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- L'Indépendance de l'Empire du Brésil, présentée aux monarques

européens. Paris, 1824. 8o. W. C. 83. BEAUCLERK (Lord Charles). Lithographic News of military operations in

Canada, under Sir John Colborne, during the late insurrection. London,

1840. 4o. BEAUFOY ( Mark). Mexican Illustrations, indicative of the present condi

tion of society, manners, etc. in Mexico, 1825 – 27. London, 1828. 80,

W. C. 84. BEAUJOUR (F. de.) Aperçu des États-Unis, depuis 1800 jusqu'en 1810.

Paris, 1814. 80. W.C. 85. - Sketch of the United States from 1800 to 1810 : trans, from the

French by W. Walton. London, 1814. 8o. - View of the Commerce of Greece : trans. from the French by

T. H. Horne. London, 1800. 8°. BEAULIEU. Exp. to East Indies. Harris, vol. 1. BEAUMARCHAIS (M. A de la Barré de). Le Hollandois, ou Lettres sur la

Hollande, ancienne et moderne. Francfort. 1738. 80. B. C. 2 Copies.. BEAUMARCHAIS (P. A. Caron de). Euvres. Paris, 1837. 89. C. L.

- Claim. See Pam. vol. 2. B. C. BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER. Works, with an introduction by George Dar

ley. London, 1840. 2 vol. 8o. - The Finest Scenes .... of these two poets : by Leigh Hunt. Lon

don, 1855. 120. BEAUMONT (Eon de). See Eon de Beaumont. BEAUMONT (G. de). et A. de Tocqueville. Système Pénitentaire aux ÉtatsUnis, et de son application en France. 2d ed. Paris, 1836. 2 vol. 80.

Penitentiary System of the United States, and its application in France : trans. from the French, with introduction, etc., by F. Lieber. Philadelphia, 1833. 8o.

- Amerika's Besserungs-System, und dessen Anwendung auf Europa : edited with notes by Dr. Julius. Berlin, 1853. 8o. BEAUPLAN ( M ). Description of Ukraine. Churchill, vol. 1. BEAUREPAIRE (Q. de ). Mémoire, Statuts et Prospectus, concernant

l'Académie des Sciences et Beaux-Arts des États-Unis de l'Amérique,

établie à Richmond. Paris, 1788. 80. W. C. 87. BEAUTIES OF THE BRITISH SENATE : taken from the Debates of the

Lords and Commons. .... Vol. 1. London, 1786.8o. BEAUZÉE ( N.) Grammaire et Littérature. See Encyc. Méthod. W. C. 335. BEAVAN (James ), D.D. Recreations of a long vacation, or a visit to In

dian missions in Upper Canada. London, 1846. 12o. BEAWES (Wyndham ). Civil, commercial, political, and literary history of

Spain and Portugal. 2 vol. in 1. London, 1793. fol. BECART (A. J.). See Sophocles, Edipe.

BECCATELLO (Lodovico). Vita del Cardinale Gasparo Contarini. Brescia,

1746. 4o.

BECCATINI (Abate Francesco). Storia di Pio vi. Venezia, 1841. 4 vol. 180.

BÉCHAMEL, Voyage to Guiana. See Acugna.

BECHSTEIN (J.M.). Cage and Chamber Birds, their natural history....

incorporating the whole of Sweet's British Warblers. London, Bohn,

1853. 120.

BECK (John B.), M.D. A Collection of various publications by J. B. B.,

in I vol. 80. Contents :

1. Inaugural dissertation on infanticide, 1817 (Also Pam. vol. 6. B. C.).

2. Two introductory lectures at the Coll. of Phys. and Surg. New-York, 1829-30

(Also Pam. vol. 22. B.C.).

3. Two valedictory addresses to graduates of the Coll. of Phys. and Surg. New-

York, 1839, 46 (Also Pam. vol. 22. B. C.).

4. Letter on the establishment of a new medical school in Columbia College, 1832

(Also Pam. vol. 22. B.C.).

5. Observations on ergot, 1841.

6. Effects of various remedies on the young subject.
7. Historical sketch of American medicine, 1842.
8. Deaths from poisoning in New-York.

- Researches in medicine and medical jurisprudence. 2d ed. Albany,
1835. 89.

An Historical Sketch of the state of American medicine before the

Revolution, etc. Albany, 1842. 8o.

- The same. 2d ed. Albany, 1850. 80.

Essays on infant therapeutics, with observations on ergot. New-

York, 1849. 12o.

- J. A. Smith, T. R. Beck and others. See New-York Med. and

Phys. Jour.

