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Chapters 13 to 19, omitting chap Chapters 20 to 28, omitting chapter Chapters 30, 31; chapter 29 is omitted;
ter 18.

Euclid (Todhunter)

Book I, proposition 7 may be Book II, omitting proposition 8; Book III, and Book IV to proposition Book V, definitions. Book VI, se-
oinitted, the 8th being proved Book III, to proposition 20. 10.

lected propositions ; problems.
as in the notes.
Plane trigonometry; theoret- Chapters 1, 3 i, 5, 6, 7
Chapters 4, 8, 9, 10, omitting Chapters 2, 3 iii, 12, 13..

Chapters 14 to 19; chapter 20, only
ical (Hamblin Smith).
French measure.

219, 228 ; recapitulation.
Plane trigonometry; practical Logarithmic expressions; use Easy problems in solution of More difficult problems..

Recapitulation. (Johnson).

Chapters 1, 2, 3.

Proofs of all rules used in solutions retical (Todhunter).

of triangles. Adaptation of the

same to logarithmic computations. Spherical trigonometry; prac

Solution of all triangles, not using Application of rules to solution of tical (Johnson).

€ rules 4 and 5; easy problems. astronomical problems. Navigation and nautical as.

Plane, parallel, traverse, and Day's work; latitude by meridian Variation by amplitude ; longitude
tronomy (Jeans).

Mercator's Sailings; correct- altitude; conversion of are into by sun chronometer; practical
ing courses; all necessary time; necessary definitions, navigation paper ; explanations of
proofs, and corrections.

all necessary rules and definitions.
Twice a week

Once a week
Naval history
A play of Shakspeare.
An essay of Macaulay.

A subject of history.

Use and adjustment of sextant, azi: Latitude by meridian altitude from

muth-compass, taking angles and sea horizon ; longitude, error and

rate of chronometer by artificial
horizon; variation by azimuth-


Construction of charts on a scale Construction of charts on a scale of Theodolite, thermometer, and ba

of 1.2 inches to a degree of 1.2 inches to a degree of longitude; rometer; construction and use of longitude.

laying off courses; placing ships. charts on any scale.

Cornelius Nepos; Arnold's Ex. Extracts from Cicero; Arnold's Extracts from Cicero; Arnold's Ex- Extracts from Livy; Arnold's Exer.
ercises ; Latin Primer.
Exercises ; Latin Primer. ercises; Latin Primer.

cises; Latin Primer.
Physical geography (Johnson) Elementary.
Astronomy (Norman Lockyer)

Grammar: substantive, adjec- Verbs reflexive and pronominal: Syntax to beginning of verbs; gram. Syntax, verbs to end : logical analy.

tive, pronoun: verbs active, all irregular verbs; conversa- matical analysis ; conversation. sis; conversation. neuter, and passive, all regu- tion. lar; conversation. Seamanship



First form.

Second form.

Arithmetic (Hamblin Smith).. Part I, omit chapter 13; Part II, Part II, chapters 21 to 31, omit

chapters 14 to 20, omitting ting chapters 22, 23, 26, 28.

chapter 18.
Algebra (Hamblin Smith). Chapters 1 to 12.

of tables; solution of plane triangles.

triangles. Spherical trigonometry; theo

Rules 1, 2, 3

Parts of sextant

Elementary French


Rectangular oldeeta in parallel

perpretive l'arts of ship, spars and mails,

standing, rigging, knotting
and splicing, bends and
hitches; compass, first part.

Roctangular neleis advanced

parallel perspectivo, oblique

perspective commenced.
Signals, riggingApare, tackles,

running rigging, strapping
blocks, log and lead, compass;

Models, including circles, oblique perspective.

ein mature: Trective, with all the

terin tined.
Use of signals, night and day: Setting up rigging, staying mast

making up, bending, reefing, and anchor (mollel), rule of the road,
furling; making and shortening palm and needlo; recapitulation of

all subjects taught.
Mechanics; hydro-mechanics; pneu: , Light; heat; magnetism; electricity.

matic# ; acoustics.

Natural philosophy (Ganot)

All cadets aro taught and exercised in rowing; the third and fourth forms only are taught the handling of boats under sail and oars. NOTE C.

(Page 58.)



Wear a white stripe on left arm.
Turn out one hour earlier than others, and stand on middle deck.
Stand apart at Sunday morning muster.
One hour's drill every afternoon; leave stopped; march out one hour with corporal.

Stand on midille deck one hour after evening prayers; sit at secondl-class table in mess-room at meals; not allowed soup, beer, or second course; pocket-money to be stopped.

Sit in front at church and at prayers in mess-room.
Limit of punishment.—From seven to fourteen days.


Wear a white stripe on each arm.

Get up at 6 a. m. in winter and 5 a. m. in summer; at 6.30 winter and 5.30 summer, fall in and drill until prayer-time.

Stand apart from other cadets at all inusters.

One-and-a-quarter hour's drill every afternoon; leave stopped; march out one hour with corporal.

Stand on iniddle deck half-an-hour after evening prayers.

Alternate days in cell, on bread and water; other days take their meals at cockpit mess; not allowed soup, beer, or second course.

