike a way in the wilder. ZERED. Gen. xvi, 7. And the angel of

ness, and rivers in the desert. the LORD found her by a fountain The beast of the fields all honour Deut. 11, 13. Now rise up, said of water in the wilderness, by the me, the dragons and the owls: beI, and get you over the brouk fountain in the way to Shur. Zered. And we went over the

cause I give waters in the wilderbrook Zered.

Dess, and rivers in the desert, to NEAR THE WATERS OF NEPHTOAH.

give driuk to my people, my OF THE WILL'WS.

Josh, xv.9. And the border was chosen

drawn from the top of the hill Jea. XV.7. Therefore the abun.

unto the fountain of the water POOLS MENTIONED IN dauce they have gotten, and that of Nephtoal...

SCRIPTURE. which they have laid up, shall they carry a way to the brook of


JEZBEEL. lhe willows.

John v, 2. Now there is at Je1 Sam. xxix, 1. Now the PhiliFOUNTAINS.

stines gathered together all their rusaleın by the sheep market a Deut viii, 7. For the LORD thy ites pitched by a fountain which armnies to Aphek: and the Israel. pool, which is called in the lies

brew tougue Bethesda, having God bringeth thee into a good is in Jezreel.

five porchies. land; a land of brooks of water, of fountains, and depths that spring


LEDI oat of valleys and lills.

Judges xv. 19. But God clave

2 Sam. 11, 13. And Joab the son Judges i, 14, 15. And it came an hollow place that was in the

of Zeruiah, and the servants of to pass, when she came to him, jaw, and there came water there-David, went out, and met together that she moved biin to ask of her out; and when he had drunk, his by the pool of Gibeon; and they father a field: and she lighted spirit came again, and he revived: of the pool, and the other on the

sat down, the one on the one side from off her ass; and Culeb said

wherefore he called the name tuto her, What wilt thou ? And she said unto him, Give me a Lebi unto this day.

thereof En-bakkore, which is in other side of the pool. blessing: for ilion last given me a

IIEBRON. south land; give me also springs


2 Sam. iv, 12. And David comof water. And Caleb gave her the upper springs and the nether Deut. iv, 49. And all the plain manded his young men, and they springs.

on this side Jordan eastward, slew them, and cut off their hands 2 Chron. xxxii, 4. 30, 31. So there under the springs of Pisgak. eveu unto the sea of the plain, and their feet, and hanged their

up over the pool in Hebron.. . . was gathered much people together, who stopped all the foun

SAMARIA. Luins, and tie brook that ran

UPPER AND NETHER SPRINGS. though the midst of the land, say. Give me a blessing; for thou hast ed the chariot in the pool of Sao

Josh. xv, 19. Who auswered, 1 Kings xxii, 38. And one wasbing. Why should the kings of Assyria come, and find much water? given me a south land; give me maria; and the dogs licked up bis

and he blood; and they washed his arThis same 'Hezekiah also stopped also springs of water. the upper water-course of Gibon, gave her the upper springs, and mour, according unto the word of and brougit it strai lit down to The nether springs.

the LORD wbichi le spake the west side of the city of David. Judges i, 15. And she said unto

SILOAM. And Ilezekiah prospered in all him, Give me a blessing: for thou his works. How beit in the busi. Last given me a south land; give John ix, 7. And said unto him ness of the ambassadors of the me also springs of water.' And Go, wash in the pool of Siloamn, princes of Balıylon, who sent unto Caleb guve ber the upper springs (which is by interpretation, Sent.) him to enquire of the wonder that and the nether springs.

He went his way therefore, and was done in the land, God left him,

washed, and came seeing. to try him that he might know all

POOLS. trat was in his heart. Eccles. ii, 6. I made me pools

UPPER POOL. Ps. civ, 10. 11. He sendeth the of water, to water therewith the 2 Kings xviii, 17. And the king Springs into the valleys which run wood that bringeth forth trees. of Assyria sent Tartan and Rabamong the hills. They give drink to every beast of the field: the be upon every high mountain, host against Jerusalem.

