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in 'The discourse alluded to is entitled “ A learned and comfortable Sermon on tlie Certajoti and Perpetuity of Faith in the Elect, especially of the Prophet llabakkuk's Faith. Habak. j. 4. Whether the Prophet Ilabakkuk, by admilting tiis Cogitation into bis Mind, The Law doch fail, did thereby flew himself an Unbeliever."

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n« A learned Discourse of Justification, Works, and how the Foundation of Faith is overthrown. Habakkuk i. 4. The Wicked doth conpass about the Righteous; therefore perverse Judgment doth proceed.

of Mr. Hooker affirmed the Church of Rome to be, though not a pure, lound, and perfect church, yet a true one, in which the neceflary and fundamental means of falvation are preserved, but much “ diseased and obscured by fuperfiitious superfiructure, to the great dansiger of people's fouls, and detriment, as well as dithonour, of the “ Chrifiian religion, in its holy i liitutions, morals, and myfieries. Mr. “ Travers, on the other side, earnelily contended against the Church of “ Rome, as no church of Christ, but whoily a synagogue of Satan, and " the seat of Antichrist, denying falsation to all those that held com. “ munion with her. Thus charity in the ope, and zeal in the other; “ both Christian and commendable graces, carried ihein far from each ļother.”

Dr. Gauden's Life of liooker, p. 30.)

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. It redounds much to the credit both of Cartwright and Travers, that in the evening of their lives they became more moderate in their conduct. There is no doubt but that many of the younger part of his audience were extremely attached to the person and doctrine of Travers. Hence they contracted an utter aversion to the Englishi hierarchy, and those of them who afterwards fat in the House of Commons discovered great partiality to the Puritams.

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