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mpass, Length of Days Felicity her Fate: Earth make none Par.

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Use your Paper ea Comarice
Undiscipline ca sa desne
Vain at i Corit a az a

Valve zone a gard Casícze sam

Wilul lagenizacy is the greated
Wine frequently inalocks :
Want of Thought makes Men see
When Grace is core biti, Mes San
Your Memories SVE BILO DE
Your gracions Makes in you: Ion
Youti feldom rides wea - Agt no zis
You Tongue mò you ficat sau si
Zeal in a good Cable is the commentaire
Zens would have all Me PER
Zeal for Religion cannot was a

Prison, The Skill of a mpeft ; the Valour of e Worth of a Chriftian,

awake in the Night.

Zeal is biini if not acompania

Eckfafica i. ., . Time
from the Lord, aadiesinize te
can number the band di 2 a
of Rain, and the Dae in Tu
find out the height sitzen, azim
of the Parth, and the De z Vial

Widom baih berca comez,
the Undertazze e Prize mesc



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Colemn Triumph reigns,
the heav'nly Plains ;
Regions take,
yake :

thy Way
lle Themes,
ly Strains rehearse :
easure rove ;
and Strife,
es of Life ;
eams of Bliss ;
brtal things.

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Many Men by ill Doin

Nothing dignifies Men

No Man's Calling can
Ope ought always to fid
Omit no Opportunity of
One main Thing in Life

Providence generally mig
Pride hides our own far
Pride is the Effect of Sel!
Persons of fiery Tempers
Quarrels and Difputes ab 2. partir
Quiet Consciences never

Quantity is generally

Rebuke with soft Word
Riches do not make all
Reason not with bim .

Sin hath its Beginning i

Sach as would excel in /
Sloth is an Argumento
Sins committed in secre
Slighted Convictions a

That thou mayest avoie

of it. 'Tis a Jeft for a Mifer to me toge lizer lor any reaker Danies to To reprehend may becor #izmazletos bone malol, kot by Tell nothing of anothe Time may be redeemd Damer met hund

told him. The next World is toeg

Man's Fear. Take account of

your Ways.

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Ve your Profperity wib Canton zad Prudence

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Compass, Length of Days

abs, Felicity her Fate:

can Earth make none Par.

es the King most like his

Undilosima i tan make a desting
Vain and ils Courses are sengen med

Valve more a gazd Conscience the Canarie

Will lapenitency is the greatel Se Portes
Wine frequently aslocks a Man's Secres
Want of Thought makes Ma impertinent
Wken Grace is once bat, Men sabe suikale

Yaar Memories Store with the charist i mitt
Von gracions Maker in your Yoed ople.
Youth eldon rides wel 11 Agehalte vabad
Yox Tongue and your Heart Coghae no yet
Zal in a good Cable is very commedale.
Zer would have all Men of Part be hamak
Zeal for Religion cauzat waras Conely.
Zal is blind if sos acompanied to Laun

in Prison, The Skill of a Tempeft; the Valour of I the Worth of a Chriftian,

ben awake in the Night.

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kalapio i. ., . Alhan ward
from the Lord, and is with him is . We
We wanbeste van die ander
of Rain, and the Days of Elementy
do te Pieghedi

Here, date
of the Earth, and the Dep, and Wifical
Wildom bath been created before all thing, and
He Underbanding of Prudence from creating
The Word of God moek high is the Boaten di
Widom, and her Ways are everialing (

mandments. The fear of the land as Hause
and Glory, and Glanes, ud a Crown of the
poing. The Bear of the Lord is a com

& Widom, making Peace and perfect. Helista Samniki, both which are the City of God; and Melangel. Dar nesporang lain menu

n folemn Triumph reigns,
il, the heav'nly Plains ;

Regions take,
awake :
ght thy Way
bf Day;

idle Themes,
u converse
'nly Strains rehearse :
es above,
Pleasure rove ;
are and Strife,
rees of Life ;
f Paradise,
Streams of Bliss ;

mortal things. is a kind of heav'nly Dew upply of which, our So: f


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are in the same Condition, in which we see a dry and barren Ground, that is parch'd with the scorching Heat of the Sun, and without any Re. lief from the Rain and Dew of Heaven, and by this Means becomes unfruitful ; wherefore Chri. Aians should make it their first and great Business, carefully and diligently to endeavour to obtain the Grace of God, without Which, all the Honours, Pleasures and Riches of this World, cannot exempt them from being in the same Condition, in the sight of God, as is a piece of Ground that is deftitute of the Rain and Dew of Heaven ; that is, altogether useless, barren and unprofitable to God and Man:

Nothing, ah, nothing Virtue only gives
Immortal Praise, that only ever lives.
What Pains wait Vice! what endless Worlds

of Woe, You know full well! but may you never know.

Q. By what Fitness, or Sympathy, is the Vine taken to be the Emblem of the Wife?

A. As the Vine on the sides of the House, being neither fo high as the Top, nor so low as the Bottom, is an Ornament to the House ; so the Wife, placed in the middle Condition, neither as the Head, nor as the Foot, but by the Side, as a Companion ; (for they are Companions that walk Side by Side :) and is ornamental to them both : And as the Vine yields the fairest Shade of any Tree to fit under ; so muft the Wife be the Shade and Delight of her Husband : And as there is no Tree more sensible of Wrong than the Vine ; for cut it, and it will wither, and waste away; so muft the Wife, at any just Reproof, be tender and senfible, as the Vine of decaying: And as the Smell of the Leaves of the Vine drives away, in Summer, all noisome Beasts and Serpents ; so muf


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