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patron of learning and learned men. Twelve persons from one Society, that of Trinity College in Cambridge, were distinguished by him, and ad. vanced to preferment. Among these we observe Dr. Creighton, Mr. George Herbert, Dr. Anthony Scattergood, Mr. James Duport, Mr. Herbert Thorndike, names dear to literature. When the Set of Exeter was vacant, he seized the opportunity of gratifying two worthy Divines, his old friends, “who had been both bred in the house of wisdom with Lord “ Chancellor Egerton," Dr. Carew, who had been his Chaplain, and Dr. Dunn, who had been his Secretary, “ a laureat wit, neither was it " polsible that a vulgar foul should dwell in such promising features." These two prevailed by the Lord Keeper's commendation against all pre. tenders; the Bishopric of Exeter was conferred upon Dr. Carew, and Dr. Dunn succeeded him in the Deanery of St. Paul's. (Hacket's Life of Archbishop Williams.) Mr. Herbert did not long continue Orator after his promotion to this Prebend, Mr. Robert Creighton his successor being appointed in 1627.

u Spalden, or Spalding, is a town in Lincolnshire. Mr. Walton has, mistaken the name for Spaldwick, or Spaldick, in Huntingdonshire.

* It appears from a recent survey of this church, that the reading-desk is on the right-hand in the nave, just as you enter the chancel, and that its height is leven feet four inches; and that the pulpit is on the left. hand, and exactly of the same height. They are both pentagonal. The church is at present chiefly paved with bricks : the roofs both of the church and chancel are tyled, and not under-drawn or ceiled. There are no communion-rails; but, as you advance to the communion-fable, you ascend three steps. The windows are large and handsome, with some small remnants of painted glass. The fears and pews both in the nave, the cross-aise, and the chancel, somewhat resemble the stalls in cathedrals, but are very simple, with little or no ornament, nearly alike, and formed of oak. It was evidently the intention of Mr. Herbert that in his church


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2 He was the son of Esme Stuart, Duke of Richmond, and brother to Ludowick the lalt Duke, who was the particular friend of Mr. Herbert. This great and excellent man, as Echard calls him, who had never once deviated from his honour and loyalty, and had been three of his brothers die in the royal caule, died in the beginning of 1675, having never had his health nor yet his spirits, since the deplorable murder of his beloved Master; for the saving of whole life he had the honour to offer his own, See " Echard's Hift. of England," Vol. II. p. 782.

2. Or rather Ferrar, from the Latin word ferrarius. The arms of this family have three horse shoes on a bend, as appears from a brass-plate in the chapel of Little Gidding, affixed to the tomb-stone of John Ferrar, Esq." late Lord of this manour, who departed this life the 28th of Sep"jember, 1657." According to an old observation, “Non minor eft virtus, quàin quærere, parta tueri."

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