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in his own diocese, and employed bim in this useful work, directing him to found his version on the English translation. The good Bishop revised the whole: And it was his vfual cusiom after dinner and supper to read over a chapter, and to compare it with the original Hebrew, the LXXII, and Diodati's Italian version. See Burnet's “Life of Bishop Bedel," p. 118, 119,

n Of this excellent divine, and the cruel treatment he and his family received from Colonel Sandys, see Mr.Todd's “ Deans of Canter. bury,” p. 100.

0 A life of this reformer, written with candour and impartiality, has long been a desideratum in the republic of letters. That which is extant in the English language, entitled “ The Life and Death of Dr. Martin Luther, the Passages whereof have bin taken out of his owne and other godly and mosi learned Men's Writings who lived in his Time, 1 Thess. v. 12, 13,” was printed in 16+1, and is a mere literal translation from Melchior Adam.

P Of this historical work a very small fragment is extant, written in the Latin language, with great elegance, and entitled “ Henrici VI.

Anglia shall die near Bocton Malherb, in the county of Kent, then I wish to be laid in that Parish-Church, as near as may be to the Sepulchre of my good Father, expecting a joyful resurrection with him in the day of

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IN the name of God almighty and all-merciful, I Henry Wotton, Provost of his Majesty's College by Eaton, being mindful of mine own mortality, which the sin of our first parents did bring upon all flesh, do by this last Will and Testament, thus dispose of myself, and the poor things I shall leave in this world. My soul I bequeath to the immortal God my Maker, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, my blesscd Redeemer and Mediator, through his all-sole sufficient satisfaction for the sins of the whole world, and efficient for his elect, in the number of whom I am one by his mere grace, and thereof most unremoveably assured by his holy Spirit, the true Eternal Comforter. My body I bequeuth to the earth, if I shall end my transitory days at, or near Eaton, to be buried in the Chapel of the said College, us the Fellows shall dispose thereof, with whom I have lived, my God knows, in all loving affection; or, if I

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9" Sir Henry Wotton is at this time under arrest for three hundred “pounds, upon execution, and lies by it. He was taken coming from “The Lord Treasurer's, foliciting a debt of four thoutand pounds, due to " þim from the King." (Mr. Garrard to the Lord Deputy. Strafford's Letters, Vol. I. p. 338.)


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so. Quandoquidem data funt ipfis quoque fata sepulchris.”

& Juven, Sat. X. 146.

te thened his him a propheting

facred ecitasy, his thoughts were then only of the church triumphant,-into which he daily expected his admission; and that Almighty God was then pleased to make him a prophet, to tell the church militant, and particularly that part of it in this nation, where the weeds of controversy grow to be daily both more numerous, and more destructive to humble piety; and where men have consciences that boggle at ceremonies, and yet scruple not to speak and act such lins as the ancient humble Christians believed to be a fin to think; and where, as our reverend Hooker says, “ Former Simplicity, and Soft“ nefs of Spirit, is not now to be found, because, Zeal hath « drowned Charity, and Skill Meekness." It will be good to think that these fad changes have proved this epitaph to be a useful caution unto us of this nation; and the fad effects thereof in Germany have proved it to be a mournful truth.

This by way of obfervation concerning his epitaph: The rest of his Will follows in his own words.

Further, I the said Henry Wotton, do constitute and ordain to be joint executors of this my last Will and Testament, my two grand. nephews, Albert Morton, second son to Sir Robert Morton, Knight, late deceased, and Thomas Bargrave, eldest son to Dr. Bargrave, Dean of Canterbury, husband to my right virtuous and only niece. And I do pray the aforesaid Dr. Bargrate, and Mr. Nicholas Pey, my most faithful and chosen friends, together with Mr. John Harrison, one of the Fellows of Eaton College, best acquainted with my books and pictures, and other utensils, to be supervisors of this my last Will and Testament. And I do pray the aforesaid Dr. Bargrave and Mr. Ni. cholas Pey, to be solicitors for such arrearages as shall appeur due unto me from his Majesty's Exchequer at the time of my death; and to assist my fore-named erecutors in some reasonable and conscientious satis. faction of my creditors, and discharge of my legacies now specified; or that shall be hereafter added unto this my Testument by any codicil or schedule, or left in the hands or in any memorial with the aforesaid Mr. John Harrison.

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