Isa. xxx, 25. And there shall saris and Rabshakel from Lachish

to king Hezekiah with a great wild asses quench their thirst.

And and upon every bigh bill, rivers Cant. iv, 15. A fountain of gar- and streams of waters in the day they went up and came to Jeru

salem. And when they were dens, a well of living waters, and of the great slaughter, when the streams from Lebanon. towers fall.

come up, they came and stood by

the cuiduit of the upper pool, Isa. XXXV, 6. Then shall the Isa. XXXV, 7. And the parched which is in the ligt way of the lamne man lrap as an bart, and the ground shall become a pool, and foller's fieldi. tongue of the dumb sing: for in the thirsty land springs of water: the wilderness shall waters break in the habitation of dragons, where

LOWER POOL out, and streams in the desert. each lay, shall be grass, with reeds

Isa. xxii, 9. Ye have seen also Jer. xviii, 14. Will a man leave and rushes.

the breaches of the city of David, the show of Lebanon which cometh 18a. xli, 18. I will open rivers that they are many; and ye gufrom the ruck of the field ? or in high places, and fountains in thered together the waters of the bhall the cold flowing waters that the midst of the valleys: I will I lower pool.

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they went to Beer: that is the well, well; and for that they strofa sa Neh. il, 14. Then I went on to whereof the LORD spake unto and he called the name of it Rebane the gate of the fountain, and to Moses Gather the people together, both; and he said, For now the the king's pool; but there was no and I will give them water. Lord hath made room for use place for the beast that was under

we shall be fruitful in the land. me to pass.

Gen. x31, 30, 31. And he said, For

thess seven ewe lan bs shalt thou

Gen. xxvi, 21. And they dig! Isa, xxii, 11. Ye made also a take of my hand, that they may be another well, and s'rove forta ditch between the two walls for a witness unto me, that I have also: and he called the game do the water of the old pool.

digged this well. Wherefore he Situal.

called that place Beer-sheba; be-
cause there they sware, both of

FLOODS. them. Gen. XXVI. 16 18, 19, 32. For all the Gen. sXVI, 23 24. And he went holdeth the waters, and theru!

Job xit, 15. Bebold, he ribe wells which his father's servants bad digged in the days of Abra- up froin thence to Beer-sheba. ham his father, the Philistines had And the Lord appeared unto bim up: also he sendeth them out .

they overtnra the earth, the same night, and said, I am stopped them, and filled them with the God of Abraham thy father:

Job xxvili, 4. The food breit eartli. And Isaac digged again the wells of water which they had fear not, for I am with thee, and eth out from the inhabitant; tres digged in the days of Abraham will bless thee, and multiply thy the waters forgotten of the fox:

they are dried up, they are great his father; for the Philistines bad seed, for my servant Abralam's sake.

away from men. stopped them after the death of


P's. xviii, 4. The sorr3y$ Abraham: and he called their names after the names by which

Exod. xv, 27. And they came to death compassed me, and the his father had called them. And Elim, where were twelve wells of floods of ungodly men made se Isaac's servants digged in the val water, and threescore and ten afraid, ley, and found there a well of palm trees: and they encamped Ps. Ixxiv, 15. Thou didst deara springing water. And it came to there by the waters.

the fountain and the food: the pass the same day, that Isaac's

driedst up mighty rivers. servants came, and told him con


Jer. xlvi, 7. 8. Who is this cerning the well which they had Gen. xxvi, 20. And the berd. cometh up as a food, wliose ** digged, and said unto him, We men of Gerar did strive with ters are moved as ttie rifer have found water.

