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And in this year, our late King Charles I. (then Prince of Wales) came honourably attended to Oxford ; and having des liberately visited the University, the Schools, Colleges, and Libraries, he and his attendants were entertained with ceremonies and feasting suitable to their dignity and merits".

And in this year King James fent letters to the University for the regulating their studies; especially of the young Divines: Advising they should not rely on modern fums and systems, but ftudy the Fathers and Councils, and the more primitive learning

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And now, having given this account of his behaviour, and the considerable accidents in his Proctorship, I proceed to tell my reader, that this busy employment being ended, he preached his sermon for his degree of Bachelor in Divinity in as elegant Latin, and as remarkable for the method and matter, as hath been preached in that University since that day. And having well performed his other exercises for that degree, he took it the 29th of May following, having been ordained Deacon and Priest in the year 1611, by John King, then Bishop of London, who had not long before been Dean of Christ-Church, and then knew him fo well, that he owned it at his Ordination, and became his more affectionate friend. And in this year, being then about the 29th of his age, he took from the University a licence to preach.

In the year 1618, he was by Sir Nicholas Sanderson, Lord Viscount Castleton, presented to the Rectory of Wibberton, not far from Boston, in the county of Lincoln, a living of very good value; but it lay in so low and wet a part of that country, as was inconsistent with his health. And health being (next to a good conscience) the greatest of God's blessings in this life, and requiring therefore of every man a care and diligence to preserve it, and he, apprehending a danger of losing it, if he continued at Wibbertonc a second winter, did therefore resign it back into the hands of his worthy kinsman and patron, about one year after his donation of it to him.

And about this time of his resignation he was presented to the Rectory of Boothby Pannelld in the same county of Lincoln ; a town which has been made fainous, and must continue to be fainous, because Dr. Sanderson, the humble and learned Dr. Sanderson, was more than forty years Parson of Boothby Pan. nell, and from thence dated all or most of his matchless writings.

a Dr. John King had this dignity conferred on him Aug.'4, 1605 ; and in 1611 he was made Bishop ut London,

o Sir NICHOLAS SANDERSON of Saxby and of Filingham in Lincoln phire, Kirghi, was created a Bisonet jó 1612, to James I. and afterwart Viscoun! Cuttleton in Ireland. Sir James Sanderiol, lineally descende from him, was in 1715 euade Baron Sandersor of Saxby, in the county of Lincolo; in 1716, Vifant Cuisieron of Sandbeck, in the county of York; and in 1720, Earl of Caitleton in the county of York.

C Wüberton R, St. Leodegar, in the Deanery of Holland, and Archdea. conry of Lincoln, 'd Bothby, aljas Boothby Pannell R. St. Andrew's, in the Dianery of Grantham, anu A codeaconry w Lincoln. He was inducted into this Rectory, Sept. 7, 1619, and wis succeeded by Amplire; Bibhington, who was inducted Nov. 1. 1661.' “On this place," laith Bishop Gioion," Dr. “ Rooert Sanderson, who was for some years Roctor here, has entailed a lart. “ing name and honour,”

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