Pocket-money to be stopped.
Sit on stool on half deck when not in cell; sit in front in church and at prayers in

[blocks in formation]



3 4 5

Imposition of copy of regulation broken
Turn out and fall in one hour before the others.

4 days.
Called at 5.25, dismissed at 6.25 .
Extra drill for one hour*

3 days. Stand on middle deck for one hour after prayers (evening).

3 days. Defaulters' tablet..

1 week. (The above punishments may be inflicted by licutenants for one day.) Confined to cricket field:

1 month. Extra drill one hour, leave stopped, go ashore one hour with corporal, and No. 4. 4 days.

6 7

* Extra drill of one hour is divided into exercises of ten minutes each, in the following order: Rifles, poles, clubs.

| No. 5. Dict--dry bread for breakfast and tea; not allowed soup, beer, or second course. Cadets contined to the cricket field are to report themselves to the gymnasium sergeant. Mess offenses will receive mess punishments.

Permission to use the blue boats and sailing cuiters will be stopped for offenses committed when away in them..

Offenses after the third time to be considered habitual, and the punishment to be doubled, or the case reported to the captain.

Pocket money to be stopped if four offenses of any description are recorded during the week.





Improper use of lights, immoral language or conduct, including falsehood or subterfuge, insubordination or disrespect to superiors, improper possession of others' property, all grievous and repeated offenses.

Note.-A cadet reported more than three times in the week, or more than ten times in the month, to a lieutenant, becomes a habitual offender, and remains as such until clear of the defaulters' book for one week. He is not allowed any privileges, and for any offense is reported to the commander.

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Cocoa; currie; bread and 'Soup; roast mutton or lamb; Tea; water cress ;* cold
two vegetables.

meat; bread and butter.

Wedneslay .. Coffee; eggs and bacon ;

bread and butter.

Roast beef; two vegetables; Tea; cold meat; bread and
two sweets.



Cocoa : sausages ;ť bread Soup; boiled mutton, caper Tea; cold meat; bread and
and butter.

sauce; two vegetables. butter.


Coffee ; eggs and bacon ; : Roast mutton or lamb;: two Tea; water cress;* cold
bread and butter.

meat; bread, jam and

Saturday..... Cocoa; fish or bacon; bread

and butter.

Roast beef; two vegetables; Tea; cold meat; bread and
two sweets.


* If procurable. † Except in summer. In season. Half pound bun loaf and quarter pint of milk on afternoons of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridar.

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(Time allowed, 3 hours.)
1. Resolve into factors the expressions x3 +1 and x — *—30.
% From 5rs + 4aci - 3a2x} + 5a’x? + ai subtract 3r” —Ta?r? + 12a'r? — 11a*r—7a".
3. Multiply

2.c xy

2 4


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4. Divide 10a+11a-b— 15a2c — 19abc + 3ab2 + 15bc? 5b-c by 5a + 3ab Jbc. 5. Simplify the expressions


al + b2


2a + 3b -

1 at


6. Find the H. C. F. of the expressions 6x+ — 2x3 +7x? — * +2 and 6x+ — 12r + 21x2 - 6x +9. 7. Solve the equations

(a) (x+3)(x-1)=(x + 2)2 – 9.


7+ (6)

2.1 +9

2 10 5 8. À certain number, when increased by 72, is three times as large as the original number. Find the original number.

9. A ship's company of 260 men was composed of seamen, marines, and stokers; the stokers were 10 more in number than the marines, but 90 less than the seamen. How many were there in all ?



(Time allowed, 3 hours.) 1. What is meant by the Highest Common Factor, and what by the Lowest Common Multiple of two or more numbers ?

Find the H. C. F. and L. C. M. of 266, 399, and 456.

2. How many Mexican dollars worth 38. 109d. each are worth 35,530 Spanish dollars at 38. 11fd. each? 3. Simplify

24-11 +971 (a.)

41-21 + 1371

7 (14 of 's (b.)


+(3; of 7) 4. Reduce 3 of 74 of 164 yards to the fraction of a furlong; and t of 1 oz. 13 dwt. to the decimal of 11 of 5 dwt. 15 grs.

5. Find the value of .375 of a guinea + .54 of 88. 3d. + 1.027 of 21. 158., and express the result as the decimal of 51.

6. Find the square roots of 1.014049 and 1757. 7. Find, by practice, the value of 6 tons 7 cwt. 2 qrs. 17 lb. at 31. 108. 7d. per cwt.

8. A mine is worth 3,7001., and a man who owns is of it sells .135i of his share. What money does he receive for it?

9. If 7 men working 103 hours a day can earn 41. 158. 3d. in 57 days, what sum will 28 men earn in 154 days if they work 5.3 hours a day?


(Time allowed, 3 hours.) 1. Translate into English, parsing the words in italics : (a.) Æthiopes, pardorum leonumque pellibus amicti, arcus habent przelongos:

sagittas vero breres: his pro ferro lapides acuti præfixi sunt. Hastas prieterea habent, his præfira sunt cornua cervorum: habent etiam clavas nodosas. Corporis dimidium, in pugnam prodeuntes, creta dealbatum habent, dimidium minio pictum. Alii caput tectum habent pelle equina, de capite equi detracta, cum auribus et juba. Pro scutis gruum pellibus corpora tegunt.

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