Memory and Liturgy: The Place of Memory in the Composition and Practice of Liturgy

Ashgate, 2004 - 155 páginas
Memory is a major factor in the composition and practice of liturgy. Recent research into how the brain and memory function points the way to how liturgy can best meet the needs of worshippers. In Memory and Liturgy, Peter Atkins draws on the fruits of his research into the process of the brain and our memory and applies it to liturgical worship. His extensive experience in writing and using liturgy keeps this book rooted in reality. In its ten chapters the author applies the functioning of the brain and the memory to our remembrance of God in worship; God's memory of us through Baptism; our remembrance of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist; the corporate memory of the community created through worship; the healing of memories of sin and pain through forgiveness; three aids to help us worship; the process of continuity and change in liturgy; and the connection between memory, imagination and hope. The conclusion summarizes the main practical issues. This provides a check-list for those serving on Liturgical Commissions and those involved in the teaching of the practice of liturgy. This book is a positive contribution to the ongoing search for suitable liturgical worship and music for the 21st century.

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Acerca del autor (2004)

Bishop Peter Atkins is a retired Anglican Bishop, retired Dean of the National Theological College and lecturer in theology at the University of Auckland. Author draws on specialist research and advice from scholars in cognitive science, medicine and education-with particular expertise in the field of memory and brain processes.

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