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p“ Of those great and wise men who composed this Parliament of “ 1641, and greater and wiser, or more of them at one time, England “ never saw." (Preface to the first edition of the Confessional, p. rroiii.). · Thus has the author of "The Confessional” characterifed that Pare liament, which involved three enslaved kingdoms in confufion and ruin: which, under the vain pretence of reformation, destroved one of the best of our Kings, and laid wasie the church of England; that church. which under God hath been long the ornament and support of the Protestant religion.

9 Our biographer has lamented that it was not in his power to recover tbe name of Mr, Hooker's worthy schoolmaster. That of his grateful parish-clerk was Sampson Horton. It appears from the parish-register of Bishop's-Borne, that “ Sainpson Horton was buried the 9th of May “ 1648, an aged man, who had bin clarke to this piih, by his own relation, " threescore yeares.”

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Il was among the injuncions given by Queen Elizabeth in 1559, on the abolition of those ceremonies, whichi attended the Popith procer fions, “ that the parishioners shall once in the year, at the time accusa u tomed, with the curate and the subflantial men of the parish, walks about the parishes as they were accufiomed, and at their returne to the !! church make their common prayers.” Many reasons concur to evince the necessity of reviving the culioin of holding these perambulations frequently and regularly. See in “ The Book of llomilies," p. 314 (Oxford edit. 1683), all exhortation to be (poken to luch parihhez where they use their perambulation in Rogation-weck for the overlight of the bounds and limits of their town,

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