BECK ( L. C.), M.D. A Collection of various publications by L. C. B. 1

vol. 8o. Contents :

1. Geographical botany of the U.S., 1828.

2. Account of salt springs at Salina, 1826.

3. Botany of Illinois and Missouri, 1825.

4. Mineralogy of New York, additions, 1850.

5. Report on the adulteration of potash, 1832.

6. Report on the breadstuffs of the U.S. 1849.

7. On the climate of the Mississippi valley.

8. On the smallpox varioloid at Albany, 1824.

9. Report on cholera, to Gov. Throop, 1832.

10. Views on igneous action, 1843.
11. Researches on wines and alcoholic liquors.
12. Researches on the commercial potash of New-York.
13. Notice of minerals in N. Y., in N. J. and New-Brunswick.
14. The Laboratory of Nature.
Account of the Salt Springs, Salina, N. Y. Pam. vol. 12. B. C.

Adulterations of various substances used in medicine and the arts,
with the means of detecting them, etc. New-York, 1846, 12°,


Botany of the United States north of Virginia .... 2d ed. New-
York, 1848. 12o.

Gazetteer of Illinois and Missouri. Albany, 1823. 8o.

– Mineralogy of New-York. See New-York, Nat. Hist.
BECK ( Nicholas F.). Considerations in favor of the construction of a great

state road from Lake Erie to the Hudson. Albany, 1827. 80.

BECK (T. R.), M.D. A Collection of various publications by T. R. B. 1

vol. 8o. Contents :

1. Inaugural dissertation on insanity, 1811, New-York.

2. Address before the Society of Useful Arts, 1813.
3. Three annual addresses before the State Medical Society, 1828 - 1830

(Also Pam. vol. 11. B. C.).

4. On the utility of county medical institutions, 1825.

5. Statistics of the medical colleges of the U.S.

6. Statistics of the deaf and dumb (Also Pam. vol. 26. B. C.).

7. Eulogium on Simeon De Witt, 1835 (Also Pam. vol. 26. B. C.).

8. Report on medical education, 1840.

9. Notes on Americanisms.

10. Contributions to medical jurisprudence.

Inaugural Dissertation on Insanity. New-York, 1811. 8o. See

Pam. vol. 55. B. C.

- Introd. Lect. Coll. Phys. and Surg, West. Dist. N. Y. 1824. Pam.

vol. 11. B. C.

- and J. B. Beck. Elements of Medical Jurisprudence. 7th ed.

London, 1842. 8o.

- Elements of Medical Jurisprudence. 5th ed. Albany, 1835. 2 vol.

80. B. C.

BECKER ( W. A.). Charicles; or Illustrations of the private life of the

Ancient Greeks, with notes and excursus. London, 1845. 12o.

- Gallus ; or Roman Scenes of the time of Augustus, with notes and

excursus illustrative of the manners and customs of the Romans. Lon-

don, 1844. 12o.

BECKET ( Thomas). Histoire du Démêlé de Henri II. d'Angleterre avec

T. B. Archevêque de Cantorbery. Amsterdam, 1756. 18o.

BECKFORD (William). A Descriptive Account of the Island of Jamaica.

London, 1790. 2 vol. 80.

– Italy, with Sketches of Spain and Portugal. 3d ed. London, 1835.

2 vol. 8o.

- The same. Philadelphia, 1834. 2 vol. 120. B. C.

- Italy, Spain and Portugal, with an excursion to the Monasteries
of Alcobaca and Batalha. New-York, 1845. 120.

- Recollections of an Excursion to the Monasteries of Alcobaca and

Batalha. Philadelphia, 1835. 120. B. C.
BECKLEY ( Rev. Hosea ). History of Vermont. Brattleboro, 1846. 12o.

BECKMANN (John). A History of inventions, discoveries, and origins :

trans. from the German, by William Johnston. 4th edition, enlarged by W. F. and J. W. Griffith. London, 1846. 2 vol. 12o.

- The same. London, 1817. 4 vol. 8o. BECKWITH (Lieut. E. G.). Report of Exploration of a Route near the

38th and 39th parallels of latitude from the mouth of the Kansas to the Sevier River. See Pacific R. R. Rep. vol. 2. - Report of Exploration of a Route on the line of the 41st parallel,

N. L. See Pacific R. R. Rep. vol. 2. BECKWITH ( Rev. G. C.). On the mode of baptism. Castleton, 1831. Pam.

vol. 82. BECQUEREL ( A.). Traité expérimentale de l'électricité et de magnétisme

.... Paris, 1834 – 40. 7 vol. 8°, and plates fol. 8 vol. - Des engrais inorganiques, et du sel marin en particulier. Paris, 1848. 80.

- Recueil de Mémoires relatifs à l'emploi du sel marin en agricul. ture. Paris, 1819. 80; with Memoirs of Bouchardat and Ancelon.

Traité élémentaire d'hygiène privé publique. Paris, 1851. 12o. - et Ed. Becquerel. Éléments de physique terrestre et de météorologie. Paris, 1847. 8o.

