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different Subjects.

Texts which few that we should diligently

read and search the Scriptures.


OHN v. 39. Search the Scriptures; for in them


think be have eternal Life. AEls xvii. 11. Then there were more noble than those in Thesalonica, in that they received the Word with all Readiness of Mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, whether these things were fo.

2 Tim. iii. 15, 16, 17. And that from a Child shou hast known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wife unto Salvation, through Faith which is in Christ Jefus. All Scripture is given by Inspiration of God, and is profitable for Doctrine, for Reproof, for Correction, for Infruction in Righteousness, that the Man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnish'd unto all good Works.

Rom. xv. 4, 5, 6. For whatsoever things were written aforetime, were written for our Learning ; that we through Patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. Now the God of Patience and Confolation, grant you to be like-minded one towards another, according to Chrilt Jesus.

Rom. xiv, 19. Let us therefore follow after the things which make for our Peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

It is delightful for to spend our Youth :
Searching the Scripture, the pure Word of

Truth ;
And we cannot better spend our spare Time,
Than for to meditate on things divine.


Texts of the Rich and the Poor, and that

the Endeavours of the Poor, tho' ever so deferving, are generally sighted and made · little of. E Cclefiafles ix. 14. There was a little City, great King against it, and besieged it, and built great Bulwarks against it: Now there was found in it a poor wise Man, and he by his Wisdom delivered the City, yet no Man remembered that, fame poor

Man. Then said I, Wisdom is better than Strength: Nevertheless the poor Man's Wifdom is despis'd, and his Words are not heard.

Ecclefiaflic. xiii. 20, &c. As the Proud hate. Humility, fo doth the Rich abhor the Poor. A rich Man, beginning to fall

, is held up by his Friends ; but a poor Man being down, is thruft also away by his Friends. “When a rich Man is fallen, he hath many Helpers ; he speaketh things not to be spoken, and yet Men justify him: The. poor Man slip'd, and yet they rebuked him too ; he spake wisely, and yet could have no Place. When a rich Man speaketh every Man holdeth his Peace; and look, what he faith, they extol to the Clouds : But if a poor Man speak, they say, What Fellow is this? And if he ftumble, they will help to overthrow him.

Prov. xxviii. 11. The rich Man is wife in his own Conceit: But the Poor that hath Understand. ing searcheth him out. Better is the Poor that walketh in his Uprightness, than he that is perverse in his Ways, though he be rich.

Prov, xxii, 2. The Rich and the Poor meet together : The Lord is the Maker of them all.

Prov. xviii. 1. The rich Man's Wealth is his strong City, and as an high Wall in his own Con


H 5

ceit. Better is a little with Righteousness, than great Revenues without Right.

Prov. xiv, 20. The Poor is hated even of his own Neighbour : But the Rich hath many Friends.

Ecclefiaftic. xxii. 23. Be faithful to thy Neighbour in his Poverty, that thou may'st rejoice in his Prosperity. Abide stedfast unto him in the Time of his Trouble, that thou may'it be Heir with him in his Heritage : For a mean Efate not always to be contemned ; nor the Rich that is foolish, to be had in Admiration.

Prov. X. 15: The rich Man's Wealih is his Itrong City: The Destruction of the Poor, is their Poverty.

Prov. xviii. 23. The Poor useth Intreaties, but the Rich answereth roughly.

Prov. xix. 7. All the Brethren of the Poor do hate him : How much more do his Friends


far from him? He pursueth them with Words, yet they are wanting to him.

Prov. xxii. 7. The Rich ruleth over the Poor, and the Borrower is Servant to the Lender.

Prov. xxix. 2.2. Better is the Life of a poor Man in a mean Cottage, than delicate Fare in another Man's House,

Prov. xxx. 14. Better is the Poor, being found and strong of Conftitution, than a rich Man that is afflicted in his Body. There is no Riches above a found Body, and no Joy above the Joy of the Heart.

Ecilehaslic. x. 31. He that is honoured in Poverty, how inuch more in Riches; and he that is dishonourable in Riches, how much more in Poverty.

Prov. xi. 21. Marvel not at the Works of Sinners, but trust in the Lord; and abide in thy Labour ; for it is an easy thing in the Sight of the Lord, on the sudden to make a poor Man sich.

If Riches in this World your Portion be,
You should give thanks to God continually:
If you are poor, and Men do you despise,
Wait still on God, who all his Servants tries.
The Rich, the Poor, the greatest and the small,
Our mighty God, it's he that made them all.

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Texts on Faith.

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Pheians ii. 8, 9. For by Grace are ye faved:

through Faith, and that not of your selves, je is the Gift of God: Not of Works left any. Man should boast.

Axts xv. 11. But we believe that through the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, we shall be saved, even as they:

Titus iii. 45. But after that the Kindness and Love of God our Saviour toward Man appear'd,, not by Works of Righteousness, which we have done, but according to his Mercy, he saved us ; by the washing of Regeneration, and renewing of the Holy: Ghoft; which he thed on us abundantly, through Jesus Chrift, our Saviour: That being juftified by his Grace; we should be made Heirs, according to the Hope of eternal Life.

6. For we thro' the Spirit, wait for the Hope of Righteousness by Faith. For in Christi Jefus, neither Circumcifion availeth any thing, nor Uncircumcision, but Faith that worketh by Love. ·

Gal, jii. 22,-26. But the Scripture hash concluded all under in, that the Promise by Faith of Jesus Christ might be given to them that believe.. But before Faith came, we were kept under the Law, lut up unto the Faith which should afterwards be revealed: . Wherefore the Law was our School-master to bring us unto Christ, that we mighs. be justified by Faith. But after that Faith's come, we are no longer under a School-matter. For ye are: all the Children of God by Faich in Christ Jesus, ·

Gal, v. 5,



Rom. v. 1,--5. Therefore being juftified by Faith, we have Peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Chrift. By whom also we have access by Faith into this Grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in the Hope of the Glory of God. And not only fo, but we glory in Tribulations alfo, knowing that Tribulation worketh Patience ; and Patience, Experience, and Experience, Hope : And Hope maketh not ashamed, because the Love of God is Thed abroad in our Hearts, by the Holy Ghoft which is given to us.

Isaiab xxxii, 17, 18. And the work of Righteousness shall be Peace, and the Effect of Righteousness, Quietness and Assurance for ever. And my People fhall dwell in a peaceable Habitation, and in fure Dwellings, and in quiet Resting places.

Rom. ii. 19, &c. Now we know that what things soever the Law faith, it faith to them who are under the Law: That every Mouth may be stopped, and all the World may become guilty before God. Therefore by the Deeds of the Law, there fhall no Flesh be justified in his Sight: For by the Law is the Knowledge of Sin. But now the Righteousness of God without the Law is manifested, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets ; even the Righteoufness of God which is by Faith of Jesus Chrift unto all, and upon all them that believe ; for there is no Difference : For all have finned, and come short of the Glory of God; being justified freely by his Grace, through the Redemption that is in Jesus Christ: Whom God hath fet forth to be a Propitiation, through Faith in his Blood, to declare his Righteousness for the Remiffion of Sins that are paft, through the For. bearance of God; to declare, I say, at this Time his Righteoufnefs: That he might be just, and the Justifier of him which believeth in Jesus. Where is Boasting then? It is excluded. By what Law? Of Works? Nay: But by the Law


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