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b A strange reading is found in all the subsequent editions : " Against " the passover as being ridiculous ; fhould be girt, a staff in their hand, se to eat a lamb."

THIS EPITAPH was long since presented to the world in me. mory of Mr. HOOKER, by Sir William Cowper; who also built him a fair Monument in Borne Church, and acknowledges him to have been his spiritual father.

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THE Works of Mr. Hooker, exclusive of the Books of Ecclesiastical Polity, the different editions of which are enumerated in a subsequent Page, are,

I. “ ANSWER to the SUPPLICATION that Mr. TRAVERS made to the COUNCIL. Oxon. 1612." 4to.

II. « A learned DISCOURSE of JUSTIFICATION, WORKS, and how the FOUNDATION of FAITH is overthrown : on Habak. i. 4. Oxon. 1612.” 4to.

III. « A learned SERMON of the NATURE OF PRIDE: on Habak. Ü. 4. Oxon. 1612.” 4to.

IV. « A REMEDY against SORROW and FEAR, delivered in a FUNERAL SERMON: on Fokn xiv. 27. Oxon. 1612. 4to.

V. “ A learned and comfortable SERMON of the CERTAINTY and PERPETUITY of FAITH in the ELECT: especially of the PROPHET HABAKKUK's FAITH: on Habak. i. 4. Oxon. 1612." 4to.

VI. " TWO SERMONS upon part of St. JUDE's EPISTLES. Epist. Jude, ver. 17, 13, 19, 20, 21, Oxon. 1613.") 410.

These Sermons were originally published by Mr. Henry Jackson, with “ Wickliff's Wicket," and afterward reprinted without that tract. What reception they met with from the public we learn from one of his letters preserved in Fulman's papers in the library of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. “ Edidi ante paucos dies tractatus quofdam D. Richardi “ Hookeri, qui omnium Applausu, excipio Puritanos ut vocant, " ita excepti sunt, ut necefse jam sit typographo noftro novam " Editionem parare, quæ primà illâ emendatior meâ curâ, deo “ volente, prostitura est. Cùm iraque prodierit, expecta bina it exemplaria unà cùm Wiclefi Tractatu, quem euidi eodem “ Tempore." vu. In 1641, a volume was published under the following

ö Ä SUMMARIE VIEW of the GOVERNMENT both OLD and NEW TESTAMENT ; whereby the EPISCOPAL GOVERNMENT of CHRIST'S CHURCH is vin. dicated," out of the rude draughts of Launcelot Andrews, late Bishop of Winchester.

To this volume is prefixed, as a preamble to the whole, ..“ A DISCOVERY of the CAUSES of these CONTENTIONS touching CHURCH GOVERNMENT, out of the FRAGMENTS of RICHARD HOOKER.”

This volume contains certain brief treatises, written by divers learned men,.concerning the ancient and modern Government of the Church. The treatises are seven in number, of which this posthumous work of Mr. Hooker is one, and as it stands before the rest it is therefore called a Preamble to the whole.

IX. THREE TREATISES inferted in the “ CLAVI TRABALES.” viz. 1. “On the KING's POWER in Matters of RELIGION.” 2. “Of his POWER in the ADVANCEMENT of BISHOPS to their ROOMS of PRELACY.3. “ The KING'S EXEMPTION from CENSURE,and other JUDICIAL POWER.”

It will not be improper to notice a publication of great merit, entitled “ A FAITHFUL ABRIDGMENT of the WORKS of thát learnedand judicious Divine, Mr. RICHARD HOOKER, in eight books of ECCLESIASTICAL POLITY, and of all the other Treatises which were written by the same Author. With an Account of his Life. By a Divine of the Church of Eng. land. London, 1705."

In “ Fulman's Manuscript History of Corpus Chrifti College, Oxford,” the time and birth of Mr. Hooker, with some other particulars relative to him, are ascertained.

« Richardus Hooker apud Heavy-tree juxta Civitatem Exoniam « natus est circa finem Martii Mensis, Anno 1554 ineunte."

« He was admitted Scholar of C. C. C. Dec. 24, 1573, being 6 twenty years old the Easter following; and admitted Pro« bationer, Sept. 16, 1577, being 23 years old the Easter pre6 ceding."

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