History of Florida


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Página 210 - His Britannic Majesty, on his side, agrees to grant the liberty of the Catholic religion to the inhabitants of Canada ; he will, consequently, give the most precise and most effectual orders that his new Roman Catholic subjects may profess the worship of their religion, according to the rites of the Romish Church, as far as the laws of Great Britain permit.
Página 110 - In the midst of this house is a hearth, where they make great fires all night, and they sleep upon certain pieces of wood, hewn in for the bowing of their backs and another place made high for their heads, which they put one by another all along the walls on both sides.
Página 109 - The Floridians when they travell, have a kinde of herbe dried, who with a cane and an earthen cup in the end, with fire, and the dried herbs put together, doe sucke thorow the cane the smoke thereof, which smoke satisfieth their hunger, and...
Página 66 - The river was almost half a league broad. If a man stood still on the other side, it could not be discerned whether he was a man or no. The river was of great depth, and of a strong current : the water was always muddy : there came down the river continually many trees and timber, which the force of the water and stream brought down.
Página 108 - Notwithstanding the great want that the Frenchmen had, the ground doth yield victuals sufficient if they would have taken pains to get the same ; but they, being soldiers, desired to live by the sweat of other men's brows.
Página 213 - Lands, subject, at the Expiration of Ten Years, to the same Quit-Rents as other Lands are subject to in the Province within which they are granted, as also subject to the same Conditions of Cultivation and Improvement ; viz : To every person having the Rank of a Field Officer . . 5,000 Acres.
Página 337 - I feel the irons in my heart. I have listened to your talk ; you and your officers have taken us by the hand in friendship. I thank you for bringing me back ; I can now see my warriors, my women and children ; the Great Spirit thanks you ; the heart of the poor Indian thanks you. We know but little ; we have no books which tell all things ; but we have the Great Spirit, moon, and stars ; these told me, last night, you would be our friend. I give you my word ; it is the word of a warrior, a chief,...

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