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i This letter mosi affectingly exhibits a gloomy picture of family dir; tress: A good man firuggling with poverty and lichoe's, almost finking under the pressure of accumulated misery, but happily deriving consoJation from this reflection, that while his body and his fortune only fuifered, the tender mercy of God was relerved for his foul.--ano!her letter he thus describes bis fad fluation ;-" I write from the “ fire-lide in my parlour, and in the noise of three gamesome children, " and by the side of her, whom because I have transplanted into a as wretched fortune, I must labour lo difpuile that from her by all such & honeti devices, as giving her my company and discourie.” The mournful bifiory of this unfortunate marriage a ffords a most important Jesson of intiruction to young persons. In an atrair of high consequence to their welfare in future life, the utmosi caution, the moti rigid circumspection are necessary. Connexions, formed without the express cons lent and approbation of parents and guardians, are lo far from being produciive of domestic bliss, that they are generally marked with cil

pointment, misiortune, and penitential forrow.

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k Sir Robert DRURY was the patron of Dr. Joseph Hall, Bishop of Norwich, who dedicates to him his First, as he does to Lady Drury “ The Second Century of Meditations and Vows, Divine and Moral."

The death of a young lady, the daughter of Sir Robert Drury, alforded to Dr. Donne a subje&t for the exercise of his muse, in two poems. "f. An Anatomie of the World, wherein by occation of the untimely death of Misirefs Elizabeth Drury, the frailty and decay of this whole world is represented. The Firtt Anniversary.- II. Of the Progresfe of the Soule. Wherein, by occafion of the religious death of Millrels Elizabeth Drury, the incommodities of the foule in this life, and her exaltation in the next, are contemplated. The Second Anniversary.

m The Authors of the Biographia Britannica observe, that Mr. Walton is miliaken in bis information, when he writes, that Sir Robert Drury accompanied the Lord Hay in his embassy from King James to the French King; for that Lord was not fent Ambassador to France, until July 1616: whereas it is evident from the dates of some of Mr. Donne's letters, that he was at Paris with Sir Robert Drury in 1612.

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