Isaac's herdmen, saying, The wa- Egypt riseth up like a fulani 1 Sam. vi', 6. And thoy gathered ter is ours: and he called the name his waters are moved like the together to Mizpeh, and drew wa of the well Esek; because they rivers; and he saith, I will go up ter, and poured it out before the sirove with him.”

and will cover the earth; I LORD, and tasted on that day, and

destroy the city, and the indals said there, We have sinned

In IIAGAR'S HISTORY. tants thereof. against the LORD. And Samuel Gen. xxi, 19. And God opened Jer. xlvii, 1, 2. The word of the Judged the children of Israel in her eyes, and she saw a well of LORD that came to Jerem al tte Mizpeh.

water; and she went and filled prophet against the Puikiside 1 Kings vi, 17, 18. Now Jona the bottle with water, and gave before that Pharaoh smote Gas than and Ahimaas stayed by En the lad drink

Thus saith the LORD, Bebold, w rogel; (for they might not be seen

ters rise up out of the Dorth, : to come into the city ;) and a


shall be an overflowing food, wench went and told them: and Gen. xx18.3 4. And thither were all shall overflow the land, and al. they went and told king David. the flocks gathered: and they rolled that is therein; the city, and a Nevertheless a lad saw them, and the stone from the well's mouth, them that dwell therein: teri told Absalom: but they went both and watered the sheep, and put men shall cry, and all the tobabe of them away quickly, and came the stone again upon the well's tants of the land sbali bowl to a man's honse in Bahurim, mouth in his place. And Jacob Amos viii, 7, 8. Tbe Loss has which had a well in his court, said unto thein, My brethren, sworn by the excellency of Janis whither they went down. wlience de ye? And they said of Surely I will never forget asyik

their works. Isa. xii, 3. Therefore with joy Haran are we.

Shall not tbe lac. shall ye draw water out of the John iv, 5,6. Then cometh he to tremble for this, and every wells of salvation.

a city of Samaria, which is called mourn that dwelleth tbereins

Sychar, near to the parcel of it shall rise up wholly as a tot WELLS MENTIONED IN ground that Jacob gave to his son and it shall be cast et sa SCRIPTURE.

Joseph. Now Jacob's well was drowned, as by the duod

there. Jesus therefore, being Egypt. BEER-LAHAI - ROI.

wearied with his journey, sat thus Amos ix, 6. And the Lord Gode Gen. xvi, 14. Wherefore the

on the well: and it was about the hosts is lie that toucheth ibe las: well was called Beer-lahai-roi; be- sixth hour.

and it shall mell, and all that hold, it 13 between Kadesh and

dwell therein shall mourd; and Bered.


shall rise up wholly like a 1, BETHLEHEM.

Exod. xv, 23. And when they and shall be drowned, as dit 2 Sam. xxii, 15. And David came to Marah, they could not flood of Egypt. longed, and said, Oh that one drink of the waters of Marah, for Matth. xxiv, 37-39. Bat este would give me drink of the water they were bitter: therefore the days of Noe rere, su shall als of the well of Bethlehem, which is name of it was called Marah. the coming of the Son of man be by the galel

For as in the days that were the RЕНовотн.

fore the flood they were este: BEER

Gen. xxvi, 22. And he removed and drinkingmarryiag, IS Vum. XXI, 16. Aud from thence from thence, and digged another giving in marriage, uutil the day

that Noo entered into the ark, Nahum 1, 8. But with an over- , wilderness Into a standing water,
and knew not until the food running flood he will make an and dry grouud into water-
came, and took them all away; , utter end of the place thereof, springs.
so sball also the coming of the and darkness shall pursue his
Son of man be
enemi. s.

Isa. xix, 5, 6. And the waters
shall fail from the sea, and the

river shall be wasted and dried 2 Sam. xxii, 4. 5. I will call on


op. And they shall turn the the LORD, who is worthy to be

Gen. ix, 12-15, 17. And God rivers far away; and the brooks praised: so shall I be saved from said, This is the token of the of defense shall be emptied and mine enemies. When the waves of death compassed me,

covenant which I make between dried up: the reeds and flags the floods

me and you, and every living shall wither. of ungodly men made me afraid.

creature that is with you, tor Job xxx, 14. They came upon perpetual generations: I do set

