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laws violated by that act are diligently surveyed, and judici. ously censured; a treatife written in his younger days, which alone might declare him then not only perfect in the Civil and

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* Charles I. on the morning of his execution, presented his attendant, Mr. Thomas Herbert, with his silver clock,

y The States General directed a gold mecial to be firuck in commemoration of the Synod held at Dort. On one fide is represented the Assembly of the Synod, with this infcription, « ASSERTA RELIGIONE.” On the reverse, a mountain, on the summit of which is a temple, to which men are ascending along a very fieep path. The four winds are blowing with great violence against the mountain. Above the temple is written the word JEHOVAH, in Hebrew characters. The infcription is “ ERUNT UT MONS SION. CIODCXIX." These wirds are intended to represent those who at that time much diliurbed the tranquillity of the church. (Histoire Metallique de la Republique de Hollerde, par M. Bizot. tom. I. p. 139.)

z “Let me be bold to find you for a new-year's gift, a certain me. “ morial no! altogether unworthy of fome entertainment under your «'root, a due picture of Padre Paolo the Servita, which was firsi tåken " by a painter, whom I sent to him from my hour then neighbour“ing his donatiery. I have betly added thereunto a tile of mine és own conception. • Councilii Tridentini Eviscerator.'. You will find " a scar in his face, that was from a Roman assassinate that would have " killed !!m as he was turned to a wall near his convent." (Sir Henry Woiton's Letter to Dr. Samuel Collins, Protosi of King's College, and Professpr Reius of Dirinity!, Jun 17, 1637.)

To this letter the character of father l'aul is drawn in such pleasing cuicurs, that the reader cannot be displeased wiih a transcript of it.

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