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and overshadowed them: and they feared as they entered into 10 the cloud.

35 And there came a 'voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: "hear him.

36 And when the voice was past, Jesus was found alone. And they "kept it close, and told no man in those days any of those things which they had seen.

37 | And 'it came to pass, that on the next day, when they were come down from the hill, much people met him.' 38 And, behold, a man of the company

cried out, saying, Master, I beseech thee, look upon my son: for he is 'mine only child.

39 And, lo, a spirit taketh him, and he suddenly crieth out; andit teareth him that he foameth again,”? and bruising him 13 hardly 14 departeth from him.

40 And I besought thy disciples to cast him out;15 and they could not.

41 And Jesus answering said, O) faithless and


10 were come under. Ma.

came together to him. Wh. 12 it causeth him to tear himself and foam. Wh. is when he had rent him. Co. Bi. 15 with much pain. Ma. Ud. 15 to set hiin free. Wh.

I See on MAT. iii. 17.

m Deut. xviii. 15: The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken. "Acts, iii. 22: Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall


unto you: n MAT. xvii. 9:, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead. • Mat. xvii. 14, &c: When they were come to the multitude

, there came to him a certain man kneeling down to him, and saying, &c. Mark, ix. 14, 17: When he came to his disciples, he saw a great multitude about them, and the Scribes questioning with him. And one of the multitude answered, and said, Master, I have brought unto thee my son, which hath a dumb spirit.

P Zec. xii. 10: As one mourneth for his only son. 9 John, xx. 27: Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy

*perverse generation, how long shall I be with you, and suffer 16 you ? Bring thy son hither.

42 And as he was yet a coming, the devil threw him down,17 and tare him.18 And Jesus Srebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the child, and delivered him again to his father.

43 And they were all amazed at the 'mighty power of God. But while they wondered every one at all things which Jesus did, he said unto his disciples,

44 Let these sayings sink down into your ears:19 for the Son of man 20 shall be delivered into the "hands of men.

45 But they wunderstood not this saying, and 16 forbear. Br. 27 rent him. Co. Ma. Gen. 18 mangled. Pu. 19 Mark these words diligently. Gen.

20 the time will come when the Son of man, Ma. finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing. Heb. iv. 2: For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.

DEUT. xxxii. 5: They are a perverse and crooked generation. Ps. lxxviii. 8: A stubborn and rebellious generation; a generation that set not their heart aright, and whose spirit was not stedfast with God.

• MARK, i. 27: And they were all amazed, insomuch that they questioned among themselves, saying, What thing is this? What new doctrine is this? for with authority commandeth he even the unclean spirits, and they do obey him.

+ Exod. xv. 11 : Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods ? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders.

See on MAT. xvi. 21.

v2 SAM. xxiv. 14: And David said unto Gad, I am in a great strait : let us fall now into the hand of the LORD; for his mercies are great: and let me not fall into the hand of man.

WMARK, ix. 32: But they understood not that saying, and were afraid to ask him. LUKE, ii. 50: They understood not the saying which he spake unto them. do. xviii. 34: They understood none of these things: and this saying was hid from them, neither knew they the things which were spoken.

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it was hid from them, that they perceived it not: and they feared to ask him of that saying.

46 | Then there arose * a reasoning 21 among them, which of them should be greatest

. 47 And Jesus, 'perceiving the thought of their heart, took a child, and set him by him,

48 Ånd said unto them, ? Whosoever shall receive this child in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me receiveth him that sent me : for he that is `least among you all, the same shall be great.

49 And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us.

31 disputation. Bi.
* Mat. xviii. 1: At the same time came the disciples unto
Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?
MARK, ix. 34: But they held their peace: for by the way they
had disputed among themselves, who should be the greatest.

y See on MAT. ix. 4.
2 Mat. X. 40: He that receiveth

receiveth me,

and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me. do. xviii. 5: And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. MARK, ix. 37: Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me; and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me. JOHN, xii. 44: Jesus cried and said, He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me. do. xiii. 20: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me; and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

Isa. lvii. 15: Thus saith the high and lofty One, that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones. See on MAT. xxiii. 12.

b Num. xi. 28: And Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of Moses, one of his young men, answered and said, My lord Moses, forbid them. MARK, ix. 38: John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followeth not us; and we forbad him, because he followeth not us.

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50 And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is ‘not against us is for us.

51 And it came to pass, when the time was come that he should be "received up, he stedfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem,

52 And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready22 for him.

53 And they did not receive him, because his face23 was as though he would go to Jerusalem.

54 And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume $them, even as Elias did ?

55 But he24 turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.

56 For the Son of man is not come to "destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.

57 And it came to pass, that, as they went 22 prepare a lodging. Co. 23 behaviour. Gen. 24 Jesus. Bi.

MAT. xii. 30: He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. Luke, xi. 23: He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth. Phil. i. 18: Notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.

& MARK, xvi. 19: So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven. Acts, i, 2: Until the day in which he was taken up.

John, iv. 4: And he must needs go through Samaria. John, iv. 9: How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria ? For the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.

& 2 Kings, i. 10, 12: Elijah answered and said to the captain of fifty, If I be a man of God, then let fire come down from heaven, and consume thee and thy fifty. And there came down fire from heaven, and consumed him and his fifty.

See on John, iii. 17.



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in the way, a 'certain man said unto him, Lord, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest.

58 And Jesus said unto him, Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath knot where to lay26 his head.

59 And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, 'suffer me first to go and bury my father.

60 Jesus said unto him, Let the dead burytheir dead: but

go thou and preach the kingdom of God. 61 And another also said, Lord, I will "follow. thee; but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house. . 62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having

his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

CHAP. X. 1 Christ sendeth out at once seventy disciples to work miracles, and to preach: 17 admonisheth them to be humble, and wherein to rejoice

: 21 thanketh his Father for his grace: 23 magnifieth the happy estate of his Church: 25 teacheth

the Lawyer how to attain eternal life, and to take every one for his neighbour that needeth his mercy : 41 reprehendeth Martha, and conmendeth Mary her sister. AFTER "these things the Lord' appointed


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Mat. viii. 19: A certain Scribe came, and said unto him, Master, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest. * 2 Cor.viii

. 9 : Ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.

MAT. viii. 21: Another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.

m See on John, v. 25.

- 1 Kings, xix. 20: He left the oxen, and ran after Elijah, and said, Let me, I pray thee, kiss my father and my mother, and then I will follow thee.

• Phil. iii. 14: I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Heb. x. 38: 'If any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.

CHAP. X. * MAT.x. 1: When he had called unto him his twelve dis

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