- Machart et Delacroix. Rapport au Conseil Général du Loiret sur l'amélioration de la Sologne. Orléans, 1850. 80. BEDE. The Venerable Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England ; also the

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, with notes : ed. by J. A. Giles, D. C. L. Lon

don, 1847. 120. BEDELL (Rer. Gregory T.), D.D. Sermons, with a biographical sketch of

the author, by $. É. Tyng. Philadelphia, 1835. 2 vol. 80. B. C. BEDENKINGEN (Vrymoedige) over de vryheid ; Strekkende tot een ver

volg van de vryheid in den burgerstaat. Amsterdam, 1738. 8o. BEDFORD ( G. S.), M.D. Address, introd. to a course of lectures. New

York, 1834. Pam. vol. 84.

- Introd. Lecture, Albany Med. College, 1839. Pam. vol. 84, and

Muns. Pam. vol. 5. BEDFORD (John, Duke of ). Correspondence : selected from the originals

at Woburn Abbey, with an introduction by Lord John Russell. Lon

don, 1842-6. 3 vol. 80. BEE ( The). Ed. by W. A. Munsell. Albany, March 9, 1844. BEE ( The), or Literary Weekly Intelligencer : ed. by James Anderson,

LL.D. Edinburgh, 1791 – 93. 15 vol. 12o. BEECHER (Catharine E.). An Essay on the education of female teachers. New-York, 1835. Pam. vol. 56.

An Essay on slavery and abolitionism, with reference to the duty of American females. Philadelphia, 1837. 18o.

Truth stranger than Fiction ; a Narrative of recent transactions. .... New-York, 1850. 12o. [Gex, LIB.] 10

BEECHER ( Edward ), D.D. Address, Bost. Ed. Soc. 1827. Pam. vol. 58. BEECHER ( Henry Ward ). Star Papers; or Experiences of art and nature.

New-York, 1855. 12o. BEECHER ( Lyman), D.D. Sermon on reformation of morals. New-York,

101.. 1 m. vol. 25.
- Sermon on duelling. New-York, 1809. Pam. vol. 25.

Sermon on the government of God. New-York, 1809. Pam. vol. 25.
Sermon, Pl; mouth, Dec. 22, 1827. Pam. vol. 61.

A Plea for the West. 2d ed. Cincinnati, 1832. 12o. - A Sermon containing a general history of the town of East-Hampton, L.I., from its first settlement. Sag-Harbor, 1806. 8o. BEECH EY (F. W.). Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Beering's

Strait, 18.25 – 28. London, 1831. 2 vol. 8o. - A Voyage of Discovery towards the North Pole, performed in his

Majesty's Ships Dorothea and Trent, under the command of Captain

David Buchan. London, 1843. 8o. - Voyage : The Botany of. See Hooker and Arnott. BEECHEY (W. H.). Memoir of Sir Joshua Reynolds. See Reynolds. BEECKMAN (Daniel ). Voyage to Borneo. Pinkerton, vol. 11. BEEK (A. van). Beschryving van eenen toestel ter verwarming van een

uitgestrekt gebouw. Amsterdam, 1833. 4o. BEELOO (A.). De instelling van de Orde van St. Jacob, door Graaf Floris

v van Holland. Amsterdam, 1845. 8o. BEERS (William P.). An Oration on the death of General Washington, at

Albany, Jan. 1800. Albany. 4o. BEGAT (M.). Exposé des Opérations géodésiques relatives aux travaux

hydrographiques exécutés sur les côtes méridionales de France, sous la direction de feu M. Monnier : publié par ordre du Roi. Paris, 1844. 4o.

The same, exécutés sur les côtes septentrionales de France, par les Ingénieurs de la marine : publié par ordre du Roi. Paris, 1839. 4o. BEGERUS (L.). Regum et Imperatorum Romanorum numismata aurea, · argentea, ærea .... annotationibus. Coloniæ, 1700. fol., with plates. -- Numismata Pontificorum Romanorum aliorumque ecclesiasticorum,

rariora et elegantiora; ære expressa et dialogo illustrata. Coloniæ, 1704. fol. - Lucernæ veterum sepulchrales Iconicæ ex cavernis Romæ subterraneis collectæ, et à P. S. Bartoli, cum observationibus J. Petri Bellorii ante decennium editæ. Coloniæ Marchicæ, 1702. fol.

- Ulysses syrenes prætervectus ex delineatione Pighiana, dialogo illustratus. Coloniæ, 1703. fol.

- Pænæ infernales Ixionis, Sisyphi, Ocni et Danaidum, ex delinea

tione Pighiana desumtæ et dialogo illustratæ. Coloniæ, 1703. fol. Begin ende Voortgangh van de Vereenighde Nederlantsche Geoctroyeerde

Oost-Indische Compagnie, vervatende de voornaemste reysen by de inwoonderen derselver provincien derwaerts gedaen .... with plates. 1646. 2 vol. ob. 40,

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