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Chancellor would by no means allow the two so much noted verses

Religion stands a tip-toe in our land,

Ready to pass to the American strand, to be printed; and Mr. Ferrar would by no means allow the book to be printed and want them; but after some time, and fome arguments for and against their being made public, the Vice-Chancellor said, “I knew Mr. Herbert well, and know " that he had many heavenly speculations, and was a divine " poet; but I hope the world will not take him to be an inspired

prophet, and therefore I license the whole book.” So that it came to be printed without the diminution or addition of a syla lable, since it was delivered into the hands of Mr. Duncon, save only that Mr. Ferrar hath added that excellent preface that is printed before it.

At the time of Mr. Duncon's leaving Mr. Herbert (which was about three weeks before his death), his old and dear friend Mr. Woodnot came from London to Bemerton, and never left him till he had seen him draw his last breath, and closed his eyes on his death-bed. In this time of his decay, he was often visited and prayed for by all the Clergy that lived near to him, especially by his friends the Bishop and Prebendaries of the Cathedral Church in Salisbury; but by none more devoutly than his wife, his three nieces (then a part of his family), and Mr. Woodnot, who were the fad witnesses of his daily decay; to whom he would often speak to this purpose : “I now look s back upon the pleasures of my life past, and see the content I “have taken in beauty, in wit, and music, and pleasant convers fation, are now all past by me like a dream or as a shadow " that returns not, and are now all become dead to me, or I to " them; and I fee that as my father and generation hath done “before me, so I also shall now suddenly (with Job) make my

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A See the whole hymn entitled " Sunday," in Mr. Herbert's " Temple."

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- Thus died Mr. George Herbert :

“ He taught us how to live; and ah, too high

A price for knowledge! taught us how to die." s I am obliged 10 the ingenious Author of “ The Lives of the Deans of ', Canterbury," for pointing our de little poem enriikd - Dearlı's final



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