Isa. xlii, 15, 16. I will make me as a wide breaking in of waters: my bow in the cloud, and it shall

waste mountains and bills, and the desolation they rolled be for a token of a covenant be dry up all their berbs; and I will themselves upon me. tween me and the earth. And it dry up the pools. And 'I will

make the rivers islands, and I will Isa. viii, 6--8. Forasmuch as this shall come to pass, when I bring bring the blind by a way that people refuseth the waters of a cloud over the earth, that the shiloah that gu softly, and rejoice bow shall be seen in the cloud: they know not; I will lead them in Rezin and Remaliah's son; And I will remember my cove known: I will make darkness

in paths that they have not Now therefore, behold, the Lord nant, which is between mo and bringeth up upon them the waters you and every living creature of light before them, and crooked

things straight. These things of the river, strong and many, all flesh; and the waters shall no eren the king of Assyria, and all moro become a flood to destroy will I do unto them, and not for

sake them. his glory; and he shall come up all flesh. And God said unto over all his channels, and go over Noah, This is the token of the Jer 11, 36. Therefore thus saith all his banks. And he shall pass covenant, which I have establish the LORD; Behold, I will plead through Judah; he shall overflowed betweeu me and all flesh that thy cause, and take vengeance and go over; he shall reach even is upon the earth.

for thee; and I will dry up her to the neck and the stretching

sea, and make her springs dry. out of his wings shall fill the


Amos vii, 4 Thus bath the breadth of thy land, o Immanuel.

Isa. xxv, 11, 12. And he shall Lord God showed unto me; and, Jer. xlvi, 7, 8. Who is this that spread forth his hands in the bebold, the Lord Gop called to cometh up as a flood, whose midst of them, as ne that swim- contend by fire, and it devoured waters are moved as the rivers? meth spreadeth forth his nands the great deep, and did eat up a Egypt riseth up like a flood, and to swim: and be shall bring down part. his waters are moved like the their pride together with the Nahum i 4. He rebuketh the rivers; and he saith, I will go up, spoils of their hands. And the and will cover the earth; I will fortress of the high fort of thy up all the rivers: Bashan languisti.

sea, and makoth it dry, and drieth destroy the city and ihe inhabi- walls shall be bring down, lay eth, and Carmel, and the flower tants thereof.

low, and bring to the ground, of Lebanon languisbeth. Jer. xlvii, 2. Thus saith the even to the dust.

Zech. a, 11. And he shall pass LORD; Behold, waters rise up out

through the sea with affliction, of the north, and shall be an over


and shall smite the waves in the flowing flood, and shall overflow Ps. cvii, 33–35. He turnethsea, and all the deeps of the river the land, and all that is therein; rivers into a wilderness, and the shall dry up: and the pride of the city, and them that dwell water - springs into dry ground; Assyria shall be brought down, therein; then the men shall cry, A fruitful land into barreness, for

and the sceptre of Egypt shall
and all the inhabitants of the the wickedness of them that depart away.
land shall bowl

dwell therein. Ho turneth the (See under HEAVEN.)

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fear, and shall declare the work hast thou also taught the wicked (Page 14.)

of God: for they shall wisely con ones thy ways. Lev. xxii, 28. And whether it be sider of his doing.

Deut. xxviii, 14. And thou shalt COW or ewe, ye shall not kill it

Ps. lxxiv, 20, 21. Have respect not go aside from any of the and her young both in one day.

unto the covenant; for the dark words which I command thee Prov. xll, 10. A righteous man places of the earth are full of the this day, to the right hand or to regardeth 'the life of his beast:) habitations of cruelty. O let not the left, to go after cther gods to but the tender mercles of the let the poor and needy praise thy the oppressed return ashamed: serve them.

2 Kings xxiil, 24. 25. Moreover, wicked are cruel.

the workers with familiar spirits, DISEASE AND DEATH.

