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and turn to God from the bottom of our Soals, and he will have Bowels of Compallion for us. Let us be sorrowful, like this young Man, for having forsaken our Father's House ; and let us efterm our felves happy, for having again been received into it. Thus will our Repentance be always enliven'd with Thoughts mix'd with Love, and accompanied with Peace and Joy.

It is certainly very good to love one's Children, and it is but a Piece of Justice to love those better than others, who are more virtuous; but it is of dangerous Consequence to give too open Marks of it ; because this may be pernicious to the Beloved, by raising the Envy of those who see him preferr'd before them, and Fathers ought, in this Case, to consider, that they can scarce procure a greater Advantage to their Darlings, than to make them to be beloved of all their Brethren. And we need not wonder, if we see that a Picce of Land, or a particular Legacy given to a best beloved Son, doth excito"the Envy of all his Brethren, because we see thạt a Coat only, which Jacob gave Joseph, was the Occafion of their great Aversion and hatred unto him,

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There's no Difturbance in the Heav'ns above ;
And heav'nly Souls do nothing else but Love.

The Charity of Iofeph is an admirable Figure of the unparalleli'd Goodness and Mercy of Jesus Christ, who being sold by his own Brethren, not only forgave them their putting him to so painful a Death; but alfo made the Blood which they fo cruelly spilt, the Price of their Redemption, and the Balsam to cure their mortal Wounds. JoJeph's Brethren sold him to prevent and frustrate that Greatness which his Dreams seem'd to prefage to him; and their very selling him, became


the sure Means of his Exaltation and future Glory, Joseph was not lifted up with Fride by his sudden Removal from a Dungeon-Darkness, to the highest Meridian of Court-Glory: For as his Af. flictions could not depress him; so neither could this high, and unlook'd for, Honour lift him up: He received, with an equal and indifferent Temper, from the Hands of God, the good and evil Things of this world, and continually kept his Heart in that uniform Moderation, that in the midit of his great Power, he never had a Thought of revenging himself on those, who by their Čalumnies had so unjustly afflicted him.

It should be an indispensible Rule of Life, to contract our Desires to our present Condition, and whatever may be our Expectations, to live within the Compass of what we actually possess.

One Man succeeds in every thing, and so loses all ; another meets with nothing but Crosses and Disappointments, and thereby gains more than all the World is worth.

On Providence all Accidents depend,
For their Beginning, Progress, and their End;
Nature's Supplies will no Time fail to thee,
If thou with needful Things contented be.

Unwillingly undertake a Suit of Law, and moft willingly make an End of it. Chuse rather to buy Quietness with some Lofs, than to gain much by Strife and Contention ; for going to Law is one of those lawful Things, which are very difficultly manag'd without Sin ; it's rare if a Man wrongs not his Soul by endeavouring to preserve his Eftate. It was advis'd of Christ, if any Man

will sue thee at the Law, and take away thy « Coat, let him have thy Cloak also.' The Reason is evident, left the Lawyer should come between, and trip you naked of your Shirt.


We should govern our lives and Actions, as if the whole world were to see the former, and read the latter ; for what doth it fignify, to make any thing a Secret to our Neighbours, when, to God, who is the Searcher of our Hearts, all our Privacies are open ?

Swear not rafhly in your ordinary Discourse ; for this will render the Truth of all you say sufpected by wife Men: He that swears vainly, ought not to be much credited when he speaks truly; because he that dreads not an Oath, will not tremble at a Lye.

Ikejé Lines were wrote by a Gentleman

who lost his Watch in a Tavern.

Watch is

See how by drinking Men do lose their Time ! A Watch shews Time, and Time it will away, Then why should I expect my Watch to stay? He that a Watch wou'd woar, this must he do, Pocket his Watch, and watch his Pocket too.


Thefe Lines were wrote by a Gentleman in

the bard Frost in 1739, when tbe Lords Tullamore and Montjoy not cnly contributed greatly to the Relief of the Poor, but went to various Gentlemen in the City of Dublin to colleat for them.

HO' nipping Frost doth chill our Ille,

And lock ap gen'rous Nature's Store, The Poor amidst its Rigour smile,

All o'er its hospitable Shore ; For what-th' inclement Frosts deny The charitable Great fupply.

Wrote on a Head-Stone in the Round

Church Yard.


RAIL Man and Woman, that doft by me

Thou may'st believe, as thou art, once I was ;
And this Inftru&tion thou may'st learn by me,
That as I am, so thou must one Day be.

Wrote on a Head-Stone in Carlow Church



Had my Part of worldly Care,

When I was living, as you are ; But God from it hath set me free, And to himself hath taken me.


Wrote on a Stone in Glasnevin Church


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AMB's Wit and Humour can't decay,

Until his Friends are swept away :
His Soul excell'd his lovely Form,
Which radiant Virtue did adorn ;
On Earth by virtuous Men belov'd,
We hope by thee, great God, approv'd.


UICKLY will my Glass of Life be run,
And with it all my Joys and Sorrows gone;

Then. I no more shall feel a vain Desire,
But cold and peaceful to the Grave retire ;
No more shall weep for the licentious Wrongs
Of Judgments rah, or Scoarge of Nand'rous

Tongues. Pleasure would court in vain, and Beauty smile ; Glory in vain my Wishes would beguile ;

The Perfecutor's Rage I would not fear, Let Death in ev'ry horrid Form appear, And with his keenest Darts my Breaft affail. When Breath and ev'ry vital Spring fhall fail, This facred Flame on brighter Wings shall rise, And unextinguish'd reach its native Skies. 'Tis finishid ; now the great deciding Part, The World's fubdu'd, and Heav'n has all my

Heart. Earth's gawdy Shews, and Pomps of Courts, adieu, For ever pow I turn my Eyes from you.


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