Ps. xciv, 20, 21. Shall the throne and the wizards, and the images,

of iniquity have fellowship with and the idols, and all the abomiBOILS.

thee, which frameth mischief by nations that were spied in the (Page 166.)

a law? They gather themselves land of Judah, and in Jerusalem, Job il, 8, 9. And he took him a together against the soul of the did Josiah put away, that he potsherd to scrape himself withal; righteous, and condemn the inno- might perform the words of the and he sat down among the ashes. cent blood.

law which were written in the Then sald his wife unto him, Dost

Ps. cxill, 5, 6. Who is like unto book that Hilkiab the priest found thou still retain thine integrity? the Lord our God, who dwelleth in the house of the Lord. And curse God, and die.

on bigl, Who humbleth himself like unto him was there no king

to behold the things that are in before him, that turned to the FAMILY. heaven, and in the eartb!

LORD with all his heart, and with (Pages 209, 205.)

all bis soul, and with all his might, Gen. xxx,1,2. And when Rachel God that hidest thyself, O God of neither after him arose there any

Isa. xlv, 15. Verily thou art a according to all the law of Moses; saw that she bare Jacob no chil, Israel, the Saviour.

like him. dren, Rachel envied her sister; and said unto Jacob, Give me chil

Jer. xiv, 8. O the Hope of Is Acts xli, 22. And the people dren, or else I die. And

Jacob's rael, the Saviour thereof in time gave a shout, saying, It is the

of trouble, why shouldest thou be anger was kindled against Rachel;

voice of a god, and not of a man. as a stranger in the land, and as and he said, Am I in God's stead,

Acts xxviii. 4.6. And when the who hath withheld from thee the a wayfaring man that turneth

barbarians Saw the aside to tarry for a nigbt?

venomous fruit of the womb?

beast hang on bis hand, they said Gen.xlviii, 13, 14. And Joseph

Acts svil, 24. God, that made among themselves, No doubt this

the world, and all things therein, man is a murderer, whom, though took them both, Ephraim in his right hand toward Israel's left seeing that he is Lord of heaven he hath escaped the sea, yet ven

and earth, dwelleth not in temples geance sufferetb not to live. Howhand, and Manasseh in his left hand toward Israel's right hand, made with hands.

beit they looked when he should and brought them near unto him.

have swollen, or tallen dowu dead And Israel stretched out his right

IDOLATRY-IDOLS. suddenly:but after theybadlooked band, and laid it upon Ephraim's

(Page 266, etc.)

a great while, and saw no harm head, who was the younger, and Jer. 11, 23, 26-28, 33. How canst minds, and said that he was a

come to him, they changed their his left hand upon Manassel's head, guiding his hands wittingly: bave not gone after Baalim? See thou say, I am not polluted, I

god. for Manasseh was the first-born. tby way in the valley, know what

JESUS CHRIST. Deut. v, 29. Oh that there were thou hast done: thou art a swift

(Page 285, etc.) such an heart in them, that they dromedary traversing her ways. would fear me, and keep all my As the thief is ashamed when he

John iv, 25, 26. The woman commandments always, that it is found, so is the house of Israel

saith unto him, I know that migbt be well with them, and ashamed; they, their kings, their

Messias cometh, wbich is called with their children for ever!

Christwhen he is come, he will princes, and their priests, and

their prophets, Saying to a stock, tell us all, things. Jesus saith GOD. Thou art my father; and to a

unto her, I that speak unto thee

am he.
(Page 234, etc)
stone, Thou hast brought me

John vi, 15. When Jesus thereJob XXXVI, 22, 23. Behold, God forth; for they have turned their exalteth by his power: who teach, but in the time of their trouble come and take him by force, to

back onto me, and not their face; fore perceived that they would eth like him? Who hath enjoined they will say, Arise, and save us make him a king, he departed him his way? or. who can say, But where are thy gods that thou again into a mountain himself Thou hast wrought iniquity?

hast made thee? let them arise, if alone. Ps. Iviii, 11. So that a man spall | they can save thee in the time of John vil, 15-18. And the Jews kay, Verily there is a reward for thy trouble: for according to the marvelled, saying, How knoweth the righteous: verily he is a God number of thy cities are thy gods, this man letters, having never tliat judgeth in the earth.

0 Judah. Why triinmest thou learned? Jesus answered them, Ps. lxiv, 9. And all men sball' thy way to seek love? therefore I and said, My doctrine